Herald Editorial on Key

NZ Herald

The Herald Editorial is supportive of John Key and his decision to support his son in the US and to personally visit the families of the Kiwi soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. The personal touch is what marks John Key as different from many Prime Ministers we have had in the past and simply showing up for an event for photos doesn’t do anything like the close support of a personal visit from the PM.

We know all to well the propensity for politicians to shroud wave for political gain. I am glad we have a Prime Minister who doesn’t do that.

Busy people in high positions often pay lip service to the principle that their family comes first. John Key has demonstrated that he means it.

His decision to miss the funerals of the two soldiers killed in Afghanistan last Saturday so that he can be in the United States for a sporting event involving his son would have been a difficult one.

A Prime Minister who sends men into danger has an obligation to honour their service and represent the nation’s sympathy to their families when the worst happens. This will be the first time Mr Key has not attended the funeral of a soldier killed on active duty since he took office.

He has spoken to the families of Lance Corporals Pralli Durrer and Rory Malone and it is to be hoped that in grieving for their sons they are able to understand the importance to him of his.

An under-17 baseball world series in the United States might not sound more important but Max Key is a member of the first team from New Zealand to qualify for it and his father knows what it means to him.

Only a Prime Minister’s family know how much his responsibilities intrude on their life, interrupting times together and disrupting plans they have made.

This time Mr Key knows where he should be. He was a father before he was a Prime Minister and he will be a father afterwards. It is important that he is a father now.


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  • Phar Lap

     Not sure what the comments are all about.Seems it started on Close Up .The instigator was the maggot on the animal carcase.Mark Sainsbury.John Key personally visited the families with his position as PM.The Church service will be a memorial.The funeral will be  a   private burial by the fallen soldiers families.Wonder how many other political shoutabouts visited the families.Wonder is the big blouse Sainsbury a dad.

  • redeye

    Sainsbury just reads the Teleprompter. I doubt he has an opinion about anything..

    • Travis Poulson

      He even has trouble with that too. Half the time he sounds like a teacher reading a book to children sitting on the mat.

  • Macca

    You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read this from the Pravda

    I had to laugh at Farraghs comments on how Shearer was staying out of the whole thing!  The truth of the matter is that he didn’t have the balls to categorically state one way or the other what he would have done so just ran away, hid and said nothing.  What a leader – the left must be so proud!

  • Williams Marc20

    I had my lunch ruined yesterday when on Radio Live they had that as..hole Duncan Garner telling us that HE thinks John Key had made a big mistake and HE thought he should have stayed to go to the funeral. What an unbelievable arrogant little prick, and shame on the radio network giving him the air time. And Garner is a Father too, but in a broken relationship I note.

    • Phar Lap

       Yes thats Garners track record ,true to form.What a pleb,thats how the wee girl in Thorndon Wellington felt as well.Wonder why he left her at that time.Seems he gets the opportunites to bad mouth others,yet gives himself a leave pass.Maybe even four times.

  • Mully

    FWIW, I think PM Key made the right decision. He paid his respects to the families in private and Bill English ( and the Gov General, I think) will represent the Crown and Government.

    TBH, he couldn’t have done the “right” thing anyway. If he’d cancelled the trip to see his boy play, the loony lefties would be screaming that he was neglecting his family to get a photo op at the memorial service.

    I think it’s disgusting that people are dragging around these soldiers’ deaths to try to score a cheap point against Key.

    RIP lads. Lest we forget.

    • Euan Rt

      for some reason I can’t ‘like’ your post, so I’ll like it in person. Well said.

  • Green

    Mr Key has made the correct decision, funerals are for families and comrades, not a photo op for politicians. I still spew when-ever I think of Ms Clark and her hi-jacking of Willie Apiata as a fashion accessory.

  • Meg

    As leader of NZ it is Keys duty to put country first. He should have attended the memorial service, After all while he may not have sent our troops when this all began, it is his orders that are keeping them there. 

