Jock’s In Trouble Again

For telling the truth about Joris de Bore and his silly reports

Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres appears to regret white folk live longer and not enough are in jail.

A taxpayer-funded report called A Fair Go for All from the Human Rights Commission, of which Mr de Bres is part, says that despite Europeans making up 68% of the population, only 33% of those in prison are Europeans.

Which compares with 49% Maori and 11.3% Pacific Islanders – who make up only 15% and 7%, respectively, of the overall population.

Jock’s honesty and balls make him one of the only journalists who I think would manage to keep a decent blog.

Does Mr De Bres advocate the jailing of more white people to “balance” the high percentage of jailed Maori and Pacific Island criminals?

Does he want more Europeans to take up smoking, heavy drinking and eating rubbish food to enable the white death rate to catch up?

It certainly sounds like it.

Of course.  Everything percentage has to match the race statistics doesn’t it?


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  • le sphincter

    Its called a beatup, and Jock has done plenty of those.

    Anyway I thought National won the election ( x 2 ) to’ rid itself of these turbulent priests’.Apparently not !

    • Whafe

      Le poohole, I swear you are the first living brain donor…

      • davewin

        Who’s gift was rejected by the donee at the moment of implantation.

    • Gazzaw

      Still ‘liking’ yourself I see l’arsehole.

      • le sphincter

        I wouldnt bother with such trifles.
        But why is Joris still have a job, or is it all Helens fault > Still

        • Scanner

          A very good question le anus, why is this devicive piece of shite still on the taxpayer payroll.
          And yes it is still Helens fault, come on JK show some balls and sack the prick, I would have thought the white mother fucker outburst would have justified it.

  • out2lunch

    Joris de Bres is as about as clueless as they come these days. You are the maker of your own demise, so if you drink, smoke, are violent, flunk school or join gangs etc then expect to make up a percentage of the population that is unemployed or imprisoned. These stats show that it is a deeply embedded cultural problem, because no matter how much money the taxpayer throws at it, it simply doesn’t go away.

  • Callum

    The telling stats are for Pacific Islanders, similar scio-economic backgrounds to Maori but significantly less in jail (half the population overall but less than a quarter of the numbers in prison). Yet to see an explanation for that.

  • Is J de B in that RRC job permanently? He seems to have been there for ever.

    I don’t ever recall him doing anything of use while he’s been there. Unless I’ve missed something?

  • Phar Lap

    Duchy De Bres is due to be piped off to parts unknown at the end of October.Sorry to see him go ,hope to **** he never comes back.I will never forget whats his name.

  • toby_toby

    I’m convinced that de Bres has White Man’s Guilt.

  • beany boy

    Bahahaha what a moron. We better look at the laws that put white collar criminals in jail as white people are over represented…… What a dick!

  • cows4me

    Bloody De Bres’s shelf life ran out years ago. The man is a boil that needs lancing. Enough of this shit and the crap pushed by his useless tit sucking office. This man has caused more strife and division in New Zealand then any other government department. He should have put out with the trash when she beast got the big A.

  • Botti

    Joris de Bres appears to omit Asians from his analysis as their excellent outcomes may reveal structural discrimination against europeans!
    At heart, de Bres is a liberal creationist, who believes groups are all identical. In fact they were separated for thousands of years and lived in diverse environments and cultures. This diverse evolutionary history is manifested in some groups dominating certain sports (eg. West Africans in the 100 metres, or polynesians excelling at contact sports which require explosive power & speed). There is equally no reason to anticipate that they will all have identical outcomes in other areas, so de Bres should back off with the allegations of “structural discrimination”.
    As Professor Steve Hsu, who is heading the Beijing Genomics Institute’s work on cognitive genomics, writes: “We see that there can be dramatic group differences in phenotypes even if there is complete allele overlap between two groups – as long as the frequency or probability distributions are distinct. But it is these distributions that are measured by the metric we defined earlier. Two groups that form distinct clusters are likely to exhibit different frequency distributions over various genes, leading to group differences. This leads us to two very distinct possibilities in human genetic variation:
    Hypothesis 1: (the PC mantra) The only group differences that exist between the clusters (races) are innocuous and superficial, for example related to skin color, hair color, body type, etc.
    Hypothesis 2: (the dangerous one) Group differences exist which might affect important (let us say, deep rather than superficial) and measurable characteristics, such as cognitive abilities, personality, athletic prowess, etc…
    Finally, it is important to note that group differences are statistical in nature and do not imply anything definitive about a particular individual. Rather than rely on the scientifically unsupported claim that we are all equal, it would be better to emphasize that we all have inalienable human rights regardless of our abilities or genetic makeup.

    • BW_Lord

      A good analysis, thanks

    • maninblack

      great analysis- really makes sense. thanks for that.

  • Mickrodge

    Once again I’d just like to apologise to everyone I’ve clearly offended/persecuted/discriminated against today by being a white, middle class, law abiding heterosexual male.

    I’m sorry, please forgive me.

  • Bunswalla

    Of course the real conclusion, and focus of the report should have been: what can be done about the appalling incidence of crime, lack of qualifications and poor health among Maori and Pacific Islanders, and why do the same socio-economic factors present among other ethnic minorities e.g. Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Cambodian, not produce similar outcomes?
    There, I fixed it for you Joris.

  • Dave

    He should also get more “white” people on low paying jobs, and on welfare, and claiming land and assets of any value. The “whities” might as well get their fair share of the handouts as well, as long as the last working white person turns the lights out as they leave!!