Helen Kelly, Unions and Drug Testing

Observation by the OWL – Helen Kelly, NZCTU and Drug Testing

The Owl is rarely home on a Friday night and equally does not watch Close Up. However through some extraordinary circumstances I was able to munch of some Fish and Chips and the headline on Drug Testing and Helen Kelly got me interested while watching TV.

Furthermore there was a poll asking “if beneficiaries should be tested for drugs?”  It cost 75 cents so I sent my Yes or No vote via text.

According to Close Up, 19,000 people voted which was apparently one of the highest they said.

Helen Kelly argued that the “real issue is not drug-testing but that the National Government is running the economy into the ground”.

The representative from the Drug Testing Company said approximately 9% return positive tests in the workforce.

Helen Kelly responded by saying the company was a commercial operation and had no real place in this the discussion (this was the OWL’s take).

The Owl’s Observation:

The discussion between the interviewer and the interviewees was irrelevant and quite frankly close to boring however 19,000 sent a clear message to Helen Kelly, NZCTU and the Government.

90% of the 19,000 who decided to spend 75 cents, or go on the facebook page said beneficiaries should be tested. Why is this poll so more important than any other random poll run by newspapers etc, 19,000 New Zealanders had a very firm opinion on this and were willing to spend their hard earnt money to vote.

National Party drug testing Policy – for 17,100

Helen Kelly, NZCTU – against 1,900

This now leads me to the crux of the Observation – Helen Kelly via the NZCTU heads up an ACC partnership agreement in the work place worth millions of dollars to provide Health and Safety training – or something.

If the poll is extrapolated to the general working population – 90% disagree with Helen Kelly and the NZCTU understanding of the importance people put on drug testing in the workplace.

Has ACC got the right partners to deliver ACC Health and Safety programs when there is such a major disconnect? Personally I think the taxpayers of New Zealand have voted.  I did, I spent my 75 cents.


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  • Troy

    What makes Kelly tick? Fighting for the things that are unwinnable – and in the process, dragging down others who know no better. Wish she’d just fuck off to a communist country anywhere in the northern hemisphere, she’d be right at home (perhaps Nth Korea’s gulag?). I also wonder how happy her life is… to know that so many think of her as not such a good person. What drives such people? My opinion is that her thought processes can’t work outside of a square box with which she sets the parameters.

  • Scanner

    Poor old Helen, still fighting the unwinable fight, if the govt said black she would say white, if they changed to white she would go to black.
    Perhaps the govt should talk about reintroducing compolsory union membership and she could argue just how bad it would be for the workers and the country, Helen do us all a favour and Shut The Fuck Up.
    By the way we still haven’t seen any mention of the salary package yet Helen, it wouldn’t look so good if it turned out that you were one of the greedy few would it.
    By the way as a union member and therefore one of your employers I figure I have right to know please let me know how I can get this information, I would hate to think of you as a hypocrite especially after listening to you piss and moan. about senior business people and their remuneration.

  • Phar Lap

    Kelly certainly has revealed a lot about her sick Pysche.I have been wondering where all the crazy ideas the Red/Greens come up with.Seems Kelly could be a card carrying Red/Green advisor to that loony outfit.She mirrors everything the Red/Greens stand for,,.confusion and mayhem.

  • David

    Kelly just wanted to have a crack at National, she is a union boss not a labour politician and needs to make a choice. How many hard working blue collar union members will have finished working their butts off, paid their tax and union dues, and get to see Kelly saying its fine for some lowlife to rot on the dole and spend their life stoned at their expense.
    Kelly should pop along to the shop floor occasionally and see what her members think.

    • pukakidon

      Hellen is not doing this for her members. Once again it is all about what she can gain personally. She is spouting this anti-government bile because she wants a spot at the trough as part of the Liabour party.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Well what else you can expect from the 2014 Labour and ACC minister in Sheep Shearer’s 2014 Government? If this is the quality of ministers Sheep will be having at his cabinet table, even God cannot save this country. Every single dollar from hard working Kiwis will be wasted in benefits and useless schemes devised by toxic Greens and Labourers.

  • Guest2

    What was a Union leader on TV defending beneficiaries – and saying it ok for them to take drugs – recreational drugs at least – Helen Kelly can no way be allowed to head up Health and Safety programs for ACC if she firmly believes drug taking is ok.

    ACC need to really stand up here and demand an explanation!

    • Guest

      I pay ACC levies every year and it is going to support unions who believe recreational drug taking is ok? I would really like to get a full explanation here. I thought unions allowed random drug testing in the work place?
      Did they ask Helen Kelly whether she approved of recreational drug as a side issue?
      I agree withBJ that beneficiaries are effectively employees and therefore subject to the same rules as the commercial world.

      • guest

        Anyone knows who the owl is?

