Just Lovely

Some people do not deserve to be parents. Take this woman who was facing court for killing her 12 year old while driving high on meth.

What a piece of work. Bloody ferals.

An Auckland mother has admitted driving under the influence of methamphetamine and causing a crash that killed her 12-year-old daughter and injured a heavily pregnant woman in another car.

Toni Ericksen, 33, was scheduled to stand trial this week for driving under the influence of drugs causing the death of Bryer Rose Greenwood, the eldest of her two daughters.

She originally pleaded not guilty however the Herald has learned that she changed her plea to guilty on August 21.

Ericksen also admitted injuring her 8-year-old daughter Gemma Greenwood and another motorist in the same crash while under the influence of drugs, and being an unlicensed driver driving while prohibited.

She was driving her daughters home from Gemma’s netball game on July 9 last year when she lost control of her car on Kaipara Coast Highway and collided with an oncoming vehicle. Bryer did not survive her injuries.

Court documents revealed that Ericksen tested positive for methamphetamine after the crash.


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  • Gazzaw

    All class!

  • grandstream

    lover her Labour party banner she is holding up……great suppor to teh argumnet that we are having more kids than we can care for or afford !

    • Richard McGrath

      By Labour Party banner do you mean the one fingered salute?

  • baw

    With pictures like that she is begging the judge for a longer sentence.

  • Bob

    Licence to breed: Fail

  • blokeintakapuna

    Feral alright!
    What’s the bet she’d even do Trevor? With the light on probably too… has she no shame at all?

  • steve and monique

    Good for nothing mole.Kills her kid,then acts like this.Feral is to good a term

  • Simo

    Throw her in the stocks in Henderson Square on a sunny spring afternoon, some visible
    justice with be administered!

  • grandstream

    In the Hordid article they also mention
    “When she first appeared in court she was supported by the president of the Auckland chapter of the Hells Angels gang, Douglas Jay, believed to be her current partner. ”
    Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess what……she is gang whore, crack addict….surprise surprise

  • insider

    Gang skank. What do you expect?

  • Patrick Starr

    ….is she indicating how many kids she killed?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Just a stupid crack whore.
    The problem with stupid crack whores is that they think they are so smart.
    The only reason she changed her plea is to get a lighter sentence.
    A good example of why sterilisation should be an option.

  • Reminds me of the Brit heroin addict who was disraught that a gay couple had adopted the kids that had (unsurprisingly) been taken off her. Bloody hell. Remind me to tell you about the hell’s cauldron of chemicals that make up a meth lab sometime, Cam. One hopes Meth Mum didn’t bring her kids there.

  • How’s that

    Doug Jay you have a real catch there, you both suit each other!!