It’s about family, not politics


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  • Just saying

    Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels would be proud of these bits in WOBF.

  • Guest

    So he digs a man? No need to politicize ,he just needs to get on with his life. Happy days.Discrimination is vital to human survival.

  • andrei
  • cows4me

    Not politics my arse. Looks more like some party political broadcast the far left would favour, all sweetness and bullshit . No one is discriminating here. The only thing being denied them is the word marriage otherwise they enjoy every privilege a normal couple would. I would be quite happy for gays to marry if they just shut up and got on with their lives but of course the won’t be happening any time soon. Gays demand society except them, to do this they believe a marriage will legitimise their lifestyle, it won’t. And you would be very wrong to believe a gay marriage law will be the end of it. Then there will be laws, like hate speech laws,laws demanding all religions preform gay marriage, think it won’t happen, already has. Marriage will not be the be all and end all for the radical gay movement it’s just another step in shoving their leftist agenda down our throats. Marriage is between a Man and a Woman, what part is so hard to understand.