Needs To Be More Transparent

As I told you the other day, Bernard Hickey has split from and is starting up his own No problems with this, everyone seems to have worked it out.

Bernard even jumped on Red Radio and told us Selwyn Pellett was helping him out.

He’s asked for feedback on how much people will pay to read his work.

Comment of the week

Perhaps Bernard’s first story could be how much taxpayer funding Selwyn Pellett has been receiving in corporate welfare over the years?  And the rorts that have gone on for R&D and “high tech” funding?

Another comment has raised a roofist sort of argument.

After extensive publicity this week I see numbers have slightly risen in his begging poll to 259 responders.

Still, it is quite clear that Selwyn has loaned his business/marketing trainee/PA Stacey Riordan to the site to run its admin and probably design the site given it looks a lot like hers.

So how much of will be driven by Labour funder and “critical friend” Selwyn Pellett?  And how can they say they are a “new” sort of thing when they too appear backed by a rich, politically motivated and opinionated friend of a political party?



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  • Takethatyoufuck

    Looks fucked from the start by having a politically motivated individual like Selwyn Pellett involved. Sounds like an abortion waiting to happen.

  • DLM

    Is it true that Chaston wanted $3-4m for and Hickey got shut down when he asked for equity, hence him moving on.’s sponsors should be taking a lot of interest in their investment in that site right about now.

    • That matches information I have received via the tip line.

  • AnonWgtn

    Stacey looks like a great doll – must be worth watching.

  • Neil

    Hickey is clearly a left wing leaning, whatever. His followers of anti-capitalism, anti-bank anti-success, general doom and gloom will have to head back to their traditional haunt, the NZ Horrid comments section. Given his leanings I would have thought his poll would be about how much people thought other people should have to pay so they could not benefit from his “insights”, journalism WFF equivalent?

  • Stacey

    On a completely different tangent, what annoys me most about this post is the fact that you called me Sel’s PA. If I was a guy you wouldn’t have done that. You made me (and my student loan) a little sad. But AnonWgtn, you picked my night right back up again. So glad I went with the tigress in the trees as opposed to the duckface at the Big Day Out. And I’m with you WhaleOil, it needs to be more transparent, but from what I’m gathering, BH is a bit snowed under at the moment…wasn’t expecting the reaction he got.