Kemeys and Slowly Sinking Tabloid, Ctd

The tipline is a wonderful tool for blogs.  It means rather than call me, you may email in items I may find interesting.

After the post on David Kemeys a little birdie sent over Newspaper Audit Results for the Slowly Sinking Tabloid.  They also explained how his Boss Mitchell Murphy received a DCM (don’t come Monday) and is hot footing it back to Australia.

We cannot see how Kemeys can survive such a cull.


OUCH….NO upward trend here is there folks


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  • Grandstream

    Those numbers seem really inflated, most cafes I visit on Sunday’s are no longer “strocking the SST” What is up with Jounalism ? I couldnt believe yesterdays post that Jonathan Marshall won an awards in Sydney….FFS, their media must be really bad ! HE couldnt score the open goal he was presented a few years back re the stellar trust and the Mike Williams/Paul Holmes debarcle…….

    • Gazzaw

      Possibly not totally Kemys’ fault with the absence of SST in cafes. The tabloid format of HoS is far more practical for cafe use than the SST which ends up like a dogs breakfast within 30 minutes. I’m not discounting Kemys’ shortcomings though – I think he reached his plateau of competence at the Central Leader.

      • Bunswalla

        Gazz if the regular custometrs wanted the SST the cafe would stock it. The Horrid on Sunday also gets mangled pretty quickly, mind you I struggle to decide which rag is worse.

  • Redbaiter

    Journalism today is all about shoving left wing crap down the public’s throat.

    When will theses idiots understand that readers want objectively reported news not a constant stream of left wing opinion.

    • Sarrs

      I was on a message board for some American thing over the weekend and I discovered the term ‘JournoList’ and I really thought there might be a comparable situation in NZ.

      • Redbaiter

        Yes, I suspect that a similar thing exists here too, possibly with Brian Edwards as chief organiser.

        I’ve written quite extensively on Journolist on my own blog. (some time ago)

        You wouldn’t hear about it in the putrid horribly left wing NZ media.

  • AnonWgtn

    Cancelled the Sunday Pravda a while ago, and emd Kemeys and Murphy, and their then Chairperson.
    They did not appreciate my em, from the reply I received wanting to ameliorate my comments.