Disgusting politics

The Opposition is in full flight today attempting to score disgusting political points off the back of the latest deaths in Afghanistan.

Phil Goff wasted no time getting his name in the news stories by calling for our troops to come home early.

David Shearer hasn’t been far behind and did an interview with Leighton Smith calling for an early return home for our troops.

So when does Shearer think we should have them home by?

“I think we could have them out early/mid next year”

So when is the Government actually bringing them home?

Earlier, John Key on Breakfast said Cabinet has been considering a plan to bring the PRT home in the early part of next year.

“That will be in 2013, it’s possible it will be in earlier 2013 than later 2013.”

So Shearer knew this was the Government’s position before he agreed to go on air with Leighton Smith and grandstand. It turns out he agrees with the Government timetable.

Labour should be ashamed of itself for using the deaths of our brave servicemen and women for the sake of getting a headline.


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  • Anonymouse

    Leighton set him up by using the incorrect date as 2014. Shearer like the fool he is fell for it completely and exclaimed earlier. What a pwning. Wonder if it goes in his e newsletter 3?

  • Scanner

    This would be the same Phil Goff that together with everybodys favourite dyke Helen Clark, stood on the side of Queen st and spat at the gunners from 161 Battery when they returned from Vietnam, scum the pair of them, nothing more pimples on the arse of humanity.
    Interestingly this type of behaviour typified the she beast throughout her time in NZ before she moved on to world domination, as for Phil nobody actually told him where the bottom was so he just kept digging, sadly he still doesn’t know, so is still digging.

    • Gazzaw

      I’m glad that you reminded us of that particularly inglorious moment in labour party history Scanner. Funny, the MSM never publishes that photo or runs the footage.

      Karma finally got to Goff in the most tragic fashion so it’s probably unfair to judge his reactions on this issue.

  • Phar Lap

    Lie-bour have always been cowards.The term” white feather” sums them up.They never heard of the words “no guts no glory.”.Most people in the army are trained to do the job they were employed to do.At the minute Lie-bour are fighting their own war against each other.Havn’t heard any of them cutting and running.

  • Hang Him

    Labour has never been slow to use a Coffin as a soap box, H1 couldn’t wait to get on top of the Box of that woman who died in Auckland with the power off a couple of years ago. It was all origanised by Union scum.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Any situation which puts NZ soldiers in harms way deserves unsentimental scruitny.

    What confidence do you have that Afganistan will be stable after foreign troops leave after 11 years of reconstruction?

    If you do not have any such confidence you owe kiwi troops, who are in harms way and are dying, support for a withdrawl.

    Your dislike for the messenger should not cloud your thinking about the message.

    • Petal

      Hey, these people want to be soldiers. And they want to be doing something. You make it sound like we grabbed them randomly off the street and sent them to Afghanistan.

      Not saying we should shrug our shoulders and carry on, but just like I don’t have much sympathy for the All Black front row getting battered and bruised, we have to keep in mind soldiers opt-in.

  • Notrotsky

    The strandard has reached a heretofore sickening new low on the back of this sad news…. there really is some deranged angry people over there amongst the authors and commentators.

  • Markm

    I wonder how Labour , dealt with the daily death lists during the two World wars.
    Perhaps their MPs were more sensible and decent people than they are now

  • pukakidon

    The Prime Minister is correct, Strong leadership is required at this time, not political points scoring. It is best to listen to the professionals such as the CDF and his staff.

    Cut and run tactics such as the Labour and Green parties are saying is exactly the wrong thing to do. We NZers have never fled the scene of battle or in the face of adversity Calm and strong leadership is what is required and we should continue along the original path of well the executed and professional plan to withdraw which has always been the plan..

  • Dion

    > Labour should be ashamed of itself for using the deaths of our brave servicemen and women for the sake of getting a headline.

    I note the Greens haven’t exactly been shy about it either.

  • Meg

    Pull them out tomorrow.

    This is nothing like WW2 etc… This is going to have been a total waste of time and lives. Once everyone pulls out, 2 things will happen in Afghanistan, civil war and then the Taliban will take control again.

    All those lives will have been lost for nothing. All those grieving families will have lost their kids for ZERO reason.

    Pull our troops OUT TOMORROW! .

    • DJ

      Just build a wall around the place, fill it up with water.

      There, fixed it for you.