Has Hone gifted Boris Rotorua for life?

It looks like Hone Harawira is going to gift Rotorua to Todd McClay for life:

A war of words has erupted over National MP Todd McClay’s proposed gang patch ban, with Mana Party leader Hone Harawira labelling him a “foolish dickhead” promoting a “deeply racist” bill.

Harawira has threatened to wear a gang patch into Parliament if the bill becomes law, a move McClay says casts doubts on Harawira’s suitability to be an MP.

“The guy is such an idiot,” Harawira said. “I’m not going to stand by and watch a blonde, blue-eyed redneck kick around poor people who, out of desperation, bond together because they see nothing in the blonde, blue-eyed society to give them a sense of hope for their own or their children’s futures.”

Harawira said he was “not a great lover of gangs” but said McClay’s pledge that government agencies would not deal with anyone wearing a patch, and that police would want to talk to them about criminal behaviour, was nonsense.

“The fact of the matter is that this foolish dickhead doesn’t know what’s going to happen. The police aren’t interested in this. It’s not going to be deep-blonde white-boy Todd that’s going to be affected, it’s going to be those working in the agencies.”

The only foolish dickhead is Hone Harawira. Rotorua looks to be safe in McClay’s hands for sometime yet.


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  • Gazzaw

    Harawira has a bit of a fixation with the ‘blonde, blue-eyed’ description hasn’t he? It could almost be construed as racist.

    • Redbaiter

      Harawira is right about McLay though, a typical National Party dickhead who blindly subscribes to left wing political ideas without realising he is helping the Progressives bring problems like Maori gangs into our society.

      • alex

        That must be one of the most idiotic, Pavlov dog response of a blinkered ideologue I can imagine. A MP who sponsors a Bill to ban gang patches is himself responsible for the gang problem. Only in your world.

        • Redbaiter

          Of course McLay and the National Party are partially responsible for the gang problem.

          They have for decades pursued very much the same political and social course as Labour and it is that course that has given rise to the problem of gangs in our society.

          There is nothing unreasonable in this view, and if you think it so, then you are the one wearing blinkers.

          • alex

            Just as the state is not responsible for cleaning the gang problem up, so that state is not responsible for causing it.

            The gangs reflect the tendency, especially prevalent amongst some Maori, to elevate group membership above all other considerations.

            The problem lies in the human psyche and personal responsibility.

            Just like the Left, you continually ignore the fact that human beings are the masters of their own destinies, and that government policies are largely irrelevant. We are not victims of government malfeasance over the years. Your continual rhetoric serves the the Leftist cause by being based on the premise that it is the Government’s fault and responsibility.

            It’s not and never has been.

            Just as I don’t want a Left wing Statist government, nor do I want some sort of Right wing Statist government either.

          • Dave

            Redbaiter you dickhead. ANYONE can go earn a living, give up the patch, get a haircut, and START working, the gangs are only there as they have CHOSEN to belong. Any criminal organization needs to face the full extent of the law as do their members. Hawaria should be charged with Treason for just opening his racist potty mouth.

    • alex

      I think it is a variant on the theme: all whites are racist. In this case, an insinuation that this Bill is some sort of Aryan Supremacist measure. This”all whites are racist, and all coloured people are their victims” is the most prevalent form of racism, one that is positively sanctioned by certain government agencies.

    • pukakidon

      Hone is not racist, he just hates white people. He will never allow his children to marry a white mother Fu%*er. Especially if it is a blond haired blue eyed person.
      In his family he decides who and what his family will do and no one can tell him any different.

    • Pin

      Hone is a fucken cunt


    Hone Harawira does realise there are other gangs out there apart from maori ones…doesn’t he?
    *edit* scratch that, I don’t think he cares.

  • thor42

    This is all that Harawira has to offer “his people”.
    Insults and mud-flinging.
    He should be OUT THERE in the streets campaigning for charter schools to be set up left, right and centre.
    Instead, he whines and moans and slurps from the public trough. What a fool.

    • Troy

      and… gets paid by us to do it. Mummy has always pulled his strings and continues to do so – being raised in a racist household left him little choice as a child to follow her lead. Seems as an adult he has difficulty dealing with acting like one.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Harawira (n); racist, hypocritical bigot of low intellect.
    “For using the term white motherf***er, the speaker ejected the MP for being a Harawira”.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I understand Sheep Shearer is considering standing Trevor Mallard in Rotorua. So McClay could be knocked over guys

    • Travis Poulson


    • Yeah Right!

