F*ck off Hippy Scum

The Economist

Hippy scum take one in the chook with some basic facts and figures:

Outside the context of the Olympics, even shooting using weapons that are still legal in Britain faces strong opposition. Animal-rights groups and environmentalists decry hunting and game shooting as inhumane and a threat to the country’s native fauna—even though some 2m hectares (5m acres) of countryside are actively managed for conservation in order to be suitable for shooting fieldsports, at a cost of £25m ($39m) a year. According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, threatened bird species such as the skylark, lapwing and corn bunting are five times more common on land managed for shooting than they are elsewhere.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Interesting we eat chickens, cows, pigs etc in fact anything we eat is no where near extinction. Maybe we should start eating tigers and other endangered species.

  • Scanner

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, just watch Paul Watson for this process in action.

  • Chris

    There is a wealth of endangered species hunting ranches in Texas. As a result numerous amounts of species including an endangered species of African Antelope have been breed in increadible numbers unlike what they can achieve in the wild where they are dying out.

    However there is considerable momentum among animal rights groups to have such farms banned and shut down on the grounds of endangering endangered species and what they consider to be animal cruelty.

    Yet they seem to be unable to make the logical step to understand that because people want to hunt them then people want to breed them. They also seem to be ignorant of the fact that ranch owners aren’t interested in making their stock an easy hunt….they would rather you turn up, pay and not bag an animal. Secondly I have never met a hunter who wants to shoot a teathered animal; if the hunt is not a challenge then people aren’t interested.

    To be honest I am not suprised by this backwards thinking and stupidity which eminates from the left in general…and the simple illogic of their stance makes me wonder if banning hunting is more about banning guns than protecting animals.

    Truth is property rights triumph again. Maybe if they are so concerned about the whales they should capture some, tag them and claim ownership and release them (probably spiritually immoral in the eyes of most nature freaks who don’t seem to understand or believe in the concept of private property). Then the japs wouldn’t be able to harpoon your whale because you own it.

  • carpentaro

    With the loss of traction on the gun crime thing, there has got to be another angle developed. Ultimately, what the liberal left would like to see is the human population reduced to .5-2 billion, all people move to high density living areas [wild lands project, UN agenda 21], and the animals and Gaia left alone.

    So, get used to it. There will be argument after argument come out that will seek to relegate mankind to a minor place and role on “mother earth”.