It has always smelled

Stuff is running a headline that Wellington stinks because of the eruption on Tongariro…that isn’t true though…Wellington has always smelled it is just that the residents are well used to the fetid stench of politicians and copious amounts of bullshit:

Gas and sulphur smells from the Mt Tongariro eruption have travelled as far as Wellington this morning.

The crater spewed rocks and ash when it came to life for the first time in more than 100 years at 11.50pm on Monday night.

Many people have reported a smell of sulphur in the air in the capital.

GNS Science duty vulcanologist Craig Miller said it was most likely the smells were caused by the eruption and there had been quite a few reports from the lower North Island of a sulphur smell.

“It’s a little bit surprising it has gone as far as it has. It will be dissipating as it goes.”


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  • le sphincter

    Well it did when they had the freezing works at Kaiwhara