I have been receiving a great deal of correspondence from the tipline regarding a woman called Barbara Sumner-Burstyn.

It seems Ms Burstyn has angered a great many people and a screenshot of her now defunct Facebook page has been provided, and you can see why. She has insulted the memory of Jacinda Baker who gaver her life in Afghanistan.

She forgets that Jacinda Baker was a medic in her crass attack on a fallen soldier.

This isn’t the first time she has done this, back when Cpl. Doug Grant was killed she said:

Mixed messages: “He was a thinker, a deep thinker Doug Grant” No, I don’t think so. He was a paid murderer in a war we have no truck with. A father who was happy to kill. “He was a free spirit” No, don’t think so – he was a man who took orders.

Not surprising there has been a massive backlash with a Facebook page being set up since Ms. Sumner-Burstyn cut and run from her own page. This Facebook group, started less than 2 days ago, but now has in excess of 14,000 members and will portray the outrage better than I ever could. She may have run like a coward from Facebook but not before screen shots were taken.

She is a trougher who gets NZ on Air funding to make her crap movies that no one has heard of.

With just a couple of crass and thoughtless comments she has supplanted both Mark Hotchin and Clayton Weatherston as the most hated people in New Zealand.

She has still continued to insult the dead soldiers in an online debate with one comrade of Jacinda Baker’s continuing the abuse.

2 hours ago Sumner Burstyn
oh my god, you bought it all, all the PR, all of it. that is very sad. I’m sorry for all the work your mum put into raising you – all that to die in the sands for capitalism. I suggest you block me now.


about an hour ago Sumner Burstyn
I understand you are a smart guy who has fucked with his mind to make it morally acceptable to kill others who are no threat to you or me at all. Come home and turn your skills against our government. Change sides.

I will happily do my bit to expose her comments to the glare of publicity, for my loyal military and veteran readers. She is a nasty, spiteful piece of work.


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  • logical

    A mentally ill parasite !

  • pukakidon

    This sack of shit needs to be chucked out of our country. Another Watermelon I would bet!!!!!!

  • Rodger T

    She is exercising her right to be an ignorant cunt.
    Of course ,NZ has destroyed nothing in that fucking shithole,but I suspect to a person like Burstyn,building schools,roads and medical assistance is destroying the cherished dream of Afghanis` to live in a stone age paradise.

    • botti

      true, but why waste NZ lives on a place that will revert to tribal chaos the minute they leave?

      • Bunswalla

        Because it’s the price we pay, fuckwit, to be part of a United Nations peacekeeping force. It’s kicking in our share, paying our way, so that if the balloon ever goes up in this part of the world, others will remember that we helped out and will come to our aid.
        America didn’t send us there, and there’s fuck-all oil anyway. We’re there because it’s our duty as a member of the UN and a repsonsible country on this planet. Do try and keep up.

        • botti

          I never said we were there for oil or resources. If you’re going to tell others to “keep up” don’t misrepresent what they say.

        • Mike Smith

          None of whihc is strictly true. NZ was put under IMMENSE pressure to sign up this bit of American imperialism. Don’t believe me thne try making an OIA request on exactky WHY we went.

          • pukakidon

            Why not actually say something of substance rather than whinging anti-establishment pommy trolling.

          • Mike Smith

            There’s a bit of xenophobia, or is it racism , i nyour reply.

          • pukakidon

            You are probably right I cant stand whinging poms. I don’t mind other poms but not whinging shite.

          • Mike Smith

            Keep digging.

          • pukakidon

            I am not digging… I have just told you I am clearly a racist, did I not make my self clear enough on the last post. I cant stand Whinging Poms. I have told all my contractors when the customer is a Whinging Pom add 15% to the work for the Whinge factor. If they don’t like it then go elsewhere. I dont know if I can make it any more clearer than that.

            And by the way when you make silly comments such as “Other Sites?” You are dishonest much the same as all Watermelons, I have seen the other comments you have made running down NZ, who has allowed you to gain citizenship, specifically John Key and the NZ government on British expat blog sites so don’t act all innocent. You are a prize Pom Knob jocky.

          • Mike Smith

            Some irony comments like yours being on this thread.

          • Mike Smith

            If you say so Pete.

    • Mike Smith

      and killing Afghans. We are not innocents abroad!

  • Gazzaw

    Write to your MP, the PM or whoever can push to cut this cow’s living off at the roots. She’s not too ashamed to accept funding from the same source that pays our boys & girls in Afghanistan so fuck her and fuck all that she stands for. .

