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Labour is really battling this week and it is showing. Patrick Gower follows on from Garners larrup yesterday with a hit out of his own. If it wasn’t bad enough that there is massive caucus ill will at the moment Louisa Wall’s marriage equality bill is causing anguish in the base:

The gay marriage bill has started to tear the Labour Party to pieces.

Labour’s Mangere MP Sua William Sio has basically called for a divorce from the bill, saying it should be withdrawn – because it could cost the party the next election.

Yes, that’s right – Sio says the bill could cost Labour an election.

And you can’t really fault Sua’s logic: he says it will wipe out the Pacific vote in South Auckland – that’s Labour’s heartland, that’s where it wins elections.


As Sio told Radio NZ this morning: “There are weightier and more pressing issues, like holding John Key to account for the weakening economy and the lack of jobs – and that’s where our priority ought to be.”

Now that has to hurt David Shearer, who is out shaking hands in Nelson today trying to woo provincial voters back to Labour – while Labour’s stronghold in South Auckland is burning.

I’m not sure Su’a William Sio is properly briefed on the latest polling data that I have seen. I suspect he is talking out of his arse. If he does know then he is simply causing unnecessary animosity to a caucus that is obviously strained. Not only that I suspect Su’a will have had his arse kicked for overshadowing his boss’ yawn inducing speech today.

Meanwhiule Duncan Garners hand greandae has gone off in the left blogsphere and online with comments like this being left everywhere:

Duncan, you’ve been listening to Trevor again. Like when he lied to you about the Shearer/Cunliffe vote. He’s been doing numbers for Grant in the last week or two. This must be his attempt to hobble the opposition ahead of trying to roll Shearer. All he’s doing is hobbling Labour. He needs to go.

All the notable (I know) left wing blogs are now commenting ont eh stoush and all seem to be blaming Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson for this bursting out of the caucus room. Chris Trotter has written about the “unfortunate experiment” again:

The cynical calculation that persuaded Mr Cunliffe’s enemies to unite behind Mr Shearer in December 2011 has delivered a very paltry harvest. The public was prepared to give Labour’s new boss a fair go at growing into a credible Opposition leader, but their patience isn’t endless. Above all other things, a political leader must be a communicator – and Mr Shearer isn’t. Not surprisingly, the major public opinion polls are all now registering declining levels of public support for both Mr Shearer and his party.

To gain some idea of just how poor a communicator Mr Shearer is, pay a visit to the NZ on Screen website and watch the 1973 interview of Labour Leader and Prime Minister, Norman Kirk, by the celebrated British broadcaster, David Frost. Not only does “Big Norm” speak in fully-formed sentences, unpunctuated by umms, errs and you-knows, but with the calm assurance and persuasive eloquence that only a person in absolute command of his facts, his thoughts, his convictions and, most importantly, himself, is able to project.

He too calls for Mallard’s head:

If Labour is to be saved, then its younger MPs must not resist but make common cause with Mr Cunliffe. This is the only alliance that holds out the slightest hope for a renewal of the party’s purpose and the rebirth of its fighting spirit. Mr Robertson and his friends have time on their side: they, unlike the political movement to which they have devoted their lives, can afford to wait.

The Labour Caucus has nothing to lose but Trevor Mallard.

Mallard is certainly looking like the fall guy. The problem he has is that he has angered so many Nats over the years that any attempt to try and lobby for diplomatic posting to his preferred locations would be met with utter contempt. If it was up to me I would send him off shore but to places he can’t pronounce…like Thwitherland, Thweden, Thamoa or Thwathiland.

Frankly I wonder if Shearer has the stones to arrange his de-selection.

Happy times though for us ont eh right watching the blood bath boil over in public. Happy days indeed.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Don’t worry Whale, Sheep Shearer is getting media training. He will be speaking smoothly like big Norm soon. Come what may, Communist Labourers + toxic Greens + Winston First+ Mana coalition is a possibility under the wretched MMP in 2014….

