Hide and Jackson on Rodney’s Diet

Last month Rodney Hide spoke to Willie Jackson on Radio Live about his diet.  It is a fascinating insight into old style dieting and Willie’s view that he wants to dry wretch just thinking about consuming the bone broth his ancestors would have. Rodney bags pretty much everything Willie is eating.

I know I know it is not new, but still interesting as it is new to me after my post on Rodney’s view on pigs.



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  • Petal

    Hide’s right. I fell off the wagon a year ago and put it all back on. The hardest thing is not to go back to all the cheap carbs again. At all. In any form.

    But to be honest, once you’re through carb withdrawal and your body gets its shit sorted, you don’t feel hungry all day and you seem to eat very little compared to back then.

    Calling it bone broth doesn’t help sell it Rodney, call it bouillon… ;)

    Anyway, the other component is to drink water, and nothing but water. 2-4 litres a day. It flushes the waste and toxins out. (You also get to know all the places you can go for a pee around town – lol)

    Some fibre supplement is also highly advisable while your body gets used to the new regime. Boy can things block up otherwise.

    But that way of eating is hard to stick to and make it a habit :( I loooooove to eat.

    Kicked all the big brand take-aways this year, with the exception of SubWay. I have recovered a bit of self respect ;)

    The only problem I’ve found is to provide the body with enough fuel when you have a big day or a big weekend out on your feet for 6-10 hours a day. At that point the body really appreciates some complex carbos to turn into brain food.

    I would be interested to know how Rodney put the energy back in after his long distance swims. No matter how long I was off the carbs, I would be DYING for fizzy drink for a day or two. Body was just begging me to poor it in.