  • Get a grip

    Freedom of speech is a two edge sword. Many liberals and conservatives like to say that it is important to have “freedom of speech”. When the lily liberals come across an opinion they don’t like, then they want to return to witchcraft and the burning of heretics.

    I dont agree with her…..
    but she has just as much right to her point of view as Hone had about White Motherf*****. Both of them pillocks but in the really big picture…Harmless ranters and ravers.

    Freedom of speech….ya gotta take the good with the bad….

    • pukakidon

      Sorry Hone had no right to call people White MotherF**** that is racist which is illegal. However it seems as though we live in a country where racism is only permitted if you are a Maori Member of Parliament.

  • Michael

    Pre-invasion Afghanistan was led by a Government who imposed strict Islamic law, so that women were imprisoned, beaten and executed for crimes such as going to school, meeting a male who was not a close relative, and not covering themselves head to toe.

    It also harboured foreign nationals who assisted (financially and materially) in attacks on foreign civilians, particularly in third world countries.

    It took a large scale attack on the United States before the rest of the world took action. Perhaps Burstyn would rather live in a world where civilians are slaughter for the “crime” of living in a non-muslim country and allow women are treated as chattels and have no rights.

    Our soldiers in Afghanistan are doing the right thing.

    • blazer

      when are they invading Saudi Arabia then ?

      • pukakidon


      • Gazzaw

        What precisely has that got to do with Burstyn insulting the memory of our soldiers, fuckwit.

        • blazer

          u 2 better ask Michael.

          • pukakidon

            Who George Michael? A friend of yours is he?

          • Michael

            The Saudis have been (slowly) liberalising, and the Government doesn’t tolerate Terrorist groups in their country – mainly because they are the threat to the Royal Family. As long they don’t start shielding terrorists who attack us or our allies they’re not a target for invasion. I mean, you do remember the bombing of WTC, US embassy bomings in Africa, 911 attacks, Bali attacks, 7/7 attacks in London.

            However, what always makes me scratch my head is the way these lefties defend Russia for the attrocities in the civil war in it’s southern regions and it’s illegal occupation of two regions in Georgia.

          • blazer

            might have to brush up on your geo political facts Michael.Sakashvilli is another CIA stooge on Russias doorstep…bit like missiles in Cuba.Check out Georgias attempts to de stabilise the region in Sth Ossetia and other new states nearby.As theysay one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.Ho Chi Minh and Mandela were both ‘terrorists’ once!

          • Michael

            Thanks for proving my point – Mother Russia can do no wrong, but the Yanks are imperialist invaders.

          • blazer

            the only ‘point’ is that neither occupy any moral high ground.

          • Mike Smith

            Still actively funding the Taleban though.

      • botti

        Hehe, good point blazer :) The war in Afghanistan is a complete waste of NZ lives. It will remain a backward sh1thole regardless.

    • Steve Mc

      Correct. She would have her head chopped off in Afganastan for being a woman and daring to say anything at all. I reckon send her there.

      • Rodger T

        I don`t believe they would do anything as humane as chopping her head off,more likely to be half buried and have rocks thrown at her head.

      • Barbara

        Learn to spell.

    • botti

      So why do European countries continue to allow people with those beliefs into their countries? It seems that importing those attitudes might be a bad idea?

    • Mike Smith

      It’s not just about what many believe is Islamic law. Let’s not forget the role of the Pashtunwali. A lot of the harsh punishment that the Taliban meted out was based on Pashtunwali and NOT on Shari’a law.

  • Random66

    So does she live in Canada now? I see her address is Ontario, yet she still likes to stir things up back here (from a safe distance).

    • Gazzaw

      Her views are probably more acceptable there. The Canadians have already pandered to their liberals and pulled out their troops.

      • botti

        at least they’re not spilling anymore of their own peoples blood for that tribal islamic backwater.

        • pukakidon

          Botti and Sphincter? Are you guys brothers?

          • botti

            I have a younger sister, no brothers. Could you explain what you disagree with in my brief comment above?

          • pukakidon

            Botti I was not disagreeing with your comment I was making comment on your name being Botti which has a relationship to the shyte spewing body part called Sphincter.

            However I would remind you that the people of the area that NZ have been providing humanitarian aid and assisting the police in are very grateful, the success is very much down to the hard work and caring attitude of our young soldiers. The people coming across the tribal boarder are criminals and murders. NZ is trying to assist the local government and police to take responsibility for their own region.

