Jacinda has given up already

David Farrar has become quite the little fan boy of Jacinda Ardern. He has even helped the Listener write their article about her.

Cactus Kate has already covered her impecunious-ness coupled with her desire to own a million dollar villa in the good suburbs.

As students of Clare Curran will know “language matters“.

So, while Jacinda rates it a high likelihood, in the article, that Labour will be in Government in 2014, she gives it away how she is feeling about Labour’s part in it: (from the Listener profile of her)

Ardern rates Labour’s chances of regaining power in 2014 as 10 out of 10. “Look at the coalition possibilities for Labour – if we had an election tomorrow a Green-Labour coalition is a very strong prospect.

Interesting that it is a GREEN-LABOUR coalition, not a Labour-Green one. Unfortunately for Socialist Cindy, her dream of a Green led government has come a little unstuck with the implosion of their support partner. Still Labour appears on track to become the minor party in some sort of coalition….sometime.


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  • Troy

    Somewhat over-optmistic that the liars of Labour will get in 2014, especially given that they can’t even have a caucus that works together in opposition – a poor indictment upon how the Liabors are organised – fractured, unions, rainbows, socialist – what a hotpotch of no-hopers.  Still Ardern will gain the horse-lovers votes for sure.

    • le sphincter

      Since National only got 47% 6 months ago , how are they going to get more than 50% on their own next time ?
      Your arithmetic is faulty

      • Tony


        arse-muscle you are a complete goat

      • Richard B.

        I still laugh PoohHole when I see things like “National only got 47%”

        Remind me again how much Liarbour got.

        I think it may be your arithmetic that could be faulty…..

      • Euan Rt

        Will be closer to 60% in 2014.

      • johnbronkhorst

        That was 6 months ago….and their latest polling, is between 48% and 51%.

      • axeman

        You seem to never learn le gros connard.

        Allez encore, va te faire foutre trou du cul

      • Troy

        What a fuck-knuckle you are – since when did a party require 50% to become govt – best you go to a politics 101 paper in Upper Mongolia (while you are at it do a history paper too).

  • Pete George

    Labour seem to be aspiring to lose less than National next election but openly acknowledge it can’t be on their own. The only question is whether it will be as Labreen or Grebour.

  • starboard

    stupiod chardonnay socialist…Id stuff her like the christmas turkey though.. gawd knows she needs it.

  • Goldie

    Incredibly, The Arsehole is right. A clown car coalition of Greens, Labour, NZ First and Mana is on the cards in 2014.

    • Richard B.

      Hence forth they should be known as the “Liquorice Allsorts”

      Or perhaps “Mixed Nuts”

    • Euan Rt

      Such a coalition would require a re-election within 18 months and then they would all be stuffed.

    • lovinthatchangefeeling

      aka the Seven Headed Monster (with the Maori Party) These are the 60 MPs who voted against the MOM bill.

      So how many of those 60 will still be there in 2014?

  • Scanner

    If Jacinda wants to lead the Labour party perhaps it’s time someone filled her in on the facts of life.
    She currently has zero credability with working voting Kiwis, her resume reads as someone that has never held down a real job, paid taxes, or lived in the real world, even the invisible man stands above her on that one.
    It looks like her only job has been a few selectivly applied blow jobs around the corridors of power, to both sexes.

    Real Kiwis stay away from the ballot in their thousands because the only choices are bad and worse, so the only winner on the day is apathy and the Greens.
    It’s time Labour told all the freeks, faggots, Nipple Nazis, union flunkies, and other assorted hangers on to fuck off, and actually listened to real people, not photo op roll-outs.

    The other thing that needs serious consideration is some form of net based voting, under the current system apathy and the freek show seem to be the only winners. 

    • Polish_pride

      If we didn’t live in a world now dominated by populist politics where many will vote because they seem like a nice person or even worse are pleasing to the eye, I might agree with you. But unfortunately I fear that is eaxctly the world we live in.  
      On Apathy being the winner on the day I agree with you on that one too. Net based voting definitely.
      I think the only thing that you possibly missed was the inclusion of the option ‘None of the above’ which I am sure would have overwhelming support.

