Didn’t they have billy sticks?

Some minders Harry has, useless the lot of them. Didn’t they have a billy club or a cosh, or a taster or some MMA move designed to take cameras off drunken naked women? The British Secret Service has been covering up royal rooting for generations, and before it became institutionalized there have been “courtiers” who’s job it is to be the mop up men.

Women in Prince Harry’s Las Vegas hotel room were not asked to surrender their phones despite his minders later pleading with them not to take photographs of him naked, it was claimed today.

During the party, believed to have occurred in a three-bedroom suite at the Wynn and Encore hotel complex which costs up to £5,000 a night, embarrassing photographs of the Prince naked were taken.

The two pictures, taken on a mobile phone in the suite by a fellow reveller, were sold for an estimated £10,000.

The 27-year-old prince is pictured wearing nothing but a watch and a distinctive thin necklace as he embraces a naked young woman who is clutching a pool cue during a game of “strip billiards”.

Royal aides admitted it was the Prince in the pictures, which were first published by TMZ, the American-based gossip website.

Bottom line though is those chicks should be blacklisted from any party ever at Las Vegas. They broke the cardinal rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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  • kowtow

    Good one. Blame the minders for Harry’s stupidity.
    Having said that I reckon they’ll be back on the beat in Toxteth or some such multicultural paradise before too long.