Grandparents for Marriage Equality


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  • Andrei

    If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth – Joseph Goebbels.
    This what is happening here.

    There is no such thing as marriage “equality”. Those are just empty words.

    All you want to do is drag western culture into the sewer – where it is already but you want to further degrade it because you are being a “useful idiot” for the left 

    • Polish_pride

      Funny – See in my world Western Culture is already in the sewer and has been for a long time because of hatred and intolerence shown by toward others by those such as yourself Andrei.  

      • Whalerider

        Go back to Pooland then if you’re so proud of the way they do things, i assume over there only one side of an argument is allowed to be heard – just like you want.

    • Neil

       Funny you use that phrase -I was told I was quoting Marx when I said that?

    • Rodger T

      And here you are ,repeating yourself again and again. Goebbels taught you well.

  • J_j

    What difference would it make to YOU, Andrei?

  • Seems to me

    Trolling the world of the internet I found this posting from someone calling themselves 
    Mort Asplundt.  Seems to me they have summarised it very well.

    There is nothing wrong with not supporting gay marriage. There is nothing inherently virtuous about changing the fundamental nature of the institution of marriage and granting the right to do so to homosexuals. The argument for gay marriage is framed as granting a basic human right to a group of people who do not currently enjoy that right. Never mind that marriage was conceived to provide for nuclear families and since a man and a woman can procreate together, it was naturally assigned as a contract between man and woman. The gay marriage lobby is, of course, not satisfied with the designation of “civil union” because they say it does not, in fact, grant them equal status to a married man and woman. It is not the functional trappings of a marriage that they want. The goal of the gay lobby is to achieve absolute, across-the-board “equality.” This includes equality of social acceptance and equality in the way the culture views their relationships, vis a vis heterosexual relationships. This is all good and well but their tactics and the tone created by their crusade to change the definition of marriage is heavy-handed, and you can not force a culture to change such a fundamental tradition overnight. At the end of the day, this is a fight between traditional values that undergird the very fabric of society – in our case, Judeo-Christian mores, although the five major religions of the world also define marriage the same way – and the secular-progressive value of “equality.” In the world-view of secular progressives and, in fact, most young people as they’ve been spoon-fed this ethos since birth, “equality” trumps all other values. Therefore, someone fighting for the traditional view of marriage and the perceived societal benefits that it carries is seen as unethical, backwards and bigoted to challenge the most revered, most fundamental and virtuous virtue of them all – “equality.” This is why people who support gay marriage trumpet from their Facebook pages and whatever other platform they can such aggressive, disdainful vitriol against the supposed cavemen that dare to oppose gay marriage. In their view, it is unethical, backward and bigoted to do so. How could it be anything else? Recognize, though, that this debate is between two opposing ideologies, each with its own claims of virtue. The person who opposes gay marriage is no less virtuous for doing so. They feel their beliefs, encoded in the Bible and other religious texts, benefit both society and the individual. In the vast majority of cases it is not out of hatred or raw disdain for gays that they must “keep them down” by prohibiting them the right to “marry.” If that were the case, would they not attempt to deny them the right to a civil union as well? “Equality” certainly has its place as a virtue, too, but to hold it up as the be-all-end-all of virtues creates plenty of chaos and hatred in the world. We need look no further than the genocidal mania that characterized the Communist movements of the twentieth century. Equality, in this case as in so many others, is used to drive a wedge between people and their traditional beliefs. Suddenly, since your religious beliefs do not provide for absolute, blind “equality” among every conceivable type of person, lifestyle, or gender in any and all cases, you are bigoted and must change your worldview and bow to the almighty virtue of “equality.” Failure to do so could be hazardous to your health. Personally, I think the tide toward gay marriage becoming legalized is an almost irresistible force. As long as it is framed as a matter of “equality,” the battle to maintain the traditional nature of marriage will be too difficult. Too many young people have been taught that any social convention that violates “equality” in some manner is backward and fundamentally unjust, even as “equality” is such a malleable and easy-to-manipulate concept. Whereas I believe the traditional definition of marriage has been beneficial to societies and cultures heretofore, I believe the culture in America will change it to keep up with the prevailing zeitgeist of the times. My only real problem with that is that the gay marriage issue, like so many others, is yet another calculated wedge the left has used to separate Americans from their traditional Judeo-Christian value system. Once they have gay marriage firmly shored up, they will move on to another cause celebre until they have replaced the entire culture with a state-worshiping flock of empty-headed, utterly dependent sheep. It is a scary proposition and I really hope they do not succeed. As has been written in communist playbooks, the greatest obstacles to taking over a nation are the morality and the religious beliefs of its populace.

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    • J_j

      Oh the irony.  “they will move on to another cause celebre until they have replaced the entire culture with a state-worshiping flock of empty-headed, utterly dependent sheep”.

      Coming from a God-fearer.

    • TL;DR

  • Seems to me

    Sorry on pasting the article it dropped all the paragraph spacing