Dedicated to Colin Craig


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  • coNZervative

    Why is Colin Craig a weasel? Oh that’s right, because he disagrees with same-sex marriage as do many gays. Hmm, seems a bit mean CS. You really have it in for him.

  • Orange

    WhO is the nasty party?

    • Horace the Grump

      Jesus… get a grip…. Robot Chicken rules!!!

      Its meant to be… oh.. I don’t know…. funny….

      Remember funny?

  • Cameron – do you have something on CC that we dont know? It does seem like you have it in for him and I dont really get why either!

    He is a bigot & a complete tool on the gay marriage stuff & homosexuality, but otherwise I dont see what the fuss is about.

    He barely registers in the polls and doesnt seem to have anything to say on anything. Bit like Shearer actually. So bland & generally absent you just kind of dont seem him!

  • PotKettleBlack

    Is this video supposed to incite violence?

    • Horace the Grump

      Fuck yeah! Death to all stupid weasels… especially the ones on Robot Chicken!!!

  • Craig Young

    Shame on you, Cam! How insulting to that poor weasel! ;)