    • Dave

      The Mallard will fit in well around Rotorua, lots of his type on the lake foreshore, Quack quack. BOut the only ones interested in Trev these days.

  • Razorlips81

    If you are White (blonde, blue eyed) it is time to leave NZ! Leave on our own terms now before it is too late. I am sick of funding racist losers like Hone. Let the gangs run the country. Let them fight and kill and sell drugs and prostitutes to fund their ways. NZ could well be the next pathetic babling third world country! You go for it Hone – The Maori Mugabe!

    • Tristanb

      And go where?

      • Razorlips81

        I am looking at the atlas right now. Our choices are limited. Us stupid PC blond hair, blue eyes types are in danger of becomming extinct. We are exterminating ourselves. Wake up people!

    • Michael

      I have left. Several reasons for it, but basically, I don’t like what NZ is becoming. Welfare for too many, accountability for few. I founded and ran a company and don’t like being stigmatised for being a ‘rich prick’ when it took years of serious graft to build up. Then someone in PARLIAMENT calls me a white motherfucker, and gets to keep his job! I’m sick of the double standards so let the Maori have NZ. Fuck ’em if all they want is to do is bitch and moan. My ancestors emigrated to NZ and helped to build it, served in foreign wars and have been proud Kiwis. But I’ve emigrated away and am building (again) myself and my family a life somewhere else. NZ’s a nice place (in the summer) but its no longer somewhere I feel at home. Yeah, I’m blonde and blue eyed. I’ve worked hard, paid taxes for years and employed many, many Kiwis but I had enough about 2 years ago. I’ve moved to Asia where people celebrate success, not blame you for it.

      • Dave

        Michael. I too have left NZ, basically the same reasons. I was completely over the Lax Kiwi attitude to hold ones hand out and expect an income without working, the attitude of Maori claiming EVERYTHING of any value, but not adapting to the times, their violent streak, and the tall poppy syndrome where if you have a good business, nice house and car you are spat at for being a capitalist pig.

        Lets give Maori back Northland, Southland and say…….. Manawatu, let them keep them, govern them, pay for all resources, roads and infustructure. Govern their own people, collect their own taxes, pay their own welfare and run their own prisons.
        It wont work, we all know that. If we look at history, and compare the tax take (net contribution) and net expenditure for Maori, there is a NET OUTFLOW of funds to Maori to the tune of several hundred million every year, not including the cost of Treaty Settlements, law and order (almost 50% of the prison population) and their disproportionate use of the public health system.
        Yet the bludging and dependent attitude prevails thanks to people like Hone. On that note, HONE, don’t complain about my little rant from off shore, please tell us what you will do to lift the lot of your people and correct the stats.

  • Meg

    This is typical Hone. This is a bill about crime, not race. Gangs are nothing but disgusting crime generating filth. I know several cops, and the things they tell you that gang members do to become full patch members is disgusting stomach churning stuff.

    If these are the sorts of people Hone is protecting then he is just as disgusting, and filthy as the gang members who rape children, beat people and so on just to get a piece of fabric they can sew on their jackets.

    I am no National supporter, but Todd has it right on this one. And Labour needs to stand up and say so and throw all its support behind this bill.

    • Whafe

      Feels good to agree with you Meg :)

    • nzd.gbp

      The fact is gang patches help us identify those stupid, under-endowed collectivists before we bother to engage. You’d have them go in disguise? Like unionists?

      What about motorcycle clubs? Sports clubs? I bet there are as many criminal records in a south auckland rugby league club as in any 1%er motorcycle club.

      Having a state tell us what we can wear does not make us safer. Why don’t we all just get micro-chipped and be done with it? It’d make the police’s job a lot easier.

      • Sarrs

        I think it leans the nature of gang crime – organised, ruthless and totally premeditated. Sure, like minded groups of people who get together are bound to have accumulated some convictions between them – the difference is they a. do not socialise together with the express purpose of planning and committing crime and, b. do not attempt to induct other vulnerable members of their community into their criminal enterprise.

        Breaking of the gangs WILL make a difference to crime in this country, there is no doubt about it. This is a step – I would not allow a member of any gang displaying insignia into my place of work. I know for a fact that motorcycle rallies have a zero tolerance to patches and insignia.

        It is already deemed to be unacceptable to wear a swastika or a hoodie that says ‘Jesus is a C**t’ – this is merely an extension of that. If it takes a law change to ensure that people keep their offensive regalia hidden when in public, I support that. Your straw-man is ridiculous and a waste of time. Come up with a real argument.

