Get your cheque book out, Owen

Now that Brian McClennan, has been sacked mutually agreed to leave the Warriors, we can only hope Owen Glenn chucks a suitcase full of cash at a decent coach.

Tip: Warriors to win this weekend, it always happens after they sack the coach!



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  • Gazzaw

    Sorry to disappoint you Cam. The experts are picking a Kearney/Iro combination.

    Just waiting for the exhortations to the faithful…………. “2013 – it’s our year!”.

    How many times have we heard that since 1995?

    Are you putting the house on a win this weekend?

    • Random66

      I think Kearney makes a great assistant coach, but not head coach. People either underestimate or forget that Wayne Bennett was his mentor and key support during our successful Kiwi campaign.

  • CJA

    Need an Aussie coach of some sort or another. Only time the Warriors have ever performed has been under Aussie tutelage.

    • James Stephenson

      Tony Smith is where I’d wave the chequebook, if I was Owen.

  • tarkwin

    They need a proven quality NRL coach, not Kearny he makes McLennan look like an intellectual giant. And of course the roaring success he had at the Eels this season should frighten any owner.

    • Bunswalla

      You’ve clearly never met with or listened to Kearney or Bluey. Steve Kearney is highly intelligent, a deep thinker and student of the game, and speaks articulately. Like many others, you possibly confuse the fact that he speaks quietly and only when necessary with stupidity or low intelligence.
      Kearney failed at Parramatta for a number of reasons. It was the wrong club at the wrong time for Kearney. Not only was the club deeply dysfunctional with the Board, the management, the front of house and the players often at loggerheads, but also the club’s playing style has always been instinctive. Kearney tried to introduce a more scientific, calculated game plan, and the players didn’t warm to it, or to him.
      It was a tough ask for a new NRL coach, as Wayne Bennett pointed out after Kearney left. Whether he’ll do any better at the Warriors remains to be seen, but the approach he takes is far closer to Cleary’s than McClennan’s. If he recruits well to replace Luck and Maloney (Leuluai may be a good find but will take time to develop), and avoids the disastrous injuries that hurt the Warriors so badly this year, then he could build a team able to challenge for the top.
      I’ll be giving him all the support I can if he gets the job.

      • paddles83

        And Kearney did what with the Kiwi’s once Wayne Bennett handed over the reins “A BIG FAT Zero”

        • Bunswalla

          And you’ve done what in your life? “A BIG FAT ZERO”

      • Tarkwin

        Fair enough, but he did fall out of a hotel window in France and land on his head. I don’t think you’ll find that on Wayne Benetts C.V.

        • Bunswalla

          True dat

      • nzjitendra

        I’d rule Kearney out on the basis he will struggle to attract decent aussie players, after his Parra stint.

        • Bunswalla

          Dean Bell does the recruiting and I think you’ll find Kearney is widely respected in the game, as is Tony Iro and the whole Warriors operation.

  • Botti

    I suspect they’ll be a lot better next year regardless having recruited Nielsen an experienced mid-fielder and another hardened veteran from the Storm the other day. They’ve been exposed this year with a number of talented but raw guys while a number of the experienced guys have been injured.

  • Patrick

    Why not let Winston Peters have a crack? He has been on Owen Glenn’s payroll previously – must know what Glenn wants & how to deliver for him.