In Defence of Trevor Mallard

You know there are some things in life you never think you will do.  Climb Everest is one, swim the Cook Strait is another.  But I really never thought I would:

– Defend Trevor Mallard.

Yesterday Trevor SMOGGED out badly in probably his worst gaffe to date since entering into the asymmetrical war cycle race with myself.  As a Labour Member of Parliament, the week after the Rufus Paynter affair while it is all a wee bit tense in the caucus and among the louder membership he posted this on this Facebook and tweeted to his loyal and faithful supporters:

Now to most of us on the right it is common sense.  We all agree and would share it on our Facebook wall in a second if our local MP posted it.  It is the most honest thing Trevor has ever put his name to.  He doesn’t like beneficiary bludgers any more than his colleagues from 1984, Sir Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble.

Trevor Mallard yesterday was a) a realist, b) a pragmatist and c) a brave endangered soul speaking truth to power.  Mallard is a “roofist”.  He believes Rufus Paynter is real and is actually a sickness beneficiary up on that roof rorting the system when he should be working.

But for a Labour MP the above constitutes beneficiary bashing to the general (declining) Labour membership.  It is demanded that you keep quiet if you are a roofist.  Rufus Paynter is not real and even if he was he is a legitimate beneficiary who needs more support.

Dare to question there are people refusing to work who are able to are the Labour “roofists”.  This is why it is such a bad SMOG.  Roofism splits in two his own membership and people in his electorate.  One that doesn’t exactly represent the “right end” of the country in employment and income statistics.  They let him have it and he deleted the post and tweet.  This then spewed out on to Newstalk ZB and over the news bulletins.  At this point even I was feeling sorry for Trevor.  Especially after David Cunliffe’s very obvious warning shots yesterday.

And this from Mickey Savage

This from some random Labour member

Thing is, these were the polite responses. Over at The Strandard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog all the Camp Cunliffe team were continuing their now ritual at least weekly flogging of Trevor.

I am getting pretty pissed off.

Ritual blog floggings of Trevor Mallard are MY job.

I cannot keep up with their level of hate over there.  It is all consuming.  I cannot hate Trevor Mallard as much as The Strandard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog.  They hate the man more than anyone in the National Party except Paula Bennett and Crusher.  I think even a random poll of Camp Cunliffe members would find John Key more popular than Trevor Mallard.  They blame him for everything that is wrong in the Labour Party.  The polling, the strategy and what Duncan Garner writes.  What do they thing he is? The Leader?


Even I do not believe Trevor is drunk when he posts or a fatty calcified deposit on the arteries of the left.


So shame on Trevor Mallard, it is our job in the centre and far right to question why beneficiaries keep being paid for not working and questioning their “entitlements”.  The left cannot comment unless it is sympathy and the promise of a larger payday.  Even if your Leader agrees and is a Chief Roofist.

And shame on The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog and Camp Cunliffe.

It is MY job to bash Trevor Mallard.  Know your role.



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  • Pete George

    Try defending this from Trevor:
    “Settle down people. Of course high income people use trusts and a pile
    of rorts to avoid paying their tax. It really pisses me off that people
    on not much more than the minimum wage sometimes pay more tax than

    He ignored a request to substantiate this.

    • blokeintakapuna

      haha – not surprised he couldn’t substantiate it!
      Labour/Mallard are all about populist rhetoric – in small sound bites their sycophant’s are able to digest and understand without trying to exercise some common sense and thought.
      Hasn’t he retired yet? Seriously – one could be easily forgiven for thinking he did retire with his colleagues Douglas & Prebble – because he hasn’t achieved anything for NZ Inc since then – about from helping National secure another term of government.
      Keep up the tenure Mallard – NZ needs National for another 3 or 4 more terms at least.

    • Callum

      That is pretty easily substantiated, I see it all the time. Income tax is based on INCOME not assets. Trust happen to pay tax too, so even an effective millionaire putting income through trusts is still indirectly taxed on that income.

      • DavidW

        Even more so now,Callum,the flat rate of tax paid by trusts is higher tan the progressive and top personal tax rate. Fairer taxes – brought to you by a National Government.