      • Scanner

        Not an option I had considered, but it make sense, given the option “None of the above” would win a landslide victory and would govern with a huge majority for years to come.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Nope. The other thing that needs serious consideration is some form of net asset based voting

      because under the current system bludgers and takers have as much say has high-value, high-work, job creating Kiwis – in fact mores because there are far more bludgers.

      Net asset based voting is far and will not deliver socialist governments!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Guys – Don’t get overexcited. Whether it is Labour-Green or Green-Labour life is going to be hell for us in 2014. Unless Winston First drops below 5% (or 4% under new MMP), uncle Key cannot win on his own. Even assuming he will have Dunne and Banks plus 3 Maori MPs, I think he will be short of 2-3 MPs to get the majority. That is the nature of MMP. The largest party with the most number of MPs could sit in opposition while Socialist Cindy could be your welfare minister and Ozzie Mozzie Norman could be the Finance Minister and Deputy PM…..worst of all No Mana Hone could be the Minister of Maori Affairs….how much it costs for a one way ticket to Sydney?

    • 2ndAmendment

      You forget the conservatives. Again.

      The most likely options are 
      a) National minority, with supply from Conservatives
      b) National+Conservatives coalition
      c) National with supply from Conservatives & Greens
      d) as above with NZF too

      on current polling, all of these are more likely than a coalition of the losers — and have the minor advantage of ensuring legitimate government

  • Cows4me

    Sir Cullen, sounds like a recipe for civil war.

  • 2ndAmendment

     Still Labour appears on track to become the minor party in some sort of coalition….sometime.

    Get a grip – Whale.  Both the Greens and especially the Conservatives have a far higher chances of being in the next couple of governments than Labour. 

    • Polish_pride

      Take your blue tinted glasses of and the world may look a little different. 

      • johnbronkhorst

        No…labour still look like fuck wits!!!!

      • Polish_pride

        That was actually a pretty funny reply JB.  

      • 2ndAmendment

        Which part of “the coalition of the losers will not be accepted as a legitimate government” don’t you understand?

  • 10 out of 10 is fairly optimistic but with the Green vote increasing a Labour win is a real possibility, especially if Act dont up their game.

    The real problem is the 18-30 year olds. More are getting involved with politics (internet can be thanked for most of that) and quite often they are very smart, very idealistic & have bugger all life experience so naive.

    Being left when you are young is a common folly. Problem is that there seems to be more of them & they are staying left for longer perhaps exacerbated by the every increasing cost of living and the perception that Welfare helps people.

    Labour did a smart thing in terms of leverage when they introduced WFF and I am not sure how National/Act are ever going to get around it. It is a very big noose around their neck & that of our economy but all the families who need it just dont see it that way.

    • Richard McGrath

      ACT are finished, leaving a political vacuum…  

      • 2ndAmendment

        The political vacuum has been filled by the Conservatives.

        Get used to it. 

      • Fozzie

         2nd amendment there is no vacuum to fill – except for the head of those that are following a ghost !

  • Not really a vacuum.

    The problem with NZ politics is the absence of a real political divide.

    Due to the succesful demonisation of Conservatives over the last four or five decades, they have almost dissapeared from the political landscape, leaving voters with the choice of only different and confused hues of Progressivism/ liberalism.

     Act was one example of this confusion. National is another.

    The problem is not so much a vacuum as a lack of real choice.

    Conservatism will be revived, and this will bring back choice and save NZ from its current totalitarian political state.

    • I agree re “The problem with NZ politics is the absence of a real political divide” especially in terms of so-called right wing, centre right & centre left. The Greens are very obviously on the left, but as for the rest they seem to change as often as a swinging pendulum where tinkering is common place & political expediency is a rite. 

      I dont want to  follow NZ to ever follow in the path of American politics, but I do envy their clearer divide. 

      Stand for nothing fall for anything seems to be the mantra of most politicians in NZ.

  • Polish_pride

    Conservatism, Right wing whatever all you end up doing is perpetuating the Right vs Left Paradigm and going nowhere for another 50 years. Thats seriously what you want to do !?!