Labour pains, Ctd

You know it’s ugly when Stuff starts running a preferred leadership poll… and Cunliffe’s in front…well sort of in front…a guy called “Someone Else” is actually leading:

This heaps pain and suffering on in the wake of the rebellion shown by Su’a William Sio. I have had another think about that while driving around today and I think the media have missed something.

It seems that some of the commentators around the traps don’t realise the significance in Sio turning on Shearer. You see this isn’t all about Sio railing against the ‘gaggle of gays’ this is also about crushing the Leader that allowed the gaggle to get strong – inside caucus as well as on staff. It was Shearer that promoted Sio to number 10, just off the front bench. At the time of promoting Sio, Shearer said:

“Labour has a lot of work to do to refresh our connections with New Zealanders. I have built a team that brings forward new faces.”

Shearer had grand plans of using Sio as the token Pacifika face to look as though pacifika voices would be heard in the caucus. Perhaps Sio has now worked out Shearer doesn’t listen to caucus, or anyone else for that matter. He certainly struggles to communicate with anyone.

Sio’s issues are nothing to do with Wall’s bill but are completely to do with Shearer’s leadership and his loss of faith in it. Why else would you make these sorts of destabilising comments when you know that the Leader is making a major speech that same day?

Ill discipline is one thing but it is a whole different problem when the MPs Shearer promoted turn on him – biting the hand that feeds.


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  • Cows4me

    I guess the most surprising thing to come out of the poll is that 568 actually took the time to click the mouse. This must be undoubtedly the winter of liarbore’s discontent.

  • Phronesis

    Surely “anyone else” would be more appropriate.

  • CJA

    Someone else currently streaking ahead lol.

  • Mr_nua

    This is good for Phil Goff.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Should be able to figure out who this mystery person…”someone else” is…as there aren’t too many labour MP’s to choose from.

    • Euan Rt

      Yes his first name is John and his second name starts with a K…

    • BW_Lord

      Maybe labour have found a way to merge the rest of the party into the single entity known as “someone else”. That could be worrying if true.