Is Shane Jones about to resign?

I-Predict has gone nuts this morning

Rumours are swirling that he is soon to resign.  The question will be if anyone can ind him.  It seems he has been swanning around the United States looking for a new job.  It also seems that he has unceremoniously told his dear Leader that he has no interest in being a back bench whipping boy.

Someone should also ask if Shearer and Jones have received a bit of a steer of the direction of the Auditor General’s investigation into Jones?


Now who is next on the list: Is it Carol Beaumont?  Or some other poor NIL (Next in Line)?



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  • Brian Smaller

    Well you cannot say that Shane Jones is not experienced at getting a grip on his problems.

  • Apolonia

    The new chief film censor is……….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    In my humble view, this will not make any impact on Sheep Shearers historic victory and grand coalition with the toxic Greens in 2014. So let us move on……..

    • Pete George

      No, by the look of the Labour list his replacement is not likely to be a major injection of new blood. Labour need another half dozen to move on, from the front bench preferably.

      • Labour doesn’t need an injection of new blood. Labour needs its entire bone marrow to be extracted and transplanted, to allow completely fresh blood to be produced.

        • Labour needs to be euthanised.

          • That is unacceptable Bob.

          • Lion_ess

            Think it has been, but like a headless cook, there’s still a few nerves that haven’t realized it yet

  • blazer

    one of the most over rated,under performers in politics.

  • Jax

    If he does resign, how could that not be insider trading.

    • Butts_McButts

      iPredict encourages insider trading. It’s a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ thing and they reckon if anything it makes it a more effective tool if people are using insider info to make their picks.

  • Magoo

    Jacking off into the sunset.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    A helpful going away present.

  • Gazzaw

    As a Maungakiekie resident I am about to start the ABB movement. Anyone But Beaumont. Fuck, all I need is Beaumont driving around pretending to be the electorate MP again. There could be a bit of a shitfight about the local party car though because Richard Northey is driving it at the moment and it’s suitably emblazoned with his name and the LP logo.

  • cows4me

    I heard he is seeking work with Peter Jackson ,apparently he knows a lot about movies.

  • Antony Cotton

    Another Cunliffe joining the Labour Caucus in Beaumont boy Shearer must be worried.

  • johnbronkhorst

    could save money …not just a saving on extracorricular hotel expenditure, but perhaps the resulting police investigation????

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  • Troy

    It is interesting. Yesterday Tau Henare slipped in a remark while debating over the Estimates for Vote Maori, that Jones is about to leave, so it appears the rumours have done the traps in parliament. It’s a matter of when really.

  • Chris

    Funny how he is looking to go to America. Why does he not go to Russia to be with other lefties.