Colin Craig is NZ’s greatest promoter of homosexuality?

So then:

If child abuse leads to children choosing to become gay (a ridiculous premise) then Colin Craig should in theory be opposed to anything that could be construed as child abuse or potentially lead to child abuse.

It has been argued by some (on a dodgy premise) that child smacking is a form of abuse or can be used to discount actual child abuse, so therefore child smacking is a potential indicator of homosexuality in adults. And when you think about it, the use of one’s hand firmly and repeatedly placed on the buttocks of a child sounds gay in Colin Craig terms.

Why then is Colin Craig one of New Zealand’s greatest promoters of homosexuality?

I know its faulty logic, but if you are like Colin Craig, then logic doesn’t really matter.


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  • Greg

    Nah I think Whale oil maybe, he can’t stop writing about it!

    • Harpoon

      This obsession with the mental illness of homosexuality by Whale is getting stranger by the day. One has to wonder what exactly is whaleoils motive with these topics. My hypotheses include: firstly whale has a close friend that is a homo who wants to get married, secondly whale (like many men in the past when homo’s were punished for their behavior) is in the closet (either in a sham marriage, relationship or single for extended periods and prefers almost exclusively mens company), thirdly he has been paid off by some pro homosexual rights group either here or internationally. Has anyone got any other theories behind his obsession with this PC agenda. It doesn’t seem to be in the nature of this blog to be for this. Aside, it’s funny how these topics have been covered so much more than the fact that the maori’s want to own the water! Maybe whale also has some tribal affiliations??

      • Polish_pride

        Yes here’s a theory – Whale understands the concepts of one law for all and equal rights for everyone regardless of hair colour, eye colour, race, gender or sexual preference and is happy to fight for everyone to have those rights.    

      • Gayguy

        If you cannot use truths when you post, perhaps you should not post. 

        Homosexuality is not a mental illness and equal rights is not PC. 

        I look forward to the day when people like you are looked upon as fools and vile. 

  • Get a grip

    Oh for the days when it was about the Ports of Auckland…..Nostalga…..something worth getting excited about.   Capitalism verses Unions……ahh those were the days.

    • Random66

      I agree, good to see an update on the PoA in the business news today.

      • Fozzie

         haa haa  guess who won ???????????

    • Richard B.

      That is pretty much as far off topic you could get:

    • Polish_pride

      Capitalism vs Unions….. oh you mean arguing about redistribution of wealth by the Right or by the Left and which is redistribution method is better.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The thought had crossed my mind; given that Whale is a closet Labour supporter. That there may be something else in the closet as well.
      I have discounted this as he does not really pass the pretty boy test. So maybe/hopefully just Gay friendly.


    so based on the theory of Colin that would make Jake The Muss NZ’s biggest homosexual ever!! good one Colin

    • Dr Wang

      Reaper – ironically, Jake would still be NZ’s shortest homosexual too.

  • Neil

    He’s as misguided as the Televangelists in the USA . He actually looks like the Preacher in Tru Blood TV Series – the character happens to be gay…..

  • Not so ridiculous:

    Homosexuals, bisexuals and those who identify as heterosexual but who
    have had same-sex encounters are more likely to have experienced
    negative events in childhood, a new University of Otago, Christchurch,
    study shows.

    Almost 13,000 people aged 16 plus were interviewed face-to-face for the study, as part of the New Zealand Mental Health Survey.

    asked participants about their sexual identification, that is whether
    they thought of themselves as bisexual, heterosexual or homosexual, but
    also asked if they had ever had same-sex sexual experiences or

    This was the first time data on both sexual
    identity and same-sex experiences have been collected in New Zealand in a
    national sample.

    Researcher Associate Professor Elisabeth Wells
    said the more adverse events experienced in childhood, the more likely
    someone was to belong to one of the non-exclusively heterosexual groups.
    Associations between adverse events and sexuality group were found for
    sexual assault, rape, violence to the child, and for witnessing
    violence in the home. Other adverse events, such as sudden death of a
    loved one, serious childhood illness, or accident, were only slightly
    associated with non-heterosexual identity or behaviour.

    who either identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual, or have had a
    same-sex encounter or relationship, tend to come from more disturbed
    . Even so, the majority of people from disturbed backgrounds
    are heterosexual in behaviour and identity.