    If he values the lives of our fighting troops so little he puts a baseball game above them, he should resign and spend all the time he wants with his family. 

    • Blackbob

      The last thing anyone in Defence wants is politicians (or media either) hanging around a military funeral. It’s the time for comrades and family to grieve and say goodbye without any outside interference or anything else being focused on. John Key, look to your family when you get the chance, the one thing this event proves in spades is that you never know when you won’t be able to hold them again. (I am an ex 22 yrs RNZAF serviceman)

      • Meg

        Their families are having private services for them. This was a defense force service, and the media were gong to be there regardless.

        Key had a duty to be there. It shows what little value he places on the lives of our troops.

        • The PM has PERSONALLY paid his respects to the parents of both deceased soldiers. That probably means far more to them than him
          attending a funeral service that turns into a three-ring circus as media
          representatives fall over themselves to take the most unflattering
          photo of John Key.

          But furthermore, both families have lost a son forever. They are
          probably right now full of regrets for things that were left undone,
          left unsaid, and for opportunities that were not taken; that’s only
          natural after a sudden death. But I’m willing to wager that both
          families have told Key to go for it and spend some precious time with
          his son; an opportunity that they have now been deprived of.

          • Meg

            That’s right they have lost a son forever. And Key, the man who sent their sons there couldn’t be bothered to go to the service.

          • DJ

            Shows you just how fucking blinded you are troll. Key didn’t send them there, your fucking lesbian leader did!

          • Ben

            Key could’ve pulled them out you genius.

          • DJ

            I know that but that’s not what Meg said. Read the posts before you engage what is clearly first gear and your top gear!

        • pukakidon

          No putting no value on the lives of our troops was getting rid of our close air support capability, that your Liabour party leader did out of spite and her long lasting vendetta..

          • Meg

            We have zero need for the skyhawks Pukakidon. So do not try and blame Labour for Keys shameful behavior.

        • stanman

          BULLSHIT you crazed twat. The Gov gen or dep PM is totally satisfactory-ESPECIALLY given the PM paid a personal visit .
          You fucktards need to get a grip-enjoy many more years in oblivion Labour- The country does not deserve or require your pathetic childish antics , this shit is lower than i thought even the reds would go

          • Meg

            Now, this has nothing to do with the conversation, but a few months ago I watched something unfold between 2 posters because of something you just said stanman.

            It will be interesting to see if you get the same response. Somehow I doubt it and I know why.

      • stanman

        so so right.
        This garbage about JK choosing to spend time (important time) with his Son is just mindless.
        How many times have any of you stood on a sideline as your child hit the winning pass and looked to see Dad or Mum on the sideline cheering him/her on??? thats what fucking matters to a child /teen. not some trumped up photo op at a MEMORIAL service. .
        The bloke works for US for fucking free-give me strength no wonder people of his calibre generally choose not to enter politics-we get washed up lifetime troughers and lawyers.
        Fuck this- Key deserves better than the likes of Garners fucking crap.
        Oh and where is Shearer on the matter-what would he have done? spineless cunt

    • Whafe

      Meg. took a type like you 3 hours to come out of the woodwork…. Visiting the soldiers families will have been worth far more than attending the funerals…

      Being the PM doesn’t mean that you give up on your family, all the pinko’s think that it does mean that, mind you most pinko’s don’t have children, so wouldn’t be able to identify with the comment re family…

      Give me strength…

      • meg

        Whafe, attending the funeral of 2 soldiers killed under your watch as PM is hardly giving up on your family. His orders are keeping our troops there. He has a duty to attend. If he cannot carry out his duty he should resign.

        Also to say most “pinko’s” (an idiotic label to start with) don’t have children demonstrates what a fuck head you are.

        • Travis Poulson

          And you think the family give a flying fuck whether its the Prime minister or deputy? Yea sure, that’s their biggest concern right at this moment. The only “fuckhead”s are people like you turning this sad time into a political football. And you called me the sicko on the other thread…..

