Hooton and Williams on Labour’s Leadership

Matthew Hooton has agreed with myself and decided that the leaks to Duncan Garner about how unpopular David Cunliffe is in caucus are really for the benefit of Grant Robertson. He enjoys a chat with Mike Williams on Nine to Noon, the highlights are:

  • Matthew Hooton names Trevor Mallard as the Labour Senior insider leaking to Duncan Garner. “Iron” Mike Williams does not challenge this, even chuckles along and does the big “if I was” speech.  To Williams’ credit he did have more control over a rampant shit-stirring Mallard than the dippy mumsy child psychologist Moira Coatsworth ever has.
  • Hooton on Cunliffe  – describes how his five weeks overseas was “one last family holiday” before he makes the move to challenge for Leader of Labour before November.
  • Hooton describes Mallard’s work as a “beautifully strategic leak” if wanting to promote someone other than David Shearer or David Cunliffe then talks up Grant Robertson.

The Labour Party really does have more factions than a third world country fighting for its rice.


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  • Matthew Hooton

    I can’t imagine where on earth you got the idea I was referring to Trevor Mallard. From memory, I don’t think I mentioned any names at all.

    • Troy

      Maybe it was the “quacking” word amongst one of the sentences!
      In any case, I just can’t see Cunliffe as being prime ministerial material and i’m not sure the Labour supporters really relate to him. He’s got a silver spoon background, comes across really smarmy and, well, I just don’t see it.

      • Gazzaw

        Love him or hate him Troy who else is in the labour lineup that shows any leadership qualities? There’s no doubt that Cunners is a prick of the first order but he’s a streetfighter and the only member of the caucus with the balls to clean out the dross that currently makes up the labour parliamentary wing. They hate him because they fear him. Interesting times ahead.

        • Troy

          I agree, the pickings are interesting. I wouldn’t envy whoever takes over from Shearer as leader – too many factions and having to cowtail to the unions and the likes of Helen Kelly wouldn’t make the job the most attractive either.

        • Pete George

          “and the only member of the caucus with the balls to clean out the dross that currently makes up the labour parliamentary wing.”

          I think that’s far more important – having a nice leader who’s popular with his cabinet is the wrong focus. Having someone with the gumption to step on a few toes and short their shit out is becoming more urgent.

          It’s getting towards a year since the last election and still no sign of a significant change, regeneration and rebuild.

    • le sphincter

      WO has a Mallard idee fixe, if the sky is cloudy its because of Mallard.

      • Joe Bloggs

        Oh it’s the anus horribilis bright and early with more pearls of wisdom!

        Come on l’hamorrhoid where there’s smoke there’s fire – and this leak has Mallard’s tail feathers all over it.

        Of course he’s behind the ABC campaign and he’s been white-anting Cunners since before Goof stepped down. You need look no further than Lprent’s Blog for the real oil from the Labour insiders – Mallard’s a standing joke for those sewer-rats.

    • Petal

      Hello Matthew. I was going to ask to see if others knew, but since you’re here.
      You seem to be the Perez Hilton of NZ politics How can you have a job going around talking the talking points, and pay all your bills? A general answer is fine. I just like to know who is paying for you to do what you do.

  • Wallsingham

    Hooten is a conspiracist- he’ll find the ducks, annie’s and cindis whether they exist or… or not. Williams wants a party with long term vision and the real possibility of realizing that in 2014. Shearer may not have the creds some MPs want, Robertson doesn’t haveth creds the party at large want and Cunliffe my be working for the WB?