  • kaykaybee

    Keep up your in-fighting and your identity crisis the left (Who the hell are we? Are we about all workers or just the public service ones, do we care about children’s education or do we only care about the precious teachers and their sensitivities ?) Nobody knows who Labour are and I’d be as bold as to say that their sniping and flippancy is further damaging their Clayton’s brand.

    Thwathiland for Twev – I love it

  • Guest

    The MP Sio may be right – we may this week be witnessing Liar-bore losing the 2014 election.

    All the internal squabbles are boiling to the surface, and the previously friendly media now turns on them.

    Be very careful NZ – a vote for Labour (or Gweens/Winston/Hone) in 2014 is a vote for the most unstable government NZ will ever have seen.
    Anyone who votes that way should be accountable for what eventuates.

    • Alex

       Possibly Sio is correct.  If he is, then Colin Craig should be getting down to south Auckland to win them over, rather than hanging out in Rodney.   If CC did that, then he would be creating a new constituency, rather than cannibalizing National’s vote.    

      • davewin

         Sio is correct, and since I live in Manurewa, the performance of the sponsor of this wretched Bill is an indolent, invisible and useless Member. The island people have a legitimate bitch (pardon the pun) with being totally ignored by the one idea socialist they helped to elect.

        I look forward to a rowdy and long lasting barn burning in Wall’s backyard, fueled by her Bill, and the lackluster noddies who will want to profit from it.

      • Apolonia

        The Conservative Party is the natural home for Pasifika voters rather than the gaggle of gays,self serving unionists and chardonnay socialists that run today’s Labour party. 

      • Raoul

        davewin – I also live in Manurewa (and I’m gay… there’s lots of us even in ‘rewa) and I happen to know Louisa Wall has visited every school around here, many of the churches and is in the markets meeting constituents often. Do you not get out much?

    • le sphincter

      Sorry labour  votes cant pass this bill-  it will require  John key and his mates votes as well

      • Apolonia

        You mean red Labour and blue Labour

  • thor42

    It’s **great** to see Chris Trotter calling for Cunners to lead the party! 
    Not only would that cause ructions in the ABC camp (Anyone But Cunliffe), but I’m sure that the public wouldn’t warm to Cunliffe either. He very much comes across as an arrogant,  slimy weasel type. A bit like Michael Cullen version 2. Cullen *loved* himself and I’m sure Cunners does as well. 

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Sir Cullen’s Sidekick take offence to comments by Thor42 about Sir Cullen :-) Sir Cullen was the most loved Finance Minister by rich pricks :-)

      • Pukakidon

         Do you mean Cullen “no one should have a Knighthood other than me”.

  • Than

    Given his demonstrated people skills, would we really want Mallard in a diplomatic posting? We might end up technically at war with Switzerland.

    • le sphincter

      Well we seem to be  ‘almost at war’ with Hungary thanks to  ‘digger ‘ Key

      • Pukakdion

         Already done that kicked their arse in the first WWI

      • Mark C

        That matter certainly seems to have died a quick death in our media; zephyr in a small tea cup…

      • le sphincter

        They are on our side now ,  we hope Digger remembers that.

        Then again that could be the reason for kicking the navy out of Pearl. There could have been a battle with our former enemies the russians and the japanese who are allowed in.

      • Mully

         Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa. Jeez, you’re a muppet.

        That’s OK though – we’ll just declare war at night. They wont turn up.

      • Gazzaw

        Who the fuck cares spink. The Hungarians couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag as Hitler found out on the Eastern Front. Useless fuckers set up the 6th Army in Stalingrad.

      • Gazzaw

        I think you will find l’arsehole that the prime reason for the Kiwi navy not being allowed into Pearl was a fat loudmouthed prick called Lange.

  • Jimmie

    The reason why Labour has lost its way is that for the last 15-20 years their only mantra is to throw more money at their constituents either borrowed or taxed.

    They know now that voters won’t tolerate them promising to tax them more or to borrow more $$$ so they don’t know what to do – thats why they are all in a dither and will remain so until the government returns to surplus and then they can start bribing the voters again.

