Colin Craig can choose to be gay

A reader has alerted me to this interesting column in today’s Waikato Times – Perpetuating a nasty myth  Highlights include:

So Colin Craig could choose to be gay. I suppose this means he is choosing to be heterosexual. Mr Craig’s sexual orientation is his business, but in making a statement like this he’s either ignoring the science that tells us that people don’t exactly choose their sexual orientation or there’s something else he’s keeping in the closet.

Am I suggesting everyone who opposes homosexual law reform is secretly gay? Of course not. But I do find it interesting that many who are most vehemently opposed, turn out to be at war with a part of themselves they find abhorrent and shameful. An aspect that science tells us is natural. I think that’s incredibly sad.

Mr Craig, and others opposing the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, recently plucked from the Parliamentary ballot, claim to be doing so because the Bible, and by extension God, considers homosexuality “an abomination”.

I don’t actually think this is why they oppose it, though. Other things the Old Testament considers abominations include prawns, pork and mildew, but I rarely hear them speaking out against these. I think Colin Craig and company think homosexuality is just icky and wrong, yet somehow also incredibly tantalising. Which is a weird way of looking at it. The way they talk, you’d think being gay was the most awesomely sinful good time in the world.



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  • Apolonia

    Playing the man not the ball. Must be loosing the argument.

    • Saying loosing when you really mean losing…losing the argument.

  • Guest

    Capill syndrome

  • The OT Testament doesn’t consider those other things to be abominations – just that they will be treated as abominations. Our Lord clarifies in the NT that it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him (ie food, etc), it’s what comes out of him (ie how he thinks and acts). Sexual morality comes under thinking and acting.

    • Very interesting you say that as many Christians would disagree with you.

      Re “Sexual morality comes under thinking and acting” – I agree with that part. The difference being is that I don’t consider same sex relationships immoral. If they cheated – whether in actions or intentions then I would consider that to be immoral.

      • Unsolicitedious,

        Sounds to me like you believe in subjective truth, ie there is no absolute right and wrong, there is just opinion about right and wrong. In my view, either truth is objective, or it doesn’t matter what I do. There’s absolute morality or a free-for-all.

    • Rodger T

      Oh ,thats right the bible only says what you want it to say,eh Lucia?
      The old testament,
      Homosexual acts are an abomination to God. 18:22If a man has sex with another man, kill them both. 20:13
      Lovely,of course until you can prove your god exists your argument is irrelevant.
      Lucky for us your god is to lazy to do its own dirty work ,I mean, what would you do without someone to demonise?

  • coNZervative

    There is no scientific evidence at all, that homosexuality is anything other than a human habit, like most sexualities (other than heterosexuality which is driven by a procreative impulse). The habit quote is from a Gay activist of 21 years who has slept with hundreds of men and has chosen to be heterosexual helping other gay men who want out (twice). Hetero prevails across humanity in ALL cultures, and homosexuality is a microscopic blip on the populace radar. So to lampoon Craig for this is unfair. You’re pushing a minority view that has no support in fact. It’s just opinion, and Craig is as entitled to his as anyone else. It’s about fairness.

    • I agree. The problem is that when he shares it in a public forum he immediately condemns and marginalises a huge number of people who have without a doubt already struggled a great deal.

  • Interesting that there seems to be opinion piece after opinion piece being featured in mainstream media; the tide it would seem, has definitely turned in favour of gay marriage.

    I had a look on GayNZ today and then checked out blogger by the name of Christopher Banks. We don’t see eye to eye on many things, but I did notice one thing he said which really struck me:

    “Even those of us who are most comfortable in our sexual orientation feel molten lead pouring into our stomachs whenever a gay issue comes up in the media.You spend years trying to justify your existence to the world, and then turn on the television, radio or open a newspaper and get greeted by screeds of vomitous thoughts on why you don’t matter.”


    He has also written a few blogs about the similarities between Graham Capill and Colin Craig.

    End of the day people need to be mindful that when they put derogatory anti-gay or anti-gay marriage comments into the public forum they are marginalising a whole group of people who have done nothing wrong but be themselves. No matter how you view it, that is how they feel and how most NZers see it too.

    I have learned nothing in the debates about this issue on this blog, instead, I have just had my views about what many Christians are like and bigots exemplified.

    I tell you what, if their main calling is to convert people then they really need to get a new marketing manager as their sales pitch sucks.

  • coNZervative

    The problem in Liberaldom is “disagreeing with you” = hatred, judgementalism, wrong thinking, bigotry, homophobia. There is a word for this – “Stalinism” who coined the term “political correctness” ie this is how you should think.

  • Davey K

    Fck you write some shit at times.
    Why have you got it in for Colin craig, He talks my kind of language, Definatly is a better prospect as a partner with a keys Government than Winston or that fck wit Banks.