Stay with it…trust me…it’s good:


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  • maninblack

    fucken funny!!

  • Mediaan

    Frankly I would have to be very depressed to relate to this. Boring visually and no redeeming features in the (what they sometimes call it in advertising) “ideation”.

    Anyone who is that depressed, I have a nice bank of weeds they could come and wrestle with. Or look out for one nearby.

    Weeding is terrific for depression, provided it is real weeding, not just balletic hoeing. Kneel down, wrestle, wrench, and swear at the things as you shake the dirt out.

    I keep it on my Things For Depressed Moments resource list. You have to have one, because if the gloom really strikes it will carry you down whoosh into Stygian depths where it seems nothing would help.

  • Duncan Brown

    Very Funny and non-offensive, thanks :-)

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