Face of the Day

A geek.

The olympics need a geek. Because geeks know how to build fancy internet forms, and the ‘paper olympics’ need this because it it unbelievable that in 2012 people are filling in paper forms.

Paper forms and human error go hand in hand.

So the olympics needs a geek to build an application that lets athletes get registered for their event.  When they get registered it needs to send the athelete an email and a text so they know they have been registered. And a reminder function for people who have not registered.

Then hopefully what happened to Val won’t happen again.


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  • Cobolt

    How will the system know who to send the reminders to?

  • Richard B.

    What I don’t understand is how they got a bed at the Olympiv Village.
    I would have thought that only REGISTERED athletes and officials would be allowed to enter the village.

    If they were not entered into the correct event, then how did they get the tag they hang aroung their necks.


    whats all the hoopla about! she was always getting Silver this time around. poor women with the weight of NZ on her. she was beaten by 30cm more than her best ever throw. i guess it is hard to see how a shehe that looks like Dotcoms twin brother was allowed in the event – but thats history now.

    i hear the Belarussin also got gold for the 155KG Snatch

    • Karlos

      Close, she didn’t win gold for the 155KG Snatch, she HAS a 155KG Snatch…..