    • Get a grip

      Thanks Lucia, standing by for all the personal attacks that will now come out of the woodwork. Poor old old Elizabeth she will probably get tarred as a hater or homophobe as well.   WIl be interesting to watch the response.

    • Polish_pride

      seems pretty natural to me on that basis. in fact it would be unnatural for Humans not to have homosexuality.

      Perhaps Lucia and others homosexuality is Gods (or natures if your not into god) way of showing you to love everything and everyone….

      • Hi Polish Pride,

        Humans beings are rational creatures that don’t eat their young, don’t sniff each other’s bottoms in greeting, don’t clean themselves with their tongues, etc, etc.  Therefore, looking to the animal kingdom on what is normal, seems not to be such a good idea.

        Perhaps Lucia and others homosexuality is Gods (or natures if your not
        into god) way of showing you to love everything and everyone….

        I do think you are onto something there. 

      • Gayguy

        Well looking to your perverted interpretation of Gods word Lucia is not the best idea to define what is right either. 

    • Justin Thyme

      It’s possible of course that the reason for the “adverse events” is that the child is seen as “different” and targetted for teasing and bullying by peers or abuse by adults.  We can all remember kids at school who were “different” (although we didn’t know why) and so we just made their lives miserable.  The study does NOT say that there’s a causal relationship between an adverse event in childhood, and sexual orientation – and it is quite mischievous to claim it does.  Indeed, if this is what you are asserting – then how would you explain homosexuality in people whose early lives weren’t otherwise “disturbing”.

      • Hi Justin,

        Bullying and teasing could too be seen to be adverse events.  I mean three times more likely does indicate some level of cause and effect, even if you wish to deny that it’s there!

      • Justin Thyme

        (A reply to LM’s below posting: there is no provision for replying to a reply).  Show us all where, in the study you cite, the researchers state that there is a cause and effect relationship bewteen adverse childhood events, and sexual orientation.  For that is the basis of you citing this research.  But have you read the research?  No.  If you had – you would not dishonestly cite as it as proof of cause and effect.  There is NO empirical evidence to support this.  None.  You are desperate, and fundamentally dishonest.

    • Gayguy

      “Negative events in childhood”

      All that tells us is that straight parents abuse homosexual kids like the abuse heterosexual kids. 

      Being abused no more “makes” you gay than eating apples does. You are born as you are born. 

      • Yet people can and do recover from having same-sex attractions, and for others, it’s a life-long burden.

      • Alext

        Don’t push the myth of the homosexual gene. There is no
        evidence to support that.

        Thanks Lucia for your comments.

      • Gayguy

        Recover??? No Lucia, they are brainwashed, by far right religious nutters who would not know the true meaning of Christs word if Christ himself came down and slapped them upside their hate filled heads. 

        You cannot be cured of who you are, only forced to be something you are not. 

        Oh and if you see being happy being who you are as a burden then you have more issues that I thought. 

      • Gayguy

        @1421fd9e17b43c5f3667c5b0357f6dfd:disqus  The only proof against it is unscientific far right christian nonsense studies. 

        Hardly convincing for those of us blessed with brains. 

      • Alext

        I’m sure you are blessed with brains, the study was by the APA.
        No  bias or nonsense there. The study does deal a blow to the born that way myth.
        If people think they are born that way they are less likely to resist the gay agenda.

      • Gayguy

        @1421fd9e17b43c5f3667c5b0357f6dfd:disqus Anyone who uses the phrase “gay agenda” does not have the brains they believe they do and demonstrates their tin foil hat is too tight. 