  • Dave

    Congratulations for the Owl’s excellent observation, although I didn’t realise Owl’s ate Fush & Chups. To extend the sentiments, please Auntie Helen, please EXPLAIN yourself on here why your organization is worthy of all the ACC funding when you as LEADER do not subscribe to the basic philosophies of the key message. CEO’s have been forced to resign for less, so please Ms Kelly explain or RESIGN to protect the integrity of your employer. (if indeed they have any integrity) And heck Ms Kelly, if backed into a corner the government might withdraw funding so best fall on your sword NOW.

    To link another debate on WOBH Cam plays fair he is unlikely to ban you or delete your reply.

  • Random

    Dave – Agree ACC you need to stand up right now and hit back at all this privacy breach stuff – the OWL has given it to you on a plate – the head of NZCTU says “drug taking” is ok. 90% of your funders – the NZ Employers have said NO.

    This is amazing!

  • BJ

    So Helen Kelly heads up an ACC partnership agreement – well thats disturbing that on the one hand her union job is about getting better conditions and benefits for union members and then having won those battles she then heads an organisation that benefits to the tune of millions of dollars worth to provide what she’s just fought for – thats conflicting – push for such requirements and then reap the benefit of providing them. It also seems that she’s not too keen on drug testing fullstop.

    Its about time that some beneficiaries that are not fit for work because of their lack of motivation, get it rammed home to them that there is no difference between the agreement a worker has with their employer to work in exchange for financial reward and an unemployment beneficiary’s agreement with the government to ‘work’ on themselves to be work ready in exchange for financial support. Both situations imply there are choices and freedom – to take the job or benefit, with the agreed conditions both parties accept OR choose not to take the job or benefit if they can’t meet, or, the conditions are unacceptable to them.

    So – if a beneficiary cannot dig real deep and commit to their end of the bargain by working on themselves to get drug free – while the rest of us are out working to support them – then they need to know they are breaking a contract and need to understand in words of one syllable that they will have their dole cease.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Right , so who drug tests Helen Kelly ?

  • AnonWgtn

    Just wait until Kelly heads the Parliamentary Labour Party – soon, before the next Election when Annette King jumps to the Wellington Mayoralty (with Greeens shit fight first though, as present Mayor is one of them).
    She has to be in Parliament by February next at best, or February 2014 at the latest.
    She will shoe in under the new rules she devised along with the Labour Party Chair, whose name I cannot remember – must be important though, backed by deputy Robertson, Little et al

    • Gazzaw

      I know bugger all about Wellington politics Anon but is there any possibility that Wade-Brown would not contest the mayoralty and the greens deal with labour to get her into a safe electorate seat – Hutt South? Nett result is Kelly in as an electorate MP, King Wellington mayor, Wade-Brown an electorate seat for the greens and all done with a minimum of fuss aside from the vitriol from Trev. But then Trev is probably past his use by anyway.

      • Guest2

        You guys are off the point…Helen Kelly said beneficiaries should not be drug tested and heads up ACC programs. Have I misinterpreted this post?

      • Phar Lap

        Surely not Wade -Brown into the Red/Greens,maybe it could happen as she is also a wet back from UK.Red/Greens recruit off shore.Normally no self respecting NZ would want to be tainted with their, destroy the NZ economy at any cost.

  • Whafe

    It leaves me somewhat speechless that obviously the vast majority of union pinko’s believe this lier of a human, of which they pay her wages, again of which she will not reveal. Yet constantly Helen Lier Kelly will bash the so called corporates etc…

    Not sure how this human takes our oxygen

  • Grizz30

    NZCTU: Workers intoxicated with drugs are not am OSH problem.
    Helen Kelly needed to be more positive on this subject. She should demand free rehab and councilling for those with a positive test and full pay while they are stood down until they are clean.

    • guest2

      Very good…the worrying fact is that this will need a formal explanation. Helen Kelly has missed the point that every NZ’er pays AC Levies in some form. They are her paymaster. 90 % said You are wrong. There needs to be Royal Commission review. Please all write to your MPs

  • johnbronkhorst

    Off the subject a bit…but I just watched TVNZ One news…re Burger king and the unite union. Some 19 year old claims to have been assalted by a manager after verbally abusing her boss. The union was protesting outside claim all sorts of behaviour by Burger King including encouraging members to quit the union….Then the next story was about a union of migrant workers, to protect themselves from employers paying less than minimum wage……Guess who was sitting in the front row, amongst the unite union signs……YES the very same 19 year old from the previous story…….NOT a fit up by the unite union…….MUCH….yeah right!!!

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Drugs are woven into the fabric of New Zealand society.

    I know of an employer who offers conditions and wages that would only attract boof-heads and bar flies.

    He rigoroursly tests for drugs while complaining that he cant get enough staff.

    Maybe if he didnt fire those who had a toke on the weekend his staffing problems would be less severe.

    • guest

      Wrong. The unions have made this country lower our standards already. The bigger issue is that Helen Kelly receives millions to do the opposite and the NZCTU would be insolvent if it didn’t get this funding. Take the ACC contract out of their business model they would have too increase their fees by some 400%. or lay off staff!