    • Neil

      It comes out from IRD and Treasury reports. Our useless MSM choose to give it any coverage, they’re busy – doing what I’ve no idea – probably having a collective hand shake in the toilets.

      • DJ

        Again the challenge is to provide proof and/or links. Every such challenge comes back with another rehearsed one liner that you think will suffice.

        • Callum

          the IRD (unlike ACC) tends not to release the details of individual taxpayers so you will just have to accept the assertions that is does happen but isn’t really typical for millionares to pay no or little tax.

    • info

      he’d hardly want to explain his trusts and tax rorts to his followers now would he?

  • Brian Smaller

    That post reminded me why I visit your blog Whale. It was funny.

    But to the left there is no such thing as a bludging bennie. Even though everyone knows them, has seen them, rented a house to them or has them living across the street painting their roof:) They are all poor souls at the mercy of evil right wingers who swim in their pools of money like Scrooge McDuck.

  • Apolonia

    Vote Labour, get a benefit.

  • Simon

    Not often you see the dregs of the middle class i.e Labor go into bat for the working poor.

    Good move on part of Labor. While labor MPs expose the inner hatred which drives so much of the left for the fun to continue National need to keep the pressure on.

  • Gazzaw

    Three common sayings come to mind.

    “The biter bit”

    “He who lives by the sword”

    “Chickens coming home to roost”.

    I just call it good old-fashioned karma.

    • Do ducks come home to roost?

    • Agent BallSack

      …..’Evil ravaged, evil destroyed, and evil might shine with a fearsome light, but in the end, evil consumed itself’

  • Joe Bloggs

    Dull, listless, lacking in energy… I’m SO OVER Trevor Mallard and the rest of the nasties on the Left that I can’t even crack a smile at this latest gaffe…

    If it’s not the ticket-scalper making up shit about people who work bloody hard to earn a living, it’s his hypocritical mates who label the workers as “rich pricks” – while lining their own pockets or watching porn in hotel rooms at the expense of the taxpayer

    If it’s not Trevor dissing John Banks for his faith, it’s the sewer-rats at Lyn Prentice’s blog making nasties at Paula Bennett’s body shape…

    If it’s not Labour unlawfully spending $768,000 on buying an election, it’s Len Brown ripping off Auckland ratepayers with double digit rate increases…

    Nasty, spiteful, lying bunch of amoral arseholes the lot of them… I’m sooo over the whole sodding lot of them.

    [rant over – have a great day]

    • Gazzaw

      Well said Joe & the depressing thought is that if Mallard or Brown stepped down today there would be an equally amoral fucker ready to step into the breach.

      • Whafe

        It’s that case is it better the devil you know… In this case I am willing to get a new devil…..
        Agree wholeheartedly with Joe’s post… Am sick to death of this Liabour Party, they almost drive you to drink, been clean for almost 19 years too….

      • Troy

        Andrew Little is understudying Mallard – and everyone knows it, so be prepared for more of Mallardinian antics in the future.

    • axeman

      And Silent T’s handbag holder, gweg pwesland, has to comment. And for the sensitive pinko lover pgeorge, he is STILL a snivelling cunt
      Jun 19, 2011 … Greg Presland is a snivelling cunt One of Labour’s Hollow Men is Greg Presland aka mickeysavage. He is a snivelling despicable pinko.
      clipped from Google – 8/2012

  • Pete George

    One drake-up after another.

  • Jimmie

    LoL this is one of your classics WO. Cracked me up. Mallard must bewondering what possesed him to post that on FB.

    I actually think that there is the iceberg tip of the war between ABC and Cunliffe.

    We had Shearer bashing the Roofus Paynter, then Cunliffe returned with his ducks in a row and now Quack quack has hit back with this FB post.

    Left vs Right in Labour fighting it out – partially in public.

    I’d love to be fly on the wall in the Labour caucus room – Shearer probably sits their with his fingers in his ears staring at the wall and wondering if he could ask the RA for a payrise to make the job worthwhile.

    • johnbronkhorst

      or..regrets ever leaving the UN….at least there he knew who was shooting at him!

  • Agent BallSack

    HAHAHA at “the rights manufactured reality” These people really are deluded.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The only person that could disagree with that statement is a “person who is able to work but refuses to.”
    It is irrelevant who said it.