Cunliffe’s beard gone, Challenge is on

hat tip: Motella


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  • johnbronkhorst

    A mallard in training!!!

  • cows4me

    Something like lipstick on a pig springs to mind.

  • Meg

    The right are becoming very desperate in their bullshit manufacturing if a guy having a shave sends them into a panty creaming frenzy.

    • guest

      no meg, right wing political party supporters are poking fun at the fact that mr cunliffe has made an insignificant change to his appearance,,,,, oh don’t worry about it..

      • Meg

        The fact that the right felt the need to comment on a man shaving goes to show how silly they can be.

        • anonymous

          well actually it was TV3 who are mercilessly taking the piss out of Labour, but don’t let that stand in your way Meg of labels for anyone who points out the obvious.

    • We aren;t desperate Meg, we are laughing our tits off.

  • fozzie

    so is Willie Apiata’s – so what’s the point ….