Face of the Day

Sylvester got all his looks from his Mum, Jackie Stallone, who has just had some ‘improvements’ done:


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  • Brian Smaller

    As a rule I don’t drink at 06:30 on a Monday morning but after that…….. Thanks Whale, thanks a lot :)

  • Troy

    Always astounds me why a well-off person who do such a stupid thing to themselves – surely it’s not vanity. With lips like that, she’d, um, probably make a few people happy anyhow. yccch!

  • Pete George

    The age of disfigurement, where people pay to be mutilated.

    • Brian Smaller

      I wonder if it is like those anorexics who look at a skeleton in the mirror and think they are too fat. These people who do all these cosmetic surgery things may look and think “Wow, that is better”, but realistically know that they look like martians. A type of cognitive dissonance.

      • Joe Bloggs

        Yeah – that’s pretty much it Brian. It’s a disorder called body dysmorphic disorder, has a prevalence of less than 2% but amongst people seeking out plastic surgery the prevalence is closer to 6-7%

        Unfortunately people with the disorder don’t understand that “they look like Martians” – they can’t actually see and process their own physical features. In some respects it’s a self-focused obsessive-compulsive disorder.

        Which is why I think its sad that the cosmetic surgery industry can take advantage of these people so easily.

  • Euan.Rt

    No doubt someone told her she looks beautiful and in her vanity she believed them – emperors’ clothes senario. It is truly sad that someone has to rely on lippy (and she needs a massive amount of that), eye shadow, mascara, and hair dye to make a butchers job look recognisable as a face.

  • grandstream

    Are you sure that is Jackie Stallone ? For a minute I thought is was Pauline Gillespie from the ZM radio show……face made for radio.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Very sad. Sad for her that she has such a warped view of her body that she would seek such disfiguring treatment, and sad that beauty therapists, cosmeticians, or medical what-evers would take advantage of body dysmorphic disorder to do such a thing to another person to make a quick buck…

  • Scanner

    Fuck that is hideous, bet it has to sneak up on a mirror, can someone from the Labour party please put this thing in touch with the artist that cleaned up Helens ugly dial, looks like they are at about the same start point.

  • Scottie

    Thunderbirds are go !

  • Jimmie

    That is one scary (but realistic) face mask – ughhh

  • johnbronkhorst

    helen kelly???

  • Exclamation Mark

    At first glance I honestly though that was a really high quality caricature portrait of her.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I thought that was El Presidente de Botox from Argentina after her latest round of treatment


    Don’t be like that guys – when she pops out those false pearly whites those lips would be some of the best dick sucking lips you ever did see!

    • blokeintakapuna

      Even if she could suck the crome off a tow ball – would you really want to go there?

  • Mark

    If you scroll down really slowly starting from the top of her head it looks promising, then – BAM!

  • Lion_ess

    Born November 29, 1921 – that makes her a touch over 90

  • ambergris

    Still apart from her lips, in IMHO she looks better than other 90 year olds i have seen recently.

  • MrAuz1989

    This is hardly fair. The Joker was Face of the Day not that long ago. Give someone else a turn.

  • Sooty

    A touch too much photoshop done on Helen.

  • mmo

    Dam to slow, grandstream was thinking exactly same thing. Saw Pauline Gillespie at pub on sat night and they could be twins

  • Neil

    Shit – Pasula Bennett in ten years…….!!