Is this guy the world’s best Dad?

Boing Boing

There is a fine line between world’s best Dad and Darwin Awards….

Can you imagine the cardigan wearing, clipboard carrying, anti-fun police types that would descend on this guy if he did that in New Zealand.


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  • nasska

    Ye Gods……the nannies would shit themselves!

  • Jimmy

    looks to be better engineered than the CTV building, only recommendation I’d give would be for the kid to wear a helmet. Even if it was submitted to the nana state for resource approval, they wouldn’t check the foundations let alone stress/strain/torsion calcs.

    • Cremaster

      Why on earth does he need a helmet? The increased weight would make his head whip around more. There’s nothing his head is going to strike. That’s the kind of ‘you can’t be too safe’ zero-risk attitude that forms the basis for the existence of the ‘fun-police’.

      • Jimmy

        You clearly don’t have kids and seen what they can do. You obviously don’t have a clue on the Health & Safety Employment act let alone analysis of risk making such comments about zero-risk attitude, come back & make an informed comment after you have played your risk-free car dodging on the A1 cocksucker

  • maninblack

    that is awesome. Nearly as good as the giant flying fox my old man built me using a tractor and large hill..

    • cows4me

      When we were kids we built a flying fox between two chimneys. On end tied on the higher chimney of an old house the other end to the chimney on my cousins house, parents out of course. Great fun till a fat mate wanted a go. Pulled the chimney over on my cousins roof. Crash, lucky it didn’t go through roof. There was some serious arse kicking going on that day. No bloody Sue Bradford to save the day.

  • Rodger T

    Not to mention the fucking nazis from the council that would be having conniption fits over the unpermitted structure .

  • Gazzaw

    Read building permits, resource consents, OSH, council inspectors.

    We have had a bach in Rodney for thirty years. For eons there was a rope hanging out of a huge puriri over the creek. The kids loved it – hours of endless fun in the summer swinging off the rope into the creek. Three years ago the local fun police turned up unannounced in the wee small hours and cut it down. We thought it was vandals so put another one up, two weeks later same thing. Rope replaced again and this time the nazis turned up in daylight equipped with legal documentation. Our society is riddled with these fuckers and what’s even more sad is that they are aided and abetted by a significant sorry part of our community.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Agree with everything except the word significant. Also surprised that you didn’t get a fine and sentenced to some sort of counseling, and lectured by some childless lesbian.
      The silent majority are behind you, we are just to busy getting on with our lives.

  • Horace the Grump

    Fuck yeah!

  • SJ00

    I can watch roller coaster videos on the net all day! Just makes me wish we had someone build a decent theme park here, America has so many and such great rides.

    Check out this guys one, at least he doesn’t need to push the cart up with a stick, imagine how quickly that will get old.. ‘dad push me up again and again and again..’ . Great job though!