Granny’s got a gun

More evidence that having a gun can save your life and property, just so long as you are prepared to use it against violent offenders:

 A 65-year-old woman fired two rounds from a handgun at five men who tried to rob her Garden Grove jewelry store on Sunday, police said.

The men then fled from Continental Jewelry at 12032 Brookhurst Street, with the owner chasing them, gun in hand.

Their getaway SUV drove off so quickly that three suspects were left behind. They were picked up about a block and a half away.

Police are still searching for the suspects.

The five armed men had come into the store, carrying pillowcases for loot and pointing their pistols at the store’s clerks and a customer.

There was absolute panic after the store owner fired her gun. Surveillance video shows the suspects fighting each other to run out the door.

Nothing was stolen from the store and no one was hurt.

Police say the suspects could be the same men who tried to rob another jewelry store at the Asian Garden Mall in Westminster one day later.

In that heist, the store owner shot a suspect in the face.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    My kind of Grandma.
    Why do we put up with criminal scum running into the likes of liquor stores and dairies and threatening law abiding business people.

  • 2ndAmendment

    just so long as you are prepared to use it against violent offenders:

    and you know what – works just as well on strikers, picketers, protestors, unionists…

  • le sphincter

    Would make you want to shop elsewhere- 

    • Jimmie

      Yup made those 5 dicks go shop elsewhere.

      I’m sure the customer already in the store didn’t mind.

      What as bunch of pussies go in there waving pistols yeah we da men till the real man ol Granny stepped up and the pussies ran away – very funny

    • Rubbish. you can shop in safety knowing that the owner protects her store and customers with bite.

      You know no one ever robs a gunshop or a shooting range…wonder why that is?No one is going to get hurt at a Starbucks either as they allow customers with open Carry permits…people are nice and polite at Starbucks…not so much at stores that ban guns…and it is places where guns are banned like schools and univsirties and theatres where the coward gunman decided to go play soldier…against the unarmed…not a single one of them has the stones to try it on at the Scottsdale Gun Club.

  • carpentaro

    Shop elsewhere only if you were a scumbag. A well armed society is a polite society. A scumbag is a scumbag.
    Law abiding gun owners are seldom a problem.

  • Richard McGrath

    Reminded me of this clip from Not Another Teen Movie:

  • Richard McGrath

    Further to that video link, the original song (by Aerosmith) was about a girl who kills the father who raped her. Just as the store owner above loosed a couple of rounds on the would-be robbers.

  • GregM

    Way to go Ma’am.
    I think that dairy / liquor store owners should be armed. Mr Singh around the corner from me has been beaten and robbed three times this year. He is a real good bastard working his arse off, and there is nothing more he can do to stop it. Arm the man, and let him defend himself and his business.

    • 2ndAmendment

       I think that dairy / liquor store owners should be armed.

      So I hope you’ll be voting conservative – after legalizing smacking, this is The Conservatives #2 policy.

      And given that the next two governments (at least) will be National+Conservatives, then armed shop-owners, fully-armed cops, the Castle Doctrine, and an end to gangs in NZ is looking very likely

      • GregM

         If Colin Craig wasn’t such a religious wanker I would be having a look at them.
        Some of their policy, such as the ones you have mentioned, I agree with.
        Yep, I would be happy with a National / Conservative coalition.

      • Phronesis

        Well GegM I don’t know anything about Colin Craig but it is pretty obvious that it is the leftwing media that paints him as a religious wanker. The media is simply trying to equate the conservative political position with being a religious nutter because they oppose it.

      • GregM

        Yes I agree that’s the way the pinko media are portraying the Conservative Party.
        Mostly. it is their anti gay policies that piss me off. I’m not, never have been and never will be gay, but I will die in a ditch to support equal rights for all regardless of their race, religion or sexual identity. Also, and I quote from their website ” The Conservative Party believes the first duty of the state is to ensure
        the safety of its citizens ” Well I call bullshit on that too. The state should allow and empower me to defend myself and my family. I don’t need state help, just allow me to look after myself.

  • Rodger T

    And then there is this, a lady cops a fine for shooting at a perp,

  • carpentaro

    Most conservatives are traditionalists AND religious, but are not interested in FORCING you into their ideology [as are the liberal left].

    So, you may agree with some things that the Conservative Party stands for, the things that you don’t, does that constitute a “deal breaker”?