Good stuff

Great initiave fromt eh government. Partnering with business to get beneficiaries into the Christchurch rebuild. I suppose Labour will complain about it somehow:

Two Christchurch construction companies are hiring beneficiaries for the city’s rebuild.

Fletcher Building and Hawkins Construction have embedded Work and Income staff members to help recruit unemployed youth for jobs in the rebuild.

The two companies have assisted 86 unemployed Cantabrians into work.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett visited a Hawkins Construction site today and met four workers who had been employed through the Work and Income scheme and a Maori trade training scheme.

One of the workers, apprentice Jesse Neville, 19, said he had been trying to secure a job for four years.

He had been on a benefit for 12 months before Work and Income gave him the chance to get an apprenticeship with Hawkins Construction.

Although life was “easier being on the dole, it’s less boring working”, he said.

When he was on a benefit he would usually wake up at noon and play Xbox for the afternoon, but now he was “way more motivated”.


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  • maninblack

    yep- they will moan its not giving the benes enough personal choice…

  • Grandstream

    Poor Jesse, WINZ got to him before the Union movement…..he life on the dole sounds like most union reps I have ever met !

  • Weleasewoger

    Did anybody ask why a 19 year old was unable to secure a job for four years when he only left school 3 years ago?

  • Kiwibloke

    Tauranga/Te Puke Kiwifruit pack-houses used to do the same thing during the Packing Season, for all Dole-Bludgers (DBs) in Tauranga, Te Puke, Whakatane, and Rotorua – providing buses from the WINZ offices to the Pack-house – eliminating the excuse “I can’t make it there”. Unemployment drops during packing season drastically in these regions – the kiwifruit industry can not get enough people.

    Unfortunately for the Pack-houses – the DB’s were useless workers, attendance was crap, and the employers had to allow/call up 120% of a usual shift, just to ensure that there were going to be enough workers to run the machine. They had untold problems with equipment theft, drugs and alcohol (both on the bus and at work site), fights, and complaints from the people who actively sought and found those jobs.

    Since then – they have turned to importing a large number of season workers from other countries, (Malaysia, various Pacific Islands, and others), paying for flights over, providing immigration bond, accommodation, and transport to and from work each day – and have managed to find a motivated, hard working labour pool, that is dependable and a pleasure to work alongside. 

    +1 for tightening up the benefit conditions – minimum of weekly drug tests before handing over $.

    • AnonWgtn

      I worked the Kiwifruit and Avocado packhouses in Tga. (I was a small time Avo grower)
      The kids WINZ sent were in the main experts at using the system. They would start out for a few days, and get the sack for stuffing up the system, so they could go back to WINZ with a so called work accounts showing that they had “worked”  ??? turned up probably late. They had no work ethics and could not have cared a stuff. If they spoke it was difficult to understand their slured cult language.
      However, during the afternoon shift they were invariaably heavily drugged. At lunch time a whanau member (ones’ sister) drove up to share out the goodies. In any production line even a packhouse there are fast moving machines, so what better way to stop the system, and get the boot. They were still drugged by cannabis and or drink when they turned up to sign in at 7am.
      In addition we had a Goldfruit packhouse personed by only Maori under a Kuia.
      When the expensive goldfruit was rejected it was binned outside the packhouse, usually to be bought for animal feed. The Goldfruit bin numbers were extensive against the Greenfruit, which we were allowed to take in bag form. One day we decided to take some Gold – wow, have you ever seen a Kuia explode in Maori against us.We were told in no uncertain terms that these  were only for the Gold packhouse. I advised a number of friendly Gold growers to watch their outputs against inputs. I stuck to Avos only later as my own crops grew.
      The Asian students from the Polys were terrific with great work ethics.

  • Lindsay Addie

    Is Sue Bradford going to get up on her hind legs and applaud this? I’m waiting with baited breath……

    • Bunswalla

      Spit that pilchard out at once!

  • Rene Pasche

    I work for Hawkins up here in Auckland and the feedback I’ve been hearing about the boys given the opportunites down in CHC via the He Toki ki te Rika partnership with Ngai Tahu been nothing short of fantastic with superb attendance records, dilligence in learning their new trade and putting some long hours. Ngai Tahu deserve equal credit here as well to help put the scheme together and show some real leadership in the community.

    In my opinion these guys are thriving because they are being mentored by no nonsense, practical construction men who have been in the trade for years. You dont meet harder, more pragmatic people than good quality construction guys and in my opinion its these types of leaders that are missing from our schools.

    • le sphincter

       Brown nose of the day – Rene !

      • Rene Pasche

        Well if hearing postive feedback about a pretty good initative that gets people off the dole and into a career is “rown nosing”for my employer then I look forward to the next time I can brown nose again.

      • Butt-Plug

        Hey plonker – the truth upsetting you this morning ?

      • Bunswalla

        @d0ccb7cfa83e1ad1cb2779eedfa3b2ea:disqus Don’t mind the poo-hole, Rene – he hates success stories that involve initiative, getting off your arse and improving yourself. Like most of his ilk, he prefers to fling poo and whine about everything.

        We’ve become quite accustomed to him here – he’s sort of like the mad Uncle Jack in Nigel Latta’s programs. A bit of an embarrassment to himself but nobody takes him seriously.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        That must cause you an inordinate amount of ass pain Sphincter seeing more labour demographic improving their lives.

      • Gazzaw

        Dumbest comment of the year l’arsehole.

      • Polish_pride

        Sphink – I have come on here at one time in defence of why you are here – The fact that most of the ones on here need a dissenting voice from the other side of the spectrum whether they think they do or not. I have noticed of late many of your posts seem to have deteriorated significantly. You are no longer being the dissenting voice from the other side (perhaps you never wanted to be that). In which case you are only proving them correct more and more when they say your a dickhead and your posts are irrelevant.
        My advice to you which you are free to take or not….
        Be relevant!
        Think before you Post.
        Because unfortunately Sphink, on this one Gazzaw is right, that was without a doubt the single dumbest post I have ever seen on Whale Oil.
        Sort it out !     

  • johnbronkhorst

    Where are the jobs??? Labour /Greens kept saying…………………………HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!! Also saw a peice on TV re Imperial Tobacco expansion in Petone, they employed an EXTRA 50 people and the greens and moari party COMPLAINED!!