I think this is right

I reckon this is right…I’ll probably get a kick in the goolies, but I think it is right.

I think there is a reason that men have become hard-wired to ignore sensible advice from their wives, and it is to do with the feminist revolution of the 1970s. The sisterhood inspired a generation of women to be more capable and practical than men, always fixing things, organising things, and generally taking charge — and when men realised this they couldn’t believe their luck. It meant we could go back to being looked after, as we were by our mothers when we were children.

Sadly, I think women are now cottoning on to this. I watched a documentary the other night, which explained the phenomenal appeal of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. It isn’t about the sex and the bondage, not really. It’s to do with modern women secretly longing for men to be in charge again, as they were in the 1950s, dominants to their submissives. Damn.


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  • Mike Smith

    what makes you believe it’s right?

    • pukakidon

      What? Did you not read the opinion or do you just ask stupid questions? Troll

      • Mike Smith

        Question wasn’t aimed at you.

        • pukakidon

          I know it was not aimed at me, it was the first comment on here and you said “why you believe its right?” Just after the explanation was provided. You constantly go around making stupid one line nonsense statements.

          I have also seen the nonsense you have spread on expat sites putting down both Kiwis and the NZ prime-minister. It makes me wonder why Brittish people like you would come out here and just slag the place off. Why not just go back home?

  • Spanishbride

    Not in charge no. Just acting like Men not sons. I don’t want to Mother my husband. I want an equal partner who looks after me as well as I look after him. Someone who is masculine and who I can count on through thick and thin. I don’t want him to do all the things I see as my responsibility, I just want him to do all the things I see as his responsibility. It gets old real fast when as the woman you are doing the providing, the nurturing,the housework, the money management and the decision making. Many women are doing exactly that and the husbands then are left wondering why the women wake up one day deciding that they do not need them anymore. It is bloody nice to be looked after. That is why many women joke about needing a wife.

    • nasska

      There’s another side to the coin too….often nowadays the wife is better educated & earns more than her husband. If this is the case they will often assume control of the household & spend what little free time they have bitching about having to do it.

      Default setting for many men who find themselves in this position is either the pub or an affair. It could be that women need to stand back & be sure that they are not creating the situation they want to avoid.

    • Lion_ess

      Couldn’t agree more

  • Patrick

    For years the sisterhood has told women that they do not need men, they are only sperm donors. But we are now seeing the error of that, kids from broken homes feature in all the worng statistics, – & this is not a shot at single mothers by any means. What is becoming very apparent though is the fact that a stable home life with two parents sets children up for life with a better chance of success.
    As with anything there has to be trade offs, all good being a single parent but someone somewhere along the way will be missing out, whether that be the child or one of the parents.