Cry me a river of tears, Ctd

Poor old Pete Bethune…wanted to be a cool pirate, until his boat got run down and then he had a falling out with the pirates who haven’t paid for the boat that got sunk:

New Zealand environmentalist Peter Bethune and Sea Shepherd are in a court battle in the USA fighting over $500,000 Bethune says he is owed by the anti-whaling group.

Bethune and Sea Shepherd have had a heated relationship in the two years since the Ady Gil, which Bethune captained, was rammed by a Japanese whaler in 2010.

Bethune had earlier sold the boat to Ady Gil, its namesake, who leased it to Sea Shepherd. While Gil paid Bethune $1 million, Bethune says he never received the $500,000 Sea Shepherd owed him and which was due by November, 2010.

The court case in Annapolis, Maryland, started yesterday and is expected to end tomorrow.


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  • Magoo

    That’s what you get when you deal with a bunch lying, self-righteous, socialist greenies. Bethune should know that, he’s one of them.

  • Macca

    After blatantly admitting that he lied in the Japanese court after he had been set free,  he should be feeling lucky he is even seeing the light of day as a free man!  He said that he drove his boat into the whaling ship for the cause when he was asked to.

    As ye sow, so shall thee reap…… 

  • Mike Hunt

    Love it when hippies fight

  • Johnbronkhorst

    “rammed by the whaling boat……”???? Law of the sea REQUIRES the smaller vessel to give way!!! He cut across the bow of the whaler and they carried on straight!….Doesn’t make me any less anti whaling, just anti lying!!!!

    • Dave

      The Law of the Sea requires no such thing. But, it was obvious to anyone who has half a brain that Ady Gil was driven into the Japanese vessel.

      • Johnbronkhorst

        YES it does dave……..The more manueverable vessel GIVE WAY….because it can!!! Small gives way to large power to sail.

  • Scanner

    Avast me hearties, it looks like me pirate ship has been scuppered,

  • Macca

    He actually said that he did it on orders!  This was no accident – he lied and purgered himself in court! 

    I only ever heard him say it once upon his return back to NZ.  Of course the media didn’t promote it as it didn’t suit their agenda!

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Rule of the Road at sea are!!!!!

    One crossing evssels the one wiith the other on the starboard side gic=ves way.

    End on each goes to stabd

    The overtaking vessel keeps out of the way of t’other.

    When vessels cannot manoeuver to keep pout of the way like cable laying surveying etc they diisplay the appropriate lights and the other vessle gives way.

    Vessels encumbered by their draft show the correct light and t’othere give way.

    A whale catcher and the Adsy Gil were v manoeuverable.  If the whale catcher was the give way vessel and didnt then the AG has to take approprioate action.