Cunliffe’s position on WFF for beneficiaries

Much to the horror of Labour’s base supporters, David Shearer’s only given half-hearted support to the Green bill to give the Working For Families in-work tax credit to beneficiaries. This amounts to about $60 a week.

It’s obvious this bill is something Shearer thinks he could have done without.

But Labour activists should take heart.

At least one David has taken a solid position on it since the election – and isn’t about to dump 2011 Labour Party policy.



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  • cows4me

    For those not wishing to watch the socialist git he is saying.” I’m trying hard to dance on the head of pin but if i say anything controversial the boss will kick my sorry arse.”

  • botti

    Unless Shearer is in favour of “Idiocracy” he should be supporting contraception as a condition of welfare.
    There is an interesting post on it here by economist Eric Crampton, who notes there are already numerous obligations tied to welfare payments.

  • steve and monique

    WFF for those on benefits.Where is the money for that coming from.Guess the Super will take a hit,as those who have worked all there lives dont need a hand out as much as the Bludgers/bums who dont.And nothing gets the unmotivated looking for work faster then giving them more money.

  • DJ

    Why don’t we have a right leaning news show? These are the questions I’d love to hear.

    “This is Bob, he fought in 2 wars for us and is now retired on a very small pension. He worked every waking moment of his life because that’s how they did things back then. Unfortuantely, his current pension does not allow him to buy biscuits to have with his tea, even though he paid taxes for 45 years. We would like to give him more money for these but unfortunately he lives next to a family in poverty. They are very fortunate however to have 7 kids even though neither of the parents work.

    So Mr Shearer, what is it you are going to do for this man?”

    • blazer

      NZ really needs a Fox news propaganda channel….yeah right!

      • In Vino Veritas

        Well blazer, we have a left wing woman’s magazine type news channel in TV1.

    • Gazzaw

      Extremely well said DJ. Unfortunately labour’s socialist principles don’t stretch to helping Bob, the greens would denounce him for his warmongering past & the Nats don’t have the guts to reverse WFF.

  • thor42

    This is **manna from heaven** for the Nats.
    Labour just **cannot** get it into their rock-filled heads that the electorate has had **a gutsful** of bludgers, AND the THEFT (via tax) of people’s hard-earned money to support said bludgers.

    I would say that this ONE single policy is responsible for the Nats’ poll ratings holding at above 45%.
    Voters may have their gripes with the Nats, but when they look at Labour, one thing comes to mind –
    This is great! Along with the continually-bubbling internal warfare between Cunners and “the rest”, this will set Labour up nicely for a repeat of their loss in 2011 (fingers crossed).

  • MrV

    So simple you can just raise people out of poverty with the stroke of a pen, its amazing someone else hasn’t thought of this wonderful strategy.