          His duty is to make sure a representative of the Gov. attends. Oh…well what do you know, he’s arranged for the deputy PM to go…

          Honestly, I sometimes wonder how people like you manage to tie shoelaces.

          • Meg

            I think Key doesn’t give a flying toss about our troops and would sooner palm of his responsibility to some lackey,

          • Travis Poulson

            Common sense has clearly vacated your premises. No wonder your party is fucked, no cohesion amongst the party, and turning pretty much anything into a political football, morals be damned. Typical Nasty party tactics, and the reason why they will lose the next election too.

          • Meg

            That is rich, you talking about morals. You who are without them, go preach to someone else Travis. Oh and be ready to lose next election.

    • Bunswalla

      Meg, why don’t you just post your party line on this?

      “Bad form, Johnny. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/7450343/Key-defends-hard-call-to-miss-service

      It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to turn up to a funeral with blood on your hands, but it is your fucking job you lazy self-obsessed cowardly piece of shit.

      Oh and what a dick move hiding in shame behind your child, who is now part of the story. Real leader this guy.”

      Hat tip – Pete George, who evidently has a much stronger stomach than I, and can abide spending time in Troll City over at The Stranded.

      • stanman

        isnt Sheare such a gutless pratt- “thats a decision for the PM” . what a spineless nothing shearer is

  • fozzie

    His son will have other baseball games – but these boys do not have that good fortune – thought that the comment he made when he spoke if their deaths – that it wasn’t so bad because these soldiers did not have children …. now we know why ….
    Key took on being Prime Minister in fair wind and –
    sorry, but if he wants to be a weekend Dad – then maybe the job he has
    is not for him – but then I seem to remember Key has a history of
    bolting from funerals when it suits him …..

    • pukakidon

      Bullshit it is the position of Prime-minister that attends the funeral. The Acting Prime-minister will do this on behalf of our country. This is called leadership and trust in your team members, ie English to do his job. Something you Liarbour fools would not know, because you are all about yourself and team is unknown to you. Unlike your pathetic opportunistic media sycophantic crawlers like the Goof trying to rake oil in his suit. The acting Prime-minister is doing it for the right reasons,

      John Key will have met the parents and paid his condolences in person as a man in private. He will also on his return pay his respects.

      • Travis Poulson

        He’d already met with the families to talk to them about it. They understand, and fozzie looks like an idiot.

      • fozzie

        Two young men die in service of their nation and Mr Key thinks a baseball game is more important – sorry does not wash – if it were a poli of another colour you guys would be all over them – we all have to disappoint our kids from time to time – Key already made it clear that these guys dying was not so bad because they did not have kids …. mmmmmm

        • Travis Poulson

          Don’t be stupid all your life fozzie.

          Inventory2 says:

          “he PM has PERSONALLY paid his respects to the parents of both deceased soldiers. That probably means far more to them than him
          attending a funeral service that turns into a three-ring circus as media
          representatives fall over themselves to take the most unflattering
          photo of John Key.But furthermore, both families have lost a son forever. They are
          probably right now full of regrets for things that were left undone,
          left unsaid, and for opportunities that were not taken; that’s only
          natural after a sudden death. But I’m willing to wager that both
          families have told Key to go for it and spend some precious time with
          his son; an opportunity that they have now been deprived of.”
          Hope the truth doesn’t pose too many inconveniences to your argument fozzie.