        • nzd.gbp

          It’s not really a straw man argument. Boring perhaps, or even cliched but it still needs to be answered. You can’t look at what someone is wearing and attribute an ability to actually follow through on the image they are trying to project, but you are saying you can. You are saying that their appearance is enough, that if they look intimidating then they should be stopped before they actually intimidate. To some people, all men look intimidating. We should make men wear pink polka dots? We should make them all wear “I’m a man so I apologise for all those crimes other men have committed”?

          It’s one thing to fight crime, it’s another to take away our right to look intimidating and call that crime fighting. Shall we make it a crime for women not to shave their legs and armpits so they don’t look like angry feminists? I reckon angry feminists have inflicted a lot of psychological abuse on boys, but making them look like normal sane women won’t change anything.

          It’d be easier for those who like to administer or prescribe but it’s separate to the issue of crime and criminality.

          • Sarrs

            It is a straw man argument, especially in the face of two examples (swastika and ‘Jesus is a C**t’ clothing) and by ignoring those examples and continuing in your fallacy you are denigrating this entire discussion.
            Those items are banned from being worn in government buildings already, it’s just simply not confirmed in legislation. The gang insignia issue is much larger, and broader, and would need legislative backing to be properly enforced.

          • nzd.gbp

            I beg your pardon. I didn’t understand the relevance of the dress codes in govt departments argument. Let me try to address your two examples.
            1. swastka – would you think it right to ban swastikas if nz’ers voted in a proper nazi party and that was their emblem? And I don’t just mean one having fascist economic policies such as picking winners and public-private partnerships or race based policies. Wouldn’t you rather know who the nazis are by sight?
            2. Jesus is a C**t – Some people think he was evil. Is it that they express their religious views or the vulgarity to which you object? I happen to think he wasn’t bad at all. In fact he was by far and away the best human we have a record of. It’d help me to be a good christian and try to help those poor deluded fools to see the light if I had some way of spotting them more easily.

            No matter what you say, I’ll never believe you if you try to tell me that uniforms, such as they have in north korea, will make us better people.

          • Sarrs

            The basis of this legislation is that gang insignia would be banned in all government departments, agencies and buildings, not in public. My examples were relevant because there is already bans in place in most of those areas on offensive clothing already. Here’s a link to an article where a poll on the side indicates 60% of respondents want gang insignia banned everywhere.

            Your argument re the swastika is a bit off. It is offensive because of the historical association with mass murder and hideous crimes against humanity. Not because the Nazi’s were fascist, not because of their economic policy.
            I’m sure we can all agree that wandering about with the word c**t on a teeshirt is offensive and inappropriate. With the word being spelled in full, not the asterixis. I don’t care if it says ‘Hitler was a c**t’ – which undoubtedly he was, it’s still offensive and inappropriate.

            Putting gang insignia in a category with these examples is the correct thing to do. This will not lead to NZers being uniformed, or dressed in ways only determined by the ruling government. That is straw man argument. From wikipedia ‘To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet inequivalent proposition’
            You are suggesting a ban on gang insignia in government buildings, agencies and departments will lead to all of NZ being uniformed a-la North Korea. That is a superficially similar yet inequivalent proposition’

  • Ronnie Chow

    The Macquarie Dictionary defines racism as: “the belief that
    human races have distinctive characteristics which determine their
    respective cultures, usually involving the
    idea that one’s own race is
    superior and has the right to rule or dominate others.
    The term is loosely thrown around by Harawira , which has a similar effect on his followers as do the rantings of The National Front on their respective followers , which is to say that he is provoking a violent reaction by Maori against Caucasians . If he wasn’t part-Maori , this would be hate speech .
    Why are we so afraid to call Mommy’s boy Harawira what he really is ;

    A Bigoted Fascist Mixed-race Running Dog .

    • phronesis

      That is the worst definition of racism I have ever seen. Race is by definition hereditary, culture is not determined by race. This definition seeks to confuse racism with culturalism. Discriminating on the basis of race is stupid, discriminating against people on the basis of their chosen culture (in this case gangs) IS SMART.

  • Jimmie

    I hope he does wear a gang patch to Parliament as most gangs don’t take too kindly to non members wearing their colours.

    Chances are he’d end up on the wrong end of a good hiding.

    • Dave

      Nope, they would accept Hone wearing a patch, but not Maclay – the blue eyed blond haired intelligent and very successful business person, he does not fit their profile, but Hone fits right in!!

