Google sometimes isn’t your friend

It is always fun to google slogans that have been adopted by political parties.

I see that apart from being regularly used in medical dispatches David Shearer’s “Healthy Heartland” is also:

A meatless pizza in the US.

And a roadside litter collection scheme:

Of course it has probably escaped Shearer and the clever team in Labour that they are actually touring National’s healthy heartland . Don’t believe me take a look at the electoral map. Only a strategic genius like Trevor Mallard would have come up with a plan to send the bumbling, stumbling, stuttering David Shearer around National’s rather healthy rural heartland.

If I was a National strategist, I would be getting my MPs to schedule public meetings right next to his venue on the same dates and times and let’s see who has command of the “heartland”.


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  • Guest

    that map is wrong.
    shows waitakere as red..but waitakere man is going steady with paula…

  • Petal

    The Electorate Map image should be on every Labour computer, laptop, tablet and phone as the wallpaper.

  • Guest

    Trevor should arrange to send Shearer into Tamaki, North Shore, Ilam and Rodney as well.

  • Guest

    Why are you using a map from 2007?

    • It isn’t it is from 2011.…

  • mickysavage

    He Cameron who is the genius again?  Or are you saying Carmel really did win Waitakere?

    • I can’t control the map from the Herald but here is the link and it was 2011

      Even Scoops and Keith Ng haven’t updated theirs, showing Sepuloni winning as well.

      The point is it is the “Heartland” and that is pretty much blue…

    • It must really burn you Greg that you lost Waitakere despite your best efforts at dodgy voting.

      • mickysavage

        Dodgy?  You mean getting people enrolled to vote?

        That is only dodgy to those who think they deserve power no matter what the people want.

      • Super_Guest

        You mean like Helen Clark who was rejected by the electorate in 1996, but clung onto the Labour leadership like a fly on shit, simply to fuel her own megalomania?

      • Guest

        lefty – i’d say that when National got approx 180% of what your mates did at Election 2011, its a pretty clear statement about what the people want mate….

    • Gazzaw

      Gday Greg. Enjoying life over at the Standard are we?

      Hahahahah – you lot really are a fucken joke. Get back & sort out Mallard before he totally fucks what little reputation labour has left.

    • TCrwdb

      Best thing that ever happened to Glen Eden getting rid of all the Sepuloni signage from that building next to the train station


    Palmerston North is Act country? An improvement from Galloway Country I suppose…

  • Gravedodger

    Even Presland found the stench of the rotting carcass a step too far today.

  • tarkwin

    Hope he doesn’t come up north.

  • Guest

    He probably will doesn’t he have a holiday home in Whananaki?

  • Dave

    I think most have missed the point.   I’m surprised there are ANY red patches on the map given how ineffective Liebour are.  A total Joke.