Don’t you think that would be annoying?

I wonder if Shayne Currie meant he was lowering the standards at The Herald when he told us boldly that standards were going to change.

I have already blogged about there headline fail yesterday. But check out this fail from the online survey they had running.

Wouldn’t be really annoying having a first aid kid taking up valuable space in your vehicle?

It is bad enough having kids in the back seat whining on about “Are we there yet?” without having a first aid kid there as well.


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  • MarcWills

    “I  have already blogged about there headline fail yesterday.”

    Hmm… people in glasshouses…

    It isn’t a spelling error (so won’t be picked up by spell-check) , and I agree they should have higher standards with all their resources, but we all have a lapse occasionally.

  • Spanishbride

    Slight difference. WO types an article in a mad rush then moves on to the next. Paid journalists labour for hours over their articles, have proof readers and Editors to check and improve their work. Therefore a spelling mistake from them is a massive fail.

    • LU

      You think a journalist laboured for hours over this online poll which was then checked by proof readers and editors?

    • Get a grip

      Um, Mrs WO think you will find that MR Wo gets “paid” for his blogging. Probably a tad more than the subby who let this thru:-)

  • Hagues

    I could point out at least half dozen errors in the Herald every single day. They are useless pricks for supposed professionals.

  • LU

    Wow an editing error. Quick alert Sideswipe.