      • Dave

        He gets them now. Does Fuck all, shouts abuse at whoever disagrees with him, thinks the White Mother Fuckas owe him a living, and still draws a huge salary and amazing perks from the White Fellas establishment. Perhaps Hone would prefer the perks of being a Maori chief from say…… 300 years ago. A few kina and fish, then a knife in the back when a younger fitter male wants to take over.

  • Grizz30

    Hone has a thing about tobacco companies profiting from selling an addictive substance to poor, impoverished Maori. Effectively he calls them corporate gangster slum.
    Forgive me, but aren’t gangs peddling addictive substances to poor and impoverished people, including Maori. And often this is done down the barrel of a gun. Furthermore, the use and peddling of such substances are associated with a large percentage of violence, murders, child abuse cases and neglect. If you are not directly affected by this, chances are you have been a victim of a theft or robbery in order to support an addiction to such a substance. You may have been a victim of a road traffic accident when a substance intoxicated person drove their car into you. Many of these victims are poor and impoverished Maori who Hone claims to support.
    I know that not all gangs are Maori and not all controlling the trade of addictive substances are Maori, but Hone’s attitude has the smell of “Raping and Pillaging his own people” about it.

    • Whafe

      How dare you speak the truth Grizz, not good to be honest… ;)

      Hone, has no ability to coach his people, let alone himself to be responsible for their and his own actions…

      The man is a joke, and “HIS” people rate him, what a joke

    • Dave

      Spot on Griz. Hone is really interested in his OWN lifestyle, and using any opportunity to GRANDSTAND to get re-elected to keep his snout buried deep in the trough. I ask Hone directly. Please tell us what you GIVE back to your community and electorate. How much of your Salary do you donate to your people Hone??. I ask Maori the country over, to really think of this, how much comes back form Hone.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Very Naive.
    Maori and mana Parties are the political wings of the Gangs.
    They would love for tobacco and alcohol to be banned, as it would be a lucrative add on to there other criminal activities.
    As for Honke (John Hadfield) Hokewera. He is just a stupid, inbreed, racist with a potty mouth. At least a white supremast who found out he was Jewish would be smart enough to be embarrassed and STFU.
    Not that Maori are a race in the first place they are actually Polynesian.

  • Grandstream

    Saw this in the horrid about hone – quite accurate.



    Hone wants to wear a gang patch in Parliament? Someone should wait for him outside with a towball inside a sock, so he gets all the perks of gang life.

  • tspoon

    I guess thats why we hear so much blather about ‘dog whistling’ from idiots. People like Hone don’t have to equivocate about their particular brand of hated. They can speak it out loud without fear of censure. While others can’t even give voice to a desire to benefit from their own hard work without being likened to mass-murderers.

  • Gazzaw

    And to think that labour and the greens would even contemplate going into coalition with this racist fucker purely to secure the government benches. Total moral bankrupcy.

    • stanman

      yup ,so right, Hone is a fucking biggoted pure bred racist mongrel. Just seems to be ok if the hori is chuckin the shit at the white fulla aye boy? well it aint -what a waste of space

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Hone will wear a ‘Patch’ into Parliament. He already does. He will wear a patch that says “MANA” and say it is his Party LOGO.
    Sly as a Maori dog

  • Diane

    Hone’s nothing but a racist bigot who finds favor with other racist bigots. I have a young blond blue-eyed niece with a blond blue-eyed mother & a clearly maori father – in Hone’s intellectually flaccid mind what does this make my neice??? A white mofo? A traitor to the Maori race? A non-entity? I’ll tell you what that makes her – a New Zealander!

    • pukakidon

      And luckily most rational thinking NZers would agree. Hone and his racist followers such as Sue Bradford and John Minto are a minority.

    • Dave

      Diane. I thank you for putting your point so well. I agree, the racist debate has gone too far, Hone and his type are pushing this too far, As you say, A New Zealander. I think if every one in NZ adopted that, 99% of the issues and the HARD DONE by sentiment would disappear.

  • Tony

    I have a concern about the desire to remove gang-patches. This is the same stupidity as plain-wrapping for cigarettes. Why can’t anyone wear whatever they like? I do think that this is a freedom of speech and association issue. The central problem is the gangs themselves. If they are designated criminal organisations they can be crushed – with some work.
    Likewise, if the smoking issue is so bad it should be made illegal. We seem to enjoy attacking the the symptom and not the cause.