It’s time.

To all Members of Parliament.

It’s time now.

Watch this video and vote in support of marriage equality in New Zealand.


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  • Stevie


  • Alloytoo

    When this eventually happens and the sky doesn’t fall down all the doom mongers will move onto another silly “end of civilization” issue.

  • Gayguy

    Yes it is time.

    But be ready to see the disgusting hate filled vile side of humanity before it does pass.

    • Isumbras

      Do you mean your posts? seems to be quite a lot of hate filled ranting going on right there

      • grumpy

        Just a rabid heterophobic nut job.

  • Ok, lemmings. Line up and jump off this cliff. Nothing bad will happen, I promise …

    • Gazzaw

      Andrei, you’re next.

      • Gayguy

        There is a thought. That is someone who has been missing tonight. Andrei must be crying into his pillow right at this moment given what has happened tonight.

    • Gayguy

      Good to see that you have finally seen the light and understood the true meaning of Christs words Lucia.

      Well done for ditching hate.

    • The Baron


      If you look at your avatar the right way, I can see one guy on the left bending over so another guy can take him up the chuff. Irony?

      And lo and behold, as of about 10pm tonight two such gentlemen will be one step closer to getting married. And the world won’t end. And noone will jump off cliffs.

      You and Andrei will of course weep into your rosary beads, and plead for your vengeful mystical sky pirate captain to strike us all down with fire and brimstone (still waiting, Lord, still waiting), while our fair shores, society and morality will continue the same as it as – well, apart from with a few more newly married couples being able to declare their love and commitment to each other.

      Oh noes, it’s SATAN talking!

      It really is hard to take you seriously.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Run away , doomsayer .

    • Rodger T

      Lemmings don`t jump off cliffs,it was a Disney fantasy .
      But don`t take my word for it,believe whatever you like just so long as it doesn`t burst your bubble.

    • Lilith

      Feast on your hate anti Christ…for that is what you are in your rebellion against the teachings of Christ.

      • Krim Dotcom

        oh go to heaven

      • Gayguy

        I suggest you check your Bible. Christ never condemned homosexuality or stated he was against the same sex getting together.

        If you are going to spout hate and misinformation I suggest you look elsewhere than the Bible.

      • Krim Dotcom

        Lilith? As in Adams first wife?

      • Rodger T


  • Mitch82

    Funny that it’s not the gay guys that are butthurt over this. Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and find that the sky hasn’t come crashing down.

  • Random66

    Just wondering if someone can answer this question for me. When MP’s vote on issues like this, do they vote based on what they believe their electorate would like or do they vote solely on what they themselves would like? Just wondering if there were guidelines on these conscience votes. I saw Maurice Williamson on TV last night and was surprised at his attitude. When asked what his views were on this issue his answer went something like, ‘because it doesn’t directly affect me, I don’t care’. He then goes on to say that a guy could marry his dog for all he cared so long as he didn’t let it crap on his lawn (or along such lines). Wow, I really thought regardless of how he votes it shouldn’t be based on such a narrow perspective as to just how it affects him, but rather he should vote based on how will it affect others. That, in my opinion, would be the responsible thing to do and what I would have expected from a MP.

    • My understanding is that they can vote based on what they personally believe – that is, based on their individual moral compass. However, given how that opinion often changes as quickly as their support I would imagine they would be more the ‘stand for nothing fall for anything type’ so would vote in accordance with what is likely to secure them the most votes!

      • Random66

        Thanks for that Unsol :) He said he was voting ‘for’, but based on his comments the bar isn’t set too high for him and I almost felt he devalued gay marriage and what these people were fighting for when he can just lump a dog in amongst them and give it the same worth. I’m not pro gay marriage as you know but even I thought his comments were disrespectful.

        • Maurice is a fool – his integrity is about as consistent as a swinging pendulant. He & Trevor Mallard should start a club!

          And I agree – his comments managed to insult both sides of the debate by imply bestiality and by showing no respect for what it means to be married or for the concerns that people like yourself have re this Bill.

          One thing for certain this debate has certainly shown people’s true colours. It’s really sad & rather disillusioning.

  • Annoyingly this is just the start of the process – once it gets through the first reading they then have the select committee so the pressure really goes on re public submissions.

    I just hope that everyone who is pro marriage equality takes the time to send their views in, debunking the oppositions views in the process.

    Best to leave the hysteria up to McCroskie et al.

  • Krim Dotcom

    It’s telling that religious opposition to marriage equality centers on fears of being dominated by another worldview, as thats what they do

  • MrV

    Can you support gay marriage without using propaganda from leftwing/green group Getup?