            It is all the more disturbing to see fellow so called New Zealanders on here criticising our fallen soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country. Doubly worse is those who bad mouth one who was a medic who provided care to civilians and military without bias or political motivation. These mudguards are the lowest form of life in our society.

          • botti

            ***I was making comment on your name being Botti which has a relationship to the shyte spewing body part called Sphincter***

            Oh, I see :D

            ***NZ is trying to assist the local government and police to take responsibility for their own region.***

            That is true. Although I understand we are leaving mid-way through next year anyway. In which case it seems we are re-arranging deck chairs. Properly colonize the place and provide normal western governance, otherwise it seems to me it will revert to the status quo.

          • pukakidon

            If you were aware of international politics you would note that the Taliban are now negotiating with the Government now to allow women to receive education and other basic human rights. And yes it would be nice if another country could take over from us in our area, however the region has transitioned and we can take credit for much of that. If it reverts back to tribalism then that is the choice of the local people. However the International terrorists (Bin Laden) have been wiped out and the west has endeavoured to assist the country to rebuild after the devastation caused by the Taliban and Bin Ladens murders.

            I am sure that NZ will be remembered fondly by the local people of the region, much as the NZers who helped in East Timor, Korea etc…. Remember the criminals are coming from over the boarder and are not local to the province.

            Thankfully there are still many on this country are still in favour of helping others less fortunate, rather than the inward looking selfish Greens and scum like Burstyn. There is masses of evidence that shows that our soldiers/sailors/airforce have a world wide reputation for being caring empathetic and able to win over the populace.

          • info

            hmmm, younger sister…lol

          • Random66

            I see WO has given Sphincter a months holiday to think about some of his comments.


    this women is typical of the liberal hand-wringing academic elite. They accuse us of following orders etc and yet take a totally unbalanced, fundamental and extremist view of their own. why do the lefties always think and assert that they are right? There’s never any balance. Members of the NZDF serve voluntarily and with pride. It’s an unfortunate part of our job to ensure that divisive and extremist view such as Ms Burtsyn holds are able to be expressed freely. Her heroic Taliban/Iran Sunnis etc would only be too happy to remove her nose/ears or tongue to prevent such outbursts. To attack a medic in such a manner also shows an incredible lack of knowledge and ignorance. May our fallen comrades rest in peace.

    • Mike Smith

      “this women is typical of the liberal hand-wringing academic elite. ” Not generalsing then?

      • pukakidon

        Once again saying nothing other than being a pommy whinging troll

  • LesleyNZ

    She is not only despicable she is plain mad. I see she did a documentary called “One Man, One Cow”. Should be called “One man One MAD Cow”. Check this link out:
    How to identify if your cow has mad cow disease …

  • Hokitika

    Yep; it’s despicable. But she is entitled to her opinion. I
    think she’s wrong. Indeed, I think that she is hopelessly wrong in that she
    does not value the meaning of legitimate and important work done by others at
    the behest of the Crown. She is trying to play politics but is so naive that
    she is playing the employee rather than the employer. She’s a nutter and she will
    be of no effect beyond her little cohort of similar people and we can safely ignore
    her. She probably believes in “chem trails”. Leave her alone, turn of the
    vitriol and have a nice weekend.

    • pukakidon

      You are somewhat naive, this is another one of these publicity stunts that these self interested media clowns play to gain notoriety and therefor sell more books and movies (Jane Fonda did this during the Vietnam war). What makes is worse is that she is using the death of NZ service people who have done nothing but good to rebuild the lives of others less fortunate on behalf of the country that funds her pathetic documentaries. Her so called freedom fighters have been murdering and persecuting women and the local populace for many years, maybe she should investigate the events rather shoot her mouth off and she would find that these insurgents infiltrated into the first region to transition to local governance and that they are not from the region.

      • God the woman Burstyn is awful. You can see a UN plea from the Hazara people to stop their genocide just as recently as June. Where is that shit in the mainstream media. You just get pussy’s like Paul Thomas bleating on about bring the troops home. Just added you to the group Whale and I’m just
        saying that to be a smart troll, prove I got there first;)

        • botti

          Monique how long do you envisage troops will have to remain there?

          Given it is an islamic country with competing tribal groups it seems that they will have to be there forever to ensure stability.

  • Mickrodge

    Barbara Sumner Burstyn is a gold plated example of everything I despise about the left.

    It’s that simple inability to say “sorry” when maybe, just maybe you got it wrong. In 9 years of government I don’t remember Helen Clark saying sorry once.

