David Shearer’s Third e-newsletter

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This week our MPs have been back in Parliament and I have needed a bottle of Chardonnay every day at 6pm to cope.?holding National to account on the issues that matter to New Zealanders.

Education Infighting is top of our agenda. National?David?Cunliffe’s?few caucus?supporters and large vocal electorate supporters is?are running down my leadership in?our public education system. They?re not ruling out a coup increasing class sizes in the future. And David Cunliffe John Key says parents shouldn?t get?is??hung up? on the fact their children may be taught by on using an? unqualified barber teachers in charter schools to shave that silly fluff off his face. “I’m back”. Yeah whatever bro.

The lucky bastard of a Prime Minister was out of the country this week,?so I got whipped by tackled Bill English on the issue in the House. It is incredible that the Minister and his colleagues think I parents shouldn?t be worried about David Cunliffe’s superior?their children getting a quality education. Education is an obsession a priority for Labour and the left. It?s the only way to make?The Unions are only really interested to make?sure our children are indoctrinated into PC Union doctrine and teachers fill their Union coffers?get the best start in life.

The Social Development Min(i)ster?s flippant attitude to the well-being of our children was exposed this week when she refused to quantify the problem of child poverty under questioning from Socialist Cindy Jacinda Ardern, Labour?s token front bench female social development spokesperson. Socialist Cindy doesn’t know the answer either but we will keep that quiet and let her smile and flick her hair as it calms the ABC troops.?Paula Bennett simply doesn?t want to admit how bad the situation is or to expose her failure to deal with the issue. I hope they never ask why Labour never quantified child poverty when we were a true left wing party with a popular and competent Leader. I don’t think anyone has actually read?She has released submissions to her paper on vulnerable children but it shows we are she is ignoring key issues like poverty and poor housing as?I am still worried about that bloody bludger on the roof.

Parliament will get a chance to debate child poverty after a bill was drawn from the members? ballot to extend the universal in-work tax credit. Labour will support the bill through to select committee?because we are committed to reducing child poverty and this is a useful opportunity to let Paula Bennett take some more target practice on Socialist Cindy?in debating new ideas such as mango skin recycling?about how to?that will help the 20% of children living in poverty in New Zealand primarily?because their parents keep breeding like Somalis. Extending the in-work tax credit was our policy at the last election and it was very unpopular . We are looking at a range of ways to address the issue?spin like a bloody top before those evil Greens take all the credit but in the meantime?until Trev and Grant have worked out the strategy, we support all attempts to highlight the issue and the Government?s responding to the opinion polls failure to do so. In short I have to work out a way to deal with this before Cunliffe destroys me and Trev and Grant have been very slow.

We also took MFAT?the Social Development Minister to task this week over their her disgraceful attitude to investigating?confidentiality and privacy. Phil Goff’s old mates?Paula Bennett breached confidence and privacy of their employment?the privacy of a woman when she made details of her benefit payments public while trying to score political points. The MFAT leaker has She?s refused to apologise and their Union and lawyers says she?they may do it again in future. Bill English has chipped in too saying that if people challenge the Government they can?t expect to have their privacy respected. That?s appalling and well below the standard I would apply to any of my Ministers. Clearly, New Zealand’s your private foreign affairs and trade information is not safe with this Government while Labour sanctions the leaks from Phil’s old mates.

I?ve been getting a right?caning in all directions?plenty of feedback on my newsletter last week, so please stop before Al quits?like Stuart did?keep it coming. As this week?s newsletter shows, we?ve renewed our focus on hating Cunliffe more than ever?working as a team to highlight his?National?s dead-end approach for Labour New Zealand and to say that I am here until Grant gets the numbers and Union support to roll me properly. what Labour would do differently.

Thank you for putting up with my dithering in not dealing with Cunliffe and the two MP’s with large gobs who took me a little too literally to go to Garner.?your help too in getting the Labour message out to New Zealanders.

Warm regards from a very hot seat,

David. SHEARER!!


Congrats to our Olympians! I can now turn up on time to meetings I have made people wait at. They did a fantastic job bringing home 13 medals ? six of them Gold. Our athletes have really done us proud. Click here to watch my speech about their tremendous efforts. (Alastair please edit my Howman speech gaffe before this goes online)

We?ve continued fighting for the issues that matter to our regions, focusing on transport. Phil Twyford has led the charge against the Government?s stripping of funding for local roads to spend on big city motorways that aren?t a priority. One Mayor has told us that tar-sealed back roads in his community are being returned to gravel because they don?t have the funding to maintain them. That?s just not on. The regions make a massive contribution to our economy and it?s not fair that residents miss out on decent roads and other services.

(Alastair that’s too boring even for me, ARE YOU TRYING TO HAVE ME ROLLED?)

David Parker and the Prick who I shall not speaketh his name?David Cunliffe have had the Government in stitches laughing attacking?on the ropes over its so-called ?comprehensive exports plan? which boils down to back stories story-telling, branding and Heartland Tours photo opportunities. (Oh shit no that’s me Alastair please edit). In contrast, Labour has a leadership struggle, members running rampant online and?a guy on a roof?a strong plan to deliver real growth in exports by increasing our investment pool through boosting savings and pro-growth tax reform. You can see more of John Pagani’s?our ideas in David Parker?s speech to our Sponsors?the EPMU here.

Darien Fenton is calling for a high-level inquiry into the exploitation of migrant workers who have moved to New Zealand for a better life than the beatings and often 50 cents an hour they earned in China?. TVNZ?s One News has exposed cases of migrant workers being blatantly ripped-off. Some were being offered pay rates of just $8 an hour. That?s disgusting. When SME owners sometimes work for less than that when they start-up their businesses and even no pay if they take the risk and it fails. ?They should go to Somalia and have a look at real poverty.

Our Women’s?Affairs Spokesperson Sue Moroney confronted the Government over its lack of commitment to reducing violence against women. She grilled the Women?s Affairs Minister in the House about news that Rape Crisis has had to cut back its services in Wellington because of too many violent men in a civil servants city?a funding cut. Perhaps National’s own Mr B would like to contribute to this?we would say something but I’ve too many problems with the violence in my own team currently.

Last week, I attended the memorial service for our two fallen soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan. Labour joins with their family and friends in mourning the loss of two dedicated young New Zealanders. I passed on our sincere condolences in Parliament.