  • roscohamm

    so why is the fight for humaun rights only going part of the way.if this was truly the reason for the changes then the wording”two people” would not be being used.if this fight was for human rights then these rights would be being fought for any number of people in any order to be able to marry,,,ie  polygamy. until that happens then in my view this issue is not a human rights issue

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  • Seems to me

    I agree with you on the polyamourous thing.(Polygamy being the one man many women version)  Meet a woman some years ago in that centre of respectability (Napier) that had chosen a second wife for her husband. They were together 7 years before he died of cancer. Both women happy. The bloke split his possession 50/50 in his will, but apparently only the legal wife could do some of the hospital things – and get some of the information on his condition  which pissed them both off.
    Seems to me that If we are heading fro human rights in marriage then LOVE for more than one person should be catered for.

  • James McGehan

    Why are you all so keen to suppose that events must all result in the very same outcomes?
    There is no shortage of evidence that some kids are getting upbringings which are best described as torture.  Some grow up and replicate their ill treatment on their own children. Some join gangs.
    Some run away to town and join the “Sex Industry”.  Some , revolted by their own experience of life in what they were told was a “normal” family, shun the idea of straight sex and join gay or lesbian communities.  Please do not let the smack/spank debate get any foothold here. These kids get battered, belted, “the bash” they are regularly raped , and from such an early age they know no better.  Can you imagine your child’s friends assuming that you treated your children that way?  I have not much in common with Colin Craig but the fact that he’s not completely right does not mean he’s completely wrong, and the topic and the victims will be better served without snide remarks and petty point scoring

    • This post isnt about real child abuse per se, it is an attack on Colin Craig’s seemingly infinite supply of straw man arguments against gay marriage. 
      Whale has observed the irony of Craig’s pro smacking/anti gay marriage stance and how he refuses to let facts & proper research cloud his bigoted judgment.

      Re “some , revolted by their own experience of life in what they were told was a “normal” family, shun the idea of straight sex and join gay or lesbian communities.”

      That some equates to a barely registered minority in terms of the number of people that are gay. There is only a casual link at most between child abuse & sexual orientation.

      Further most abuse is by heterosexual men against young girls – in fact, according to the MOH, at least 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused in some form or another by the time they are 16. Yet the gay population amounts to about 5% of people so at a 50/50 split re gay men vs gay women you are looking at a proportion of only 2.50% of women that might have become gay due to their sexual abuse.

      Ultimately any claim between child abuse & sexual orientation is dubious at best.

      • The only “straw-man arguments” I’m seeing are from WhaleOil doing the typical leftist personal attack on a single target. 

      • I disagree and we have had this discussion before Lucia; it amazes me that someone who comes across as so eloquent can still refuse to acknowledge the facts for what they are – facts. I can understand that your faith precludes acceptance of homosexuality, but that doesn’t mean you are right (in fact I am certain that God does not back up your views whatsoever) or dubious studies such as that conducted by Elisabeth Wells have any validity.

        The gay population amounts to approximately 5% yet the number of children who suffer abuse in NZ is far greater – 20,000 substantiated cases of abuse, neglect & maltreatment with sexual abuse being the most under notified. 

        Thus, claiming people are gay because they were victims of child abuse is a straw man argument just the same as claiming gays are more likely to abuse children (validated through heaps of research such as

        But if we were to take this study as absolute then I suppose we must assume that, given its very high rate of homosexual pedophiles and the subsequent very high rate of sexual molestation of boys, the Catholic Church produces the most gay men?

        Interestingly, MOH research shows that only around 3% of men who sexually offend against males identify as being homosexual. Around 80% of men who sexually offend against males, are living in a heterosexual relationship at the time that they offend.

  • davewin

    Poofs for tea again I see.

    Almost as tiresome as red cabbage.

  • Shugmcglumfer

    In reply to Gayguy.

    Reverting to insults to forward your argument is showing that you’re argument has no basis in fact!
    Fact No1 Shoving your dick up someone’s arse is not normal otherwise you would be able to conceive by this method.
    Fact No 2 Gays can not reproduce!
    In fact if we allow gay marriage then eventually gays will die out! Or will they survive because something has made them gay and not because they were born that way?

  • Shugmcglumfer

    So here is the challenge!
    Allow gay marriage.
    Gays get married and adopt. Child turns out normal. Species dies out!
    Gays get married and adopt. Child turns out gay. Need I say more?

  • Shugmcglumfer