Flies on Meth just like People…rooted

Boing Boing

People who use methamphetamine exhibit all sorts of strange behaviour, tests on fruit flies show the same behaviours. Once a frier always frier. Of course the tests couldn’t establish tweakers propensity to continually lie, cheat even after they have stopped using the drug. The pathology of the drug is such that once rooted their brains remain rooted:

A new study published in the Journal of Toxicological Sciences shows that fruit flies on methamphetamine “drastically reduce their food intake and increase their physical activity, just as humans do.” The U. of Illinois study tracked metabolic and behavioral changes in fruit flies on meth, and suggests that starvation is a primary driver of methamphetamine-related death in the little winged tweekers. Meth is, of course, not all that great for humans either. It “burdens the body with toxic metabolic byproducts and weakens the heart, muscles and bones,” and “alters energy metabolism in the brain and kills brain cells.”


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  • Guest

    Wouldn’t it be nice if human friers starved to death too, might save the rest of humanity

  • Grandstream

    This is all lies, and dam lies.  If you bother to contact the NZ Drug Foundation, and the chief drug pusher Ross “ding dong” Bell, you will learn that all you and the kids of NZ need to do is to ensure you dont drink too much water and make sure you brush your teeth regularly when using P.  This sort of fact and evidnace based attack on the harm reduction policy of the NZDF will only result in poeple discovering the truth which is quite unhelpful when seekign further govt funding.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Ecstasy (a methamphetamine analogue) has much the same effect in large doses – it stimulates a flooding release of dopamine which gets metabolised by monoamine oxidase into hydrogen peroxide – then the excess hydrogen peroxide reacts to form hydroxyl redicals – both are very nasty chemicals to have floating around in the brain – highly neurotoxic …

    … who’d be a fruit fly huh?

    • Neil

      Why didn’t they just stick with callin’ it “speed” and stop doctoring it up to the level it’s at now (read “Bath Salts”) ….it’s original monika told you exactly what it did….should have been enough to stop anyone who started out with a brain to avoid it…

  • Mitch

    It’s hilarious what people can get funding to study.. reminds me of The Onion.

    “Study: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys”


    • Neil

      So love the Onion….. Ta Mitch forgot about this one – nice link!!!