Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

It used to be Labour that focussed on the things that matter to Kiwi voters. Now it looks like Richard Prosser is going to seriously challenge Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran for inanities on Twitter.



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  • Who cares

    Talking about things that matter to Nz’ers. Apparently if you love each other you should be able to get married. Nope. If you love each other and have a child you could go to jail. So says a Dunedin Judge.

  • Lighten up, Whale. Question Time is meant to be theatre (and a chance to embarrass the Government by highlighting their weaknesses and failings), and Tie of the Day merely enhances the circus. Everyone knows the serious stuff happens behind the scenes.

    • yup it is a circus, especially with the Clown Prince you call a leader…with his silly crooked wig and platform shoes