Explaining is Losing, Ctd

Winston Peters got slung out of the house today for his utter petulance. Tracy Watkins writes:

Parliament’s tribute to three dead Kiwi soldiers has been married by acrimony which led to NZ First leader Winston Peters being ejected after parliament’s Speaker accused MPs of behaving like spoilt brats.

Speaker Lockwood Smith ordered Mr Peters out after a series of exchanges following a tribute to three kiwi soldiers killed in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Dr Smith said Parliament had just paid tribute to the soldiers who had lost their lives.

“And we carry on like spoilt brats.”

After Mr Peters left, Dr Smith said he had received “numerous complaints” in recent days from people concerned about the behaviour of MPs in the house.

The exchange occurred during normal parliamentary business and question time after MPs delivered speeches honouring the dead soldiers. Mr Peters was disputing the way Prime Minister John Key had answered a question.

Now he is “explaining” in a press release, attacking Tracy Watkins and even spells her name incorrectly.

New Zealand First says Fairfax reporter Tracey Watkins latest diatribe on events in Parliament today is a disgraceful piece of journalism.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says tributes to three dead soldiers occurred in Parliament but business had then moved on to Question Time.

“To suggest what happened in Question Time reflects on their memory is totally irresponsible but not untypical of this reporter.

As regular readers will know, explaining is losing and it looks like Winston peters will be joining Trevor Mallard at the dementia ward.


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  • Joe Bloggs

    So Winston’s channelling The Stranded now?

  • Troy

    I watched that exchange. Winstoned missed the point, completely, of course but that’s no surprise. He’s lost the edge he used to have and spits the dummy when he doesn’t get his own way by politically posturing himself for all to see. He may well like to criticise the sequence of events, but.. explaining is losing (at least that’s what the public see anyhow).

  • Whafe

    Again he lacks oxygen in his brain….

  • cows4me

    Seems his three year sabbatical didn’t do Winnie’s liver much good. Doing your nuts and throwing the toys out of the cot isn’t going to do the country much good. Perhaps it’s time he took up golf or fishing as he has had more then his fair share sucking on the public tit.

    • blokeintakapuna

      ..or scampi eating at the race course…

  • Phar Lap

    Peters has lodged a complaint with the Parliamentary Privileges Committee ,citing Maurice Williams and Lockwood Smith,for not giving him the respect he craves for.

    • Troy

      He hardly has a case given that his behaviour demonstrates the lack of respect he shows for the rules in the House.
      Actually, i’d like to lodge a complaint as a taxpayer as i’m offended by the disrespect he shows others – given we pay him i feel i’m entitled to complain…

  • Nick K

    Winston was slurring his words too. Hiccup.

  • Meg

    Winston lost the plot on this one and deserved what he got. And Trevor Mallard was a bloody fool to try and defend him.