Face of the Day

William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton. Born today in 1946.


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  • Scanner

    Monica says hi, and she has found a wonderful recipe for getting jiz off a jacket, if you fancy a rematch

  • pukakidon

    Another lying socialist. “I did not have sexual intercourse”. It must be ingrained within their upbringing to lie at all costs, regardless of the evidence.

    • Rodger T

      Yep, it`s right up there with “God told me to invade Iraq”.

      • pukakidon

        And “I did not inhale” and “no I did not run away to England to escape the draft”.

        • Rodger T

          Politicians Puka, lying cunts one and all, is the point I was making.
          Once we can get past this ,my side good your side bad bullshit ,maybe some headway can be made into making life easier for all of us regardless of political leanings.

    • Neil

      Actually they didn’t and she confirmed it – a blow job ain’t intercourse buddy…her mouth his dick don’t count.

      • pukakidon

        So is two woman doing the deed not having sex? Once again devious denials. He was a confirmed womanizer which was later revealed, So you just continue the lie. I guess you would not mind it if your partner was giving blow jobs freely to other woman or men then, you like a bit of swinging do you?

      • Callum

        His quote was actually sexual relations, and it is a pretty thin argument not to call that “sexual relations”. A blow job is not intercourse though and for the question below, no two lesbians can’t have intercourse without added equipment.

        • pukakidon

          So when she was using the Cigar together with him was that not the same as two women using added equipment?

          It is just deceitful play on words like he has always done.

        • pukakidon

          The definition of intercourse is, “also known as copulation or coitus, is commonly defined as the insertion of a males penis into a female’s vigina for the purposed of sexual pleasure or reproduction. The term may also describe other sexual penetrative acts, such as anal sex, oral sex and fingering, or use of a strap-on dildo, which can be practiced by heterosexual and homosexual pairings or more than two partners”.

          I am sure that Neil would agree and would not like to to discriminate against Homosexuals by not allowing them to use the word intercourse to describe their love making practice, this would simply not be fair. This is akin to not allowing them to use the word marriage.

          Which is it Neil?

          • Callum

            Given his quote was “relations” not “intercourse” then it pretty much makes no difference.

  • Travis Poulson

    Give Valeries medal back you mongrel!

    What? that’s BC? my mistake.

  • pukakidon

    This guy has a lot to answer for. His Home ownership act created the crazy lending to those who could not possibly service the mortgage. He is a major contributor to the current recession we find ourselves in.

    • Greg

      Yeah and now his daughter is going to continue in his foot steps, lets just hope the right reins over the left and not let this happen.

  • NotLen

    Monica Linsky is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday she was crawling round the Oval Office on her hands and knees.

    • Travis Poulson


  • Greg

    Take a look at the face that almost destroyed the world economy.

  • Mark

    Irredeemable piece of shit.

  • johnbronkhorst

    definately th eye of a con man!!!

  • GregM

    Off topic a bit, but why did Monica keep a skirt hanging up in the wardrobe for 10 months with baby gravy on it? Waiting for the right moment to hang him?