    It’s like the left in their sanctimonious self righteousness simply cannot bring themselves to admit that maybe, on certain issues, on certain occasions they may have erred.

    As a former soldier & medic I take the greatest umbrage at the comments of this woman & the liberties she’s entitled to through the selfless actions of those she disparages.

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”

    • pukakidon

      The problem with these types is that they are hypocrites. Take John Minto who tried to espouse that he stood for anti apartheid. He then joins a political party that goes around spouting phrases such as WhiteMotherF****s and that has a leader who is adamant that his children will never be permitted to marry White people. They are the proverbial mudgards of society, they try to portray themselves as shiny on top but they are filthy and despicable underneath.

      • blazer

        you really are a ‘gold medal’ red neck that doesn’t know fact from fiction and more importantly when to stfu!

        • pukakidon

          Oh now its all out, must have struck a sore point. We go big bully man on campus Mana Party racist!!!! Ha ha ha what a loser swimming against the tide.

  • Mike

    This woman is a fruitcake who used to work with Ken Ring promoting his lunatic weather forecasts. She also campaigned against vaccination.
    When she lived in Auckland she was a rampant rooter. Tim Wilson formerly the TVNZ US reporter nicknamed her “Custard Pants,” because if you threw her knickers at the wall, they’d stick to it.

  • Travis Poulson

    Big deal, so a nobody made a comment on facebook. Cut off her oxygen supply by ignoring…oh…too late.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So…sumner…..with such stongly held opinions… will be going to Afganistan soon, to help reconstruct the lives and country. For the people who have known nothing but war, real poverty, restrictions on all types of freedom or an of the basic aspects of life that you take for granted…especially the freedom afforded to you and held constant (largely by a previous generation who went to WAR to defend it), to say what you please. But in going to this country, you must go alone, you must take NO protective weapons….just your reasoning and arguement skills……I’ll put a flower on your coffin 2 days after you arrive!!

  • Mr_Blobby

    I see no justification for speaking ill of the dead.
    For the living why do we have to put up with some septic cow that has never had a real job in her entire life? I would not just cut her funding I would cut the whole NZ on air thing as it is a complete waste of time that produces nothing but crap.

    • blazer

      people certainly spoke ill of Osama Bin Laden…what was he ever tried and found guilty of according to established human rights and law?

      • pukakidon


        • blazer

          loquacious fellow aren’t you.

          • pukakidon

            sorry! fucken Idiot

          • Dave

            @pukakidon:disqus reminds one of the old saying. @blazer……. stop digging.

      • Kapow

        No, I would say that people spoke the truth about Osama bin Laden. His actions were not hidden.

  • Dumrse

    One would hope Burstyn, a despicable piece of dog shit never, needs the assistance of our Defence forces during any flood or famine……

  • I wonder if Sumner Burstyn has paused to consider how much blood was shed by the brave to give her the freedom to make her movies and spout her opinions.

    Probably not…

  • Cynical Guy

    That’s what I don’t understand. By demanding our withdrawal these lunatics are essentially handing the country back to Islamic fundamentalists who deny women the basic rights of free choice and education. Is that what she wants?

    Send her there to negotiate with the Taleban. They can kidnap her and make demands. Imagine their surprise when our government says, “Fuck it – keep her.”

  • She is entitled to express her opinion, its a free country, thanks to the bravery of those who have gone before Jacinta and her colleagues. However, to denigrate her, not even buried yet, is to turn the knife in the heart of families still reeling in shock and pain. I find it particularly upsetting that she focused her personal and stinging attack on the one woman, so much for sisterhood. She owes all of the families an apology for her crass comments. I hope she never loses a child, those of us who have understand the extra pain these uncalled-for remarks will have brought. Shame on her.

  • fozzie

    Oh wow our keyboard warriors are file of bile and venom today – feel like big boys now – outdoing each other with you foul language and hate speak. So the lady happens to have a different world view to you – bully …. grow up !

    • Callum

      There is having a different world view, then there is spitting vitriol at someone who has just been killed in the line of duty. Whether you agree with us being in Afghanistan or not there is no place for dragging a dead soldier into it and claiming she was killing innocent people when she was a medic. That is just the lowest of the low.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Um , Fozzie , you’ve just done the exact same thing that you are criticizing .

      • Ronnie Chow, for once you and I agree, must be going soft. However this Burstyn woman has upset a lot of people (18,500) on one facebook page. Hopefully her days of sucking off the NZ taxpayer tit are over. RIP our fallen soldiers.

