Hide on Stupid Repeaters

Rodney Hide carries on with his column explaining the stupidity of journalists when it comes to policy:

[R]eporters are a different kettle of fish.

They spend their lives reporting politics. It’s their job. You would think they would have a basic grasp of the difference between good policy and bad policy and some understanding of how policies impact society.  They talk and write as if they do. Turns out they don’t.

They don’t have a clue.

I vividly remember the first hour or two of my first end-of-year Parliamentary Press Gallery party.

A senior and respected political reporter bowled up to me. She was puzzled, she slurred. Why was the ACT Party so against Maori?

I was nonplussed.  I had just walked in. I naively explained that nothing could be further from the truth.

I realise now that my reply would have just proved for her that I was both a liar and a fake.

“Of course, you are,” she blurted.  “You guys don’t want Maori Doctors!”

I was more confused than ever — I still hadn’t got a drink.  I declared confidently that no one from ACT had ever said such a thing.

Oh but she said, you are against quotas for Maori getting into medical school.

I realised then that I had led a sheltered life before Parliament. I had never before come face-to-face with such mind-numbing stupidity.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to begin to discuss affirmative action with someone adult and so manifestly stupid.

I explained why quotas don’t work, why they don’t address the problem of underachievement, why they are counter-productive and why, actually, anyone supporting quotas was racist.

The ACT party, I said, was gloriously the only party in Parliament that wasn’t racist and fervently believed that the law should be applied fairly and equally to all.

It was only the ACT Party that demonstrably believed that Maori were every bit as capable as everyone else. She clearly did not.

But her eyes had glazed completely over and her mind had left the party as soon as I started to reason and to explain.  It was too tough for her.


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  • logical

    It is not suprising to hear this.The stupid media had the same attitude when Don Brash made his speech advocating equality and the same law for all.
    The media simpletons somehow inverted this and demonised him calling him a racist etc.
    That was the total opposite to what he was actually talking about !

  • phronesis

    I think the problem is that Rodney is uneducated. Had he had the benefit of a western liberal education he would understand the error of his ways. Long and convoluted arguments from his professors would have convinced him of the necessity of race based policy. That the poor and brown are genuinely inferior to the “intellectual” middle classes and need to be treated differently. Those who fail to acknowledge their own genetic and class superiority will be pilloried as racist.

    • Anonymouse Coward


    • le sphincter

      Au contraire . Rodney spent most of his 20s as a ‘student’ getting a couple of degrees from Lincoln. He then wrapped his tail around the lowest rung of Academia by becoming a tutor, then decided on a sideways shift by getting new masters degree from a 3rd rate US university in Montana – formerly a teachers college.
      Thus Hide would have remained until plucked from obscurity by Gibbs to polish his economic ravings and then weasled his way onto the Act list , another of Gibbs creations

      • Timboh

        So let me get this straight. His opinions are less valid than the opinion (singular intended) of the legion of left bats or bats left, if you choose,hanging off the rungs of academia (case deliberate) , ‘publiic service’ and of course the unions. Oops, lest we forget the left vampires hanging off the higher rungs of these slimy ladders all waiting to suck the life out of anything that bleeds. In most cases it is us the peasant taxpayer . Of course the union vampires can descend on a captive herd. The peasant taxpayer is more difficult prey. Also I assume you are opposed to self improvement unless it has an Ivy League pedigree. I would guess there may be a Waikato or Massey skeleton in your study closet.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        What a sneering, snivelling, pompous pile of gob-shite. What is it with you fuck-witted lefties, always the man, never the message. Hide is 100 times anything the left has to offer and his opinions are always principled.

      • Andrew Carrot

        Was it not two years ago that the present Leader of the Labour Party said Rodney was the most open-minded and capable lecturer of environmental economics he’d encountered during his time at university?

      • Tony

        arse-muscle – you spent quite a bit of time denigrating him. What are your credentials please?

  • Tony

    How is Jessica Mutch these days?