How will Labour fund the Universal Child Benefit?

Remember the highlight of the last campaign when Key asked Goff to show him the money?

That’s the question Labour need to answer. How are they going to fund the Universal Child Benefit? What are they going to cut? I’ve heard they want to cut Whanau Ora. That save about $300m. They could cut the entire Arts and Heritage budget, which is about the same.

Labour need to tell us what they will cut to fund the universal child benefit.


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  • Neil

    I always hated that phrase – It seemed to me Key was displaying what motivates him rather than asking Goff where the money was coming from….

    • CJA

      The thing was (from my recollection) Goff couldn’t answer the question at the time.

      • blokeintakapuna

        he did answer -just not with any clear answer, conviction and credibility. All he could splutter was rather sheepishly “We will borrow more”
        Goof was so far out of his depth and so out-classed he couldn’t answer how much they would borrow, when it will be paid back, except at some unknown time in the 2014-2015 timeframe.
        Financial credibility indeed!

    • Macca

      Once again Neil you are a great one for getting a cheap dig in to JK but with no answer of any substance! So here your chance Neil, where is the money going to come from – and don’t say CGT because that was never costed and was yet another socialist farytale!

      • Neil

        You need to go and watch the movie – totally arse about face on what I was getting at – yet again I seem to have been to obtuse….

  • Jonty

    Raise taxes is the obvious answer. Funding on arts will increase, not fall.

  • tarkwin

    The answer is deseptively simple folks, just pop down to the money tree that grows at the bottom of every socialist garden.

    • Gazzaw

      Probably a few fairies down there as well tarkwin.

      • Travis Poulson

        Bigoted hate speech Gazzaw. Shame on you!

  • geoffk

    Increase taxation silly!

  • rouppe

    They won’t cut. They will tax.

    Labour squealed when it was revealed that half of the 250 people worth over $50million managed to avoid paying tax. Their solution will be to use that statistic to whip unions into a frenzy to raise the 33% rate on salary earners over $70,000

    The solution ought to be working out how to make sure the CEO’s earning millions a year pay the full whack, then get the student loan book down, then stop paying money for stupid things like ‘reconnecting whanau’.

    • 2ndAmendment

      The “solution” is being clear that job-creating CEOs deserve to pay no tax; that the student “loan book” should be privatised and removed from bankruptcy protection; and stop paying for stupid things like health, welfare, and
      state education!

      • Michael

        Actually there is a great TEDtalk on this. CEO’s don’t create work. Middle class does. We middle class peeps create jobs by spending, investing and consumption. Ask Mark )the butcher) Hurd, former CEO of HP how he created jobs, while retaining a $50 million a year income.. layoffs.

        I am a big fan of capitalism and the above is part of that, but don’t drink the “CEO creates jobs” kool aid.

        • 2ndAmendment

          Actually there is a communist TEDtalk on this.

  • johnbronkhorst

    more bullshit economics from labour.

  • Realist

    Again – this is why National should be looking to make contraception a condition of welfare now rather than later. In 20 years the demographics will have tilted suficiently that the Labour will be voted in regardless of how ridiculous their policies and they will simply increase taxes on the dwindling number of productive workers.

  • Realist

    Make contraception a condition of welfare >>> immediate savings. I would then vote for them.

    • p1llock

      Nail + Head = well said sir :)

  • Mabel_Gruntfuttock

    Funding – Easy! Just cancel the Holiday Highway (again!)

  • baw

    Hmm, add up all of Labour’s promises. Throw in the Greens and Winston to help. Add a love of taxes. Throw in a love of spending and a need to bribe voters.

    Will get interesting.

    Still when the IMF arrives they will be able to take the Train from Wellington Airport to the Behive. Should cut our carbon emissions a bit.

  • Phar Lap

    They could ask the butt headed clown Clayton Cosgrove, who, spends taxpayers money on feeding his huge gut.He seems to think that an investment in Mighty River Power paying almost 8% is pathetic.Lie-bour will cancel all interest free student loans and make the students pay for their education,or borrow from overseas at usurious lending rates. SEEMS HE IS A FINANCIAL RETARD,TO SAY 8%,IS PATHETIC.Trust Lie-bour to repeat their past financial disasters.

  • worksux

    Easiest way to find the money would be a transfer tax, that way no one with good accountants can hide, Also if a child benefit is to be payed then obviously the working for families benefit would have to go?, surely you can’t have both

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Rich pricks Tories – rich prick tax. That simple.

  • Lilycat

    It makes perfect sense to tax those earning over a certain amount more to fund the scheme. No one loses out and the scheme is fully funded, and the poor would have an incentive to work. Only the real dopes choose to ignore this.