Heartland Tour Update

As reported the other day The Heartland Tour seems to be going quite well…..for Helen Clark.

Clark had Lincoln University breaking the law sitting in the aisles to house her yesterday.  While there is a large splattering of red and MP’s Lianne Dalziel and Megan Woods tweeting their attendance, her topic was on the state of the environment.  Snooze.

Proof people will attend anything really as long as it is not David Shearer speaking.

Meanwhile, how many people are filling the Shearer meetings?

Rather than writing terribly spun e-newsletters he really should just give up and join Helen Clark’s tour which seems to be going down a treat even when she is speaking about the UN.


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  • Bea

    Some of us who have worked in UNDP projects know just how corrupt this over-funded organisation is, with plenty of locals lining up to clip the ticket. And ‘friends’ getting cushy trips overseas.
    Just right for Helen.

  • Dr Wang

    ..and the media were claiming that sulphur smell around the country was due to the Tongariro eruption.

  • Mickrodge

    Still a bit scary to think there’s plenty of lemmings still willing to fawn over every word the Dark Lord utters from her un-photoshopped mouth.

    What odds on Clarkula having another tilt at the treasury benches again? The distance must be placing a terrible strain on her & Peter’s marriage?

    • le sphincter

      because its a strong marriage it will survive. Just like Key who previously was away in NY a lot as well, and now spends all week in Wellington. Lets hope his marriage will survive, unlike ALL the businesses he previously worked in – an omen ?

      • ConwayCaptain

        A strong marriage??? Which one????
        H1 to H2 or H1 to PD

        • Patrick

          strap on took a hell of a punishment apparently when H1 & H2 were reunited

      • johnopkb

        Mr Key’s marriage has produced children, Puckerman, whilst Drac’s bride’s has remained barren. Which would you call more successful?

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          I heard she couldn’t have cats either, they kept freezing to death in her lap.

    • AnonWgtn

      Below her dignity to openly play any part in Labour’s demise.
      Let’s face it she could not afford to return, on her tax free package, other than to buy an 8th house.

  • Hang him

    Lincoln has let it’s standards drop over the years, in the past the she devil would never have been allowed near the place.