Labour pains, Ctd


In-fighting in Labour is spilling over and it is the marriage equality bill that is causing the boil over:

A Labour MP is telling his colleague to tell the whole truth when it comes to the gay marriage debate.

It follows comments by Mangere MP Su’a William Sio who has decided against voting for his colleague Louisa Wall’s Bill.

He says it would cost Labour the next election and is against the wishes of his electorate.

Labour’s Charles Chauvel says has spoken to him and says Mr Sio isn’t telling the whole story.

“For every conservative person born in a pacific island and brought up there, and now living in New Zealand, there’s probably four or five younger New Zealand-born people who don’t see what the fuss is about.”

Mr Chauvel says he respects Mr Sio’s opinion.

“But when you say this Bill or that Bill’s going to have electoral consequences – you really need to tell the whole truth.”

In other matters Gordon Campbell has noted just how right-wing David Shearer’s recent speech was and how Shearer is openly bashing bennies now:

What are we meant to take from this? That the leader of the Labour Party will stand shoulder to shoulder with them pointing an accusatory finger at those slackers on sickness benefits? This isn’t an encouraging glimpse of how Labour is planning to express its opposition to the next round of welfare reform, assuming that it will be opposing it. Perhaps this is why Labour hates David Cunliffe so much. Didn’t he say earlier this year that one reason Labour why lost the last election was that on important issues, it sounded too much like the National Party?

I’d say the split that is showing in Labour is instead a schism.

The only thing to work out is whether these Labour pains are real or actually Braxton Hicks contractions.


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  • Troy

    Chaaaaaaaarles, like most liabor MP’s, when threatened, use weasel words to strike back.  I’m sure he was on the phone to Robertson after talking to Sio to tell him that Sio is one against Robertson to take over as Leader.  The Unions damage the Liabor party, but the Rainbow Wing is pure destruction and they still haven’t worked that out yet.

    • Kiwidon

      Spot on Troy!

  • hamster

    Mr Shovel knows the PI constituency well.  83% of PI’s will support Loiusa Wall’s bill – pass that man a Tui!

    • le sphincter

      Do you know how many labour Mps there are ? On their own they couldnt pass  wind.

      They need Keys vote – and others. Last I heard Key will be running again !

  • Suck My Balls Angry Bird

    Has anyone heard from Gweg Pwesland…. is he frantically stropping himself over a photo of dear leader to ease his woes ?

  • Alex

    I know Charlie Shovel is a graceless bugger, so a certain lack of tact with his words are to be expected, but is overtly implying your colleague is a liar or “not telling the truth” pretty extraordinary?  Are we seeing the start of a spat that is no going to snowball into full out warfare?

    • le sphincter

      the Drag Queens friend , John Key is voting for it.
      Nationals High Art Queen and Minister of Culture Finlayson is voting against it !

      Handbags at  5 paces in the National party caucus room ?

      • Alex

         The difference — and it is the essential difference between National and Labour — is that the former has traditionally accepted different views amongst its MPs; whereas the latter on the other hand (as with all leftist parties) differing views aren’t accepted and must be purged in the same way as male chimpanzees fight for alpha status. 

      • 2ndAmendment

        Oh for FUCKS sake alex.

        The difference between National and Labour is that Labour’s constitution is openly communist while National are closet communists. 

        And – if you hadn’t noticed – communism in the “West” in the 2010s is going the way communism in Eastern Europe went in the 1990s. 

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think this is all a media beat up to divert attention from my dear leader Sheep Shearer’s historic heartland tour. My sources are telling me that Sheep Shearer is receiving great support from the farmers and they are queuing up to hear him speak and sing…Sheep Shearer is a shoe-in for PM in 2014. So let is forget about this PI vote bank and move on, shall we?

    BTW – Tories, read this article and be very afraid of Socialist Cindy….

    • Troy

      Every time I see her speaking in the debating chamber, I have have dreadful thoughts back to the time of Helen – does the Liabor Party really want another Helen as leader?  Mind you, she may be a clone of Helen – the teeth give it away.

      • TMallard

        I want to give her one !

      • Troy

        TMallard – better put a metal condom on – she’ll knash away at the dickhead of yours.

    • Ekim69

      Deluded who in their right mind reads that leftist rag the Listener lol?

  • Ekim69

    As a gay guy who is more right wing that the insane lefty nutters and gay kissers
    The two gay fat slobs in Labier are dead as if that Jaba Robertson could ever lead the looney labour party. Lol
    I know the fools had a closeted ugly Lesbo as great leader and priminister but that was a one off.

    • Troy

      Wait for the other.. Jacinda Ardern – she’s positioning herself for the top job… all she needs to find now is Helen Clark’s equivalent of H2.

  • Kiwikea

    Hehe it’s ok for Labour to make stats up : “For every conservative person born in a pacific island and brought up there, and now living in New Zealand, there’s probably four or five younger New Zealand-born people who don’t see what the fuss is about.”

    But if a Colin Craig does its all over the news.

  • Pencarian

    Ekim69, we need a few more “gays” reminding us that sexual orientation and political orientation are not aligned. Many lefties just assume they will be supported by gays, as the left have given them the much sought after status of “victim” . This is the highest award given by the new left.