  • Ex pussers

    JK lost a vote here (note none of the other loonies have gained one but he’s lost mine). During my time in the military missed my grandfathers funeral (on exercise in Aus), sons first (course in UK), second (deployed in East Timor) and third (on exercise in SE Asia) birthdays. Got called into CO’s office “sorry,your grandfather passed away yesterday,no we can’t release you to return to NZ,now back to work”. Never dripped or moaned,that was “life in a blue suit” we were rightly told. I loved the military and my role in it but eventually decided to leave precisely to be around for birthdays etc. there was never any doubt what came first and again rightly so. I would not doubt JK knew also what a leaders priorities must be when he decided to take on the job. Again personally the most important point here hasn’t anything to do with speaking to the families etc,it should be more about him showing the respect these guys deserve to them and their memory not the families.thats why I feel he should attend the memorial. At the end of the day rightly or wrongly thay were on the ground doing the bidding of this country’s government. If you have shoulders broad enough to put folk in harms way then that entails a certain responsibility that comes with it. Being the pm’s son can’t be easy at times but I’m guessing it’s also got its pro’s with some the ppl he has met which wouldn’t have been possible had dad not been pm. Just kinda feel perhaps he could have made it to the US tonite and not missed to much. Anyhow just one guys opinion….

    • Random66

      Your comment certainly made me stop and think.

    • Soooo…who are you going to vote for then? Labour…who canceled the air wing…lied about troops in Iraq…and generally ran down the military?

      • Ex pussers

        Yes well therein lies the quandary…..appreciating the fact I am 4th generation military and from stock staunchly National voters I would have to say the last labour govt (and it pains me to say this) actually did more for our DF than the current lot.morale/retention/coal face reality bears this out (and yes I understand I’m talking pre GFC and the lie most of the western world was living). As for the air wing…..probably the most sensible thing Labour did. If we had f16s 10 years on they would probably still be great for air shows but would still have not been deployed. Our “enemies” (perhaps adversaries is a better word) don’t enga ge in air combat. However not replacing them with another platform able to provide close support was the mistake.Sure F16s can provide air support but personally having spent time in the odd sandpit around the traps looking up and seeing top cover provided by Apaches/A10 or c-130gunship is a pretty warm feeling.who knows,as far as the bad guys are concerned there’s probably a big deterrent factor too if they can see them,as opposed to fast movers.so yea,f16s may have been deployed in support of the PRT but given fuel burn/time on Tgt we simply couldn’t provide decent coverage,certainly not quick enough to respond to the local Afghan Police unit being hit. Perhaps a bit more practical with Apache type etc, and given the ranges these contacts are occurring at again I’d rather be a slow mover than a fast jet with 2 shots of 500 pounders.so in all honestly those F16s were a bargain but in our threat environment like Barry Crump buying a Porsche.

    • Mediaan

      Were Helen Clark and Cullen there? They led the Zgovernment that made the decision. National inherited that decision, thought of course there have been variations since.

      • Ex pussers

        Mate not wanting to turn this into a labour/national blame session or get into the rights/wrongs/wherewithalls of NZ’s participation in the GW on T (in fact I am probably entirely the wrong person I participated, but as a contractor and unashamedly purely for fucking profit!) but to be fair Bamiyan and Afghan as a whole is an entirely different theatre now than it was in 2006. More simply no govt “inherits” policy especially of the foreign type. The current govt inherited some state assets but are rightly able to offload these completely at odds with the last govts policy.so to be fair half way into a second term if JK was opposed to having our boys on the ground in Afghan, they would be out. But believe me, when you see the pic of JK shaking hands with Obama with a grin like a “win a wish” kid he knows exactly what has opened those doors. Lange tried the other approach look where it got him. No time at all for Auntie Helen or the rest of her cabal, but on this issue I wouldn’t want to cheapen these guys and politicize it,I hope I can just look at it and make my call by what’s in front of me.

  • robert

    Definitely agree that Governor Jerry is the appropriate person to represent the governmentat the servicemen’s funeral, hopefully personal contact and condolences from the PM(as reported), but he should not be the main event for the funerals.This time ca 70 years ago there were thousands of funerals for slain servicemen,(in North Africa) and Peter Fraser PM did not show up in person, neither should he have, and Bernard Freyberg stood in that role.Fucking crap to make this a political issue,shame on fozzie et al. A response is required from the Government, it is not dependent on one personality such as the PM, and from what I see, the GG and the Deputy PM responded.Better than a fucking telegram.