Labour – Drowning In A Duck Pond Of Strategy

You have to laugh at all the excitable boffins in the Labour Party running around trying to create “plans”, strategy” and “vision”. They have been doing it for so long now that it implies very firmly that they had nothing that was any good in the first place and need a total change.

They talked endlessly, they changed Leader, nothing.  They tried to get good media, nothing.  Just yesterday Mike Smith was resorting to talking up paid right-wing shill Matthew Hooton from his performance on Radio New Zealand, about Labour strategy.  They are desperate to discuss everything yet do absolutely nothing.

If a publicly listed company dithered with consultation, leadership issues and had this much internal mayhem it would have already suffered from de-listing.

Again even today, explaining is losing:

Labour’s only strategy at the election was the much discussed Stealing Underpants Strategy put in place by their crippled campaign manager who is currently suffering bouts of dementia from the pressure of a young National backbench (one 31 years his Junior),  the ineptness of his own under-performing Front Bench colleagues and even Labour lap-blog, The Standard.

Now the poor old fool is threatening media if they use footage they are now almost certain to use just to spite him.  More sound strategy.

For this past week The Standard have all compiled namby pamby posts about needing to get rid of Trevor Mallard.  Almost all without having the guts to come out and name him as the source of Duncan Garner’s ABC (Anyone But Cunliffe) story.  It is pathetic blogging.  Put up his name little anonymous blogger boys or shut up.

Mallard has admitted that there is a need for Labour to be constantly refining.  Shame is that he does not realise that most of the loudest activists wish to refine him.

Out the door.



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  • Pete George

    The Standard and Labour caucus seem to have something in common, they both have party activists who act tough as when anonymous and protected, but gutless when it comes to speaking up and standing up to the obvious problem.

    • le sphincter

      Good point …but could you explain why Garner takes the biggest political story of the last 3 months and hides it away on his ‘blog’- the elephants graveyard of gossip and unsourced material.
      Farrar is a well known source of Garner, it could have been him that passed it on based on something he heard 3rd hand. Who really knows.

      If these rumours had any legs they would have led the news hour…but didnt
      If there was some meat to the story they would have top billing on 3 News website..but didnt.

      Instead the story was tucked away under a pillow for the tooth fairy to find and leave a sixpence.

      • Anonymous

        Nice try arse pick but it was recess. And the story did run and run all through ruining Shearer’s recess. It will run again today.

      • Joe Bloggs

        hehe arsehole, I see your “elephant’s graveyard” of a story just hit TVNZ’s News at Six…

        Looks like those rumours have been taking lessons from Usain Bolt – they’ve sure grown legs, and they’re running and running

  • kiwidon

    Headless chooks comes to mind…….

  • cows4me

    Perhaps Liarbore could invest in a weegie board and conjure up the ghost of old Micky savage, he might tell them what to do. On second thoughts maybe not, he would probably kick their useless arses.

  • Mary

    “…it implies very firmly that they had nothing that was any good in the first place and need a total change.”???

    No, it shows very clearly…

  • parorchestia

    Labour faces the impossible task of making socialism work. It never has and never will. Yet it is too hide bound to become a liberal party facing off in parliament to a conservative party, which is the only model that works in the long term. That is why they can’t find a way forward – there isn’t one.
    State control of the means of production, distribution and exchange is a disaster, as was proved in the old days by the Railways Department – hundreds of thousands of dollars subsidy and 80,000 over-staffing was ruining the economy until a Labour Governemnt was forced to face reality, in spite of the slogan “Save Rail.”