  • Cheers for picking this one up and sticking up for Jacinda and Dougie

  • tristanb

    She sells a DVD “Perfect Compost”. I’d love it if that’s what she became.

    She’s allowed an opinion, and I’m sure she’s being controversial just to sell more of her crap. But we need to stop giving money to film makers.

    She’s made a career out of it:
    1. Have a mate in NZ on Air
    2. Tell them about some bullshit left-wing idea for a movie
    3. Get the taxpayer to sponsor your movie for $100,000
    4. Make a shit movie for about $700
    5. No-one watches movie, it is forgotten about
    6. Profit = $99300
    7. Go to step 2.

  • Kate

    I was many of the people who saw the original post she made on FB who reposted, commented and made sure all the world (well my limited circle of friends on facebook) could see what vile comments she had posted under the guise of an “antiwar statement”…as the days have gone by, I have seen more of her vitriolic, sanctimonious opinions and I fail to understand how she can not possible see that the statement she made was a vicious, personal attack on someone who can’t even defend herself. When backed into a corner she responds repeatedly with personal insults and cheap shots. She has a complete inability to defend, explain or support her assault on the armed forces and instead resorts to saying they are mindless, career murderers. She insults their intelligence, their families and their choices and still cannot understand why everyone hates her. She didn’t know Doug Grant, who is she to pass judgement on his personality, his intelligence or anything else? Likewise, Jacinda Baker and her commrades don’t deserve the poison she is spitting at them for no apparent reason. I have nothing but contempt and disgust for the cowardly, vindictive remarks she has made – and continues to make – about matters on which she is clearly more than ignorant. The FB page set up in her dishonour currently has 16300 members…and still she is pigheadedly arrogant enough to believe she is right. I am not wordsmith enough to properly express my utter disdain for this woman, but there are 16000+ other people out there who are doing a pretty good job.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      As Whale said, hated more than Weatherston because deep down she is just like him. A supreme narcissist. Good summary Kate.

  • Higster343

    Personally I think we should forget her and stop feeding her over inflated ego and leave her in her obviously ignorant bliss (as a Medic of 17 years I don’t remember EVER killing anyone) and stick to remembering our fallen brothers and sisters

  • Silverfire

    I insensitive and insecure mole that quite frankly is no longer welcome in New Zealand. She should apologize to the soldiers family and friends, Defence Force Personnel, and the New Zealand public. She should then retreat back to her slimy cave.

  • Alsh

    Another waste of space leftie, not worth spitting on. Those soldiers make sure that she can have her right to free speech.

  • Dave T

    Typical of the pinko, greenie, feminanazi, academic, know-it-all arm chair experts.

  • Patrick

    Strap a parachute on her useless arse & drop her over afghanistan – leave her to form her own opinions on the world from the front line. Useless oxygen thief

  • Troy

    She has now reported that she is afraid to return back to NZ from overseas – well what the fuck did she expect. There have even been calls for her to give up her NZ citizenship. The thing about all this is that to have the freedom of speech is fine, but when that perceived freedom overwhelmingly offends society as a whole, it becomes diminished and indeed results in a backlash – this woman obviously put little thought into what she was saying. No sympathy for her that she is feeling scared – so she should be.

    • Teletubby

      Win / win situation really because we don’t want her here either!

  • Markm

    She’s now winging that male soldiers are threatening her and that this is the dark underbelly of new Zealand.
    Not sure if this meant to be a racist comment , but it is her who is the dark underbelly of New Zealand.
    a hate filled Anti American non entity.

    she needs to realize that its not the just the military who are against her , after all there aren’t 19000 in our military , and not everyone comments on Facebook.
    She will find out how popular she is she ever returns to new Zealand, hopefully not

  • Mike Smith

    Interesting comments below. Many people seem to have no idea about the how and why of the Taleban. Shame as getting a good and accurate picture is not difficult.
    Secondly, why do so many NZers want to justify NZ’s presence in Afghanistan?

    • pukakidon

      Back again I see pommy banking leach. You seem to speak alot without saying anything of substance. Not that I am interested because you are well known on other sites for being a troll.

      • Mike Smith

        Other sites?

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  • This is an important story, that has not had as much coverage as it should outside of NZ. Canadians too need to know what their spawn is up to overseas. She’s unspeakable.

  • anon

    thanks for defending the record for our dead and exposing this distasteful bigot

  • Barbara’s address

    Feel free to send mail direct to this disgusting woman’s company letterbox, 19 F Blake St, Ponsonby, Auckland.

  • Despicable twat