Labour pains, Ctd

Labour’s woes just get worse.  We’ve now seen Sio hit hard at fellow Labour member Louisa Wall’s marriage equality bill.  This all seems like an electorate MP fighting for his constituents’ viewpoints.  It’s unrelated to anything else in the Labour Party and Sio is talking in complete isolation of any other Labour MP.  Or is he?

I have heard from excellent sources (yes, they are even talking to me) that Sio’s attack is not so much intended for Shearer, although he is expected to be the collateral damage.  Shearer is now considered dead in the water and two sides are wading in to fight over the top of his body.

Sio’s attack is actually intended as a challenge to Robertson.  The Sio’s of the Labour Party are trying to claiming the Party back for Waitakere Man, and making way for Cunliffe.  The strategy is so obvious that they’ve even got Trotter hitting all the buzz words again.

Cunliffe has been bloody smart.  He’s kept a low profile, none of his fingerprints are over current strategy and he’s allowed Mallard to run amok (in his own special way).  Better still he may be the first to roll a leader by leaving the country himself.

It would be naive to believe that Sio’s planned attack is not part of the grander plan to provide some push back on Robertson.

The only saving grace for David Shearer in all of this is the highly factionalised nature of Labour’s caucus. One can only hope that the imminent arrival of Helen Clark, back from New York for a speaking engagement will calm the troops.


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  • 2ndAmendment

    Once again – who gives a fuck?  Shearer, Silent T, Uncle Bob, doesn’t matter who leads Labour they’re not going to be in government after the next election

    Colin Craig will be minister of police.

    And if necessary, hell, Russel Normal & Metiria Turei  will be co-ministers of Conservation & Environment.

    But John Key will be PM, and National will be leading government for at least the next two terms.

    That’s why the MSM don’t give a shit about Labour & cover Craig & Normal & Turei more than Labour – and why they’re right to do so!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    2ndAmendment – Why are you bringing the toxic Greens into the loop? Like hell they will work with John Key. These watermelons are born to be in opposition and keep making loony promises which they will never deliver.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Because they are still more likely to be in government than Labour – and because Key & Craig will do what is necessary for the country.  A simple question: what would you prefer, or importantly, what is legitimate

      a Labour/Green/NZF/Mana/Maori coalition of the losers?

      a National+Conservative, or National+Conservative+Green coalition?

      Whatever happens National will be the largest party in parliament for the foreseeable future.  Any government that does not include National is therefore illegitimate and betraying the will of the voters. 

  • Troy

    In political terms, Robertson was never a good choice as the number 2.  He is too immature as an MP and frankly I don’t think he is of prime ministerial material – maybe Helen, and her very very very initimately close girlfriend Heather (aka H2) are coming back to advise him.  Either way, Shearer hasn’t a chance – should go back to playing the guitar in Somalia, and as for Cunliffe – they’d have to be seriously desperate to take him in as leader.  The labour party is in dire straits for sure.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Not one of these labour clowns..could run…………….A BATH.

  • Sooty

    The she devil has heard off the mutterings amongst the ranks and is making a flying trip home to put down the rebellion. Maybe even to have a cup of tea with the husband, seen as he is not allowed in the USA.

    • ConwayCaptain

      I see on the Screaming Lord Sutch blog ie L’etendard they were advertising a talk to be given by Mr Helen Clark for the NZ Fabian Society