    • Mully

       I think they forgot who their constituents actually *are*. And in what direction they should be going.

      So much for being the “Workers’ Party”. Anyone with a job earning $60k (not actually a lot of money, especially in the “big smoke”) seems to be their enemy.

      No aspiration, IMHO. And dying in a ditch over stupid things (Voluntary Student Membership, anyone).

      No wonder the Greens seem to be the major Opposition party.

      • Caleb

        Actually i think you have hit on something and its partly the greens but mostly national. National are the new labour and its leaving labour nowhere to go. 

    • 2ndAmendment

       They know now that voters won’t tolerate them promising to tax them more or to borrow more $$$

      unlike the incumbent government which is borrowing billions every week and – thanks to fiscal creep – taxing us more every week as well.

      not like them then?

      • Dumrse

        “…borrowing billions every week….”

        Clearly needs a  3rdAmendment maybe. Unless of course Ive missed the boat somewhere.

  • Unsolicitedious

    Aah this post is a perfect accompaniment to a lovely dinner – no matter which way you look at it, Labour is toast. Brilliant. 

    Love how Lie-boor & Silent T having taken off – if only the mainstream media would follow suit.

    Re “If it was up to me I would send him off shore but to places he can’t pronounce…like Thwitherland, Thweden, Thamoa or Thwathiland”Laugh Out Loud – funny stuff!!!

  • Johno1234

    Interesting to see that interview with Big Norm – I’d rather forgotten the way he spoke. Instead of um, au and you know he just pauses. Not that hard to do for DS is it?

  • Notrotsky

    They are frothing and weeping and screeching over at the stranded…. it is hilarious, time for a troll to get them even more vexed.

    • Travis Poulson

      Bloody shit stirrer ;)

      • Phronesis

        Lets try and keep talk of homo’s out of at least one thread on this blog.

    • GregM

       Now don’t go picking on the retards Notrotsky, it’s not nice :-)

    • Gazzaw

      Brilliant isn’t  it? It’s hardly a united front over there!

  • 2ndAmendment

     Sio says the bill could cost Labour an election.

    Well I suppose he is right: except that the tense is wrong: Labour has already lost the next election, and the one after that

    And if not this bill, then they have lost in part because of the Conservatives. 

    Get used to it, “liberals” and leftertarians: NZ needs the smack of firm government and that’s what it will get.

  • 2ndAmendment

     Communist Labourers + toxic Greens + Winston First+ Mana coalition is a possibility under the wretched MMP in 2014…

    What this “coalition of the losers” fails to understand is that any government that does not involve by far the largest party in parliament – National – will widely be seen as illegitimate – not only inside NZ but also by our allies and trading partners outside.

    Who is going to invest in a country where the will of the people can be forestalled by a coalition of the losers

    Greece – which has MMP just like NZ but give the winning party an extra 50 seats – is clearly more democratic than NZ — as well as having less nett debt per capita, and decreasing amounts of government borrowing. 

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

       Agree 2ndamendment. However, Sheep Shearer and the Ozzie Mozzie Norman, who is determined to heap all possible taxes on Kiwis, are hoping that he combined votes of Labour and Greens will negate National and then with the help of Winston and Hone, can form the Government. God save us if this happens. This is exactly the point Goldie is also making.

      • 2ndAmendment

         God save us if this happens

        Colin Craig will save us – next best thing.

        Unless for some reason you’re a rampant religion-hating atheist leftertarian druggie who used to vote ACT.

  • Goldie

    The implosion of the Labour Party is enjoyable. But unfortunately the only beneficiaries of the implosion will be the nutcase fringe – Mana, Greens, NZ First. And a clown car coalition of Labour, Mana, Greens and NZ First could quite probably form a government in 2014.

  • Shaun

     Trevor leaks like a colander and he’s got brains like one too

    • Dr Wang

      No, Trevor has shit for brains.

  • Michael

    Really enjoyed the interview with Normal Kirk. A pleasure to a PM speak so well, with so little ideology and discuss actions as a PM, while fully aware of the