Helen Kelly and Winning

NZ Herald

Today’s Herald (the Entertainment section if you can believe that) asked Helen Kelly the following question:

What would you change about battles of the recent past?

Helen Kelly seems not to have learned anything. She needs to read Lakoff, people don’t understand complexities, no matter how much you go on about it.

With the Port(s of Auckland), Affco and The Hobbit, I’d like to have been more strategic at the beginning. I’d like to have had more of a strategic discussion. But I do think even with The Hobbit, that those disputes weren’t so bad for us. With a little time and distance, people understood the complexities … I think in some cases it inspires people. They realise that you can fight back. You can win.

What she should have learned is the public are not on the unions side, when the public find out that union bludgers are getting paid $91k a year for a 27 hour working week they get pissed off, unions waging ideological battles from the 1970s get beaten, Simon Oosterman’s lies get found out and that if you lie in the modern world it will end up online very quickly.

A small collection of Helen Kelly’s biggest lies will appear here at some time in the future to remind people that Helen Kelly should not be MP for Rongatai because she has huge ethical issues, mainly around telling the truth.

Helen Kelly is part of the horrible union frame that turns people off. Class warfare is a thing of the past, and being on TV protesting just reminds people of the horrible ideological battles from the past.


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  • Petal

    Helen Kelly is an Enemy of the State.

    • Troy

      Yup, self-serving verminous slime – yet the labour party loves her, they love the nastiness she excretes into the public arena – what a bedfellow for Mallard.

  • Get a grip

    WHY?????    This was in the Herald article about what made her cry

    Last week in the post I got a pay cheque for a young man who was killed at work. It was his first pay cheque and his last. He worked one day. The cheque was for $50.05 

    WHY did she get the cheque in the mail?  Union fees????

    • Michael

       “There is no way I’m sending it to his mother”

      even in death, the union will still collect.

      • Acting Up

        Missing the point there, Michael. Here’s a young guy, first night on the job as a security guard, poorly briefed, ill equipped. Few hours later, dead. Another person dies because of shoddy health and safety processes, and a cheap approach by his boss. And the 50 bucks is the sad little pay he earned before he died.

        That’s the real story here.


  • Goldie

    “Helen Kelly…MP for Rongatai”
    Given that the main industry there is Weta studios, methinks that the chances of Helen Kelly ever becoming MP for Rongotai is less than Sir Peter Jackson winning Miss World.

    • Mediaan

      Rongotai has been allowing bouncy ex-dental nurse Annette King to represent it in Parliament for a long time. What makes you think they would suddenly require any particular intellectual functions or higher ethical principles?

  • Sarrs

    Pfft…anyone else read the ‘biggest democratic organisation in New Zealand bit’ ??
    Bit rich calling a union a democracy when there’s no secret ballots on strike decisions. This woman is seriously deluded. I think that’s what you get when you surround yourself with ‘yes men’ and ignore every dissenting voice and write them off as ignorant and greedy. 

    She basically calls John Key the big bad wolf. Poor Hewen Kewwy, needs a cuddle wuddle fwom Gawy Parswoe. 

  • Old Chaz

    22 pr cent of Kiwis are in a union???   1 in 4???

  • le sphincter

    Supreme court today  has given a win to Service Workers Union over redundancy  when workers transfer to new contractor.
    Overturned  Appeal Court and reinstated Employment Court  rulings.

    Plus the other win for Blue Chip customers shows that ‘black letter law’ has had its day..

    All we need now is a private prosecution to  get John Banks in jail where he belongs

    • Mully

      Another epic relevant comment.

      Why don’t *you* take the private prosecution against John Banks? Or are you all mouth and no trousers?

      • Travis Poulson

        He’s all trousers with nothing to fill the front of them. 

    • CJA

      Can I just ask what Blue Chip has to do with this thread?

  • Owl

    I can announce a NZ paper asked the same 12questions to the OWL

    His responses will be on line here first next week

    • Mediaan

      Always excellent to have your comments, Owl.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Helen…helen……..sheesh…….everybody understood the complexities of these issues, that is why they were against YOU. YOU were wrong on each issue and showed a dramatic lack of unserstanding of ONE key element…..That is……given a little time everyone can spot you and you ilk as the fucking bullshiters that you are!!!!

  • Guest

    George Clooney makes her go weak at the knees.

    Fair bet its not reciprocal….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tories – There is no point in bagging the Minister of Labour in the 2014 Labour-Green government. Resign to your fate and look forward to being ruled by Helen-II.

  • davcav

    “But I do think even with The Hobbit, that those disputes weren’t so bad for us..…I think in some cases it inspires people. They realise that you can fight back. You can win.”

    WTF? How the hell was The Hobbit a win for the unions? They got an almighty ass reaming on that one.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

       davcav – Wait for Helen-II to put in a request for front row free passes for the Wellington premiere of The Hobbit…or she could even come in a limo for a red carpet welcome.. he he he….

  • Nexus_Boy

    Is it just me or are people like Helen Kelly becoming more and more disconnected from the man and the woman on the street??

    • Napalm in the Morning

      Just the people on this site. :)

  • Guest2

    I find these 12 questions essays basically self promotion. I bet a dollar Helen kelly rang up and said get me in the article. I cute PR scheme but unfortunately this has back fired. Her answers shows she is a feminist who hates the male gender, anyone with more assets than her and people who ignore her are evil.

    Why didn’t they ask this question?
    What do you think of David Shearer?

    • davcav

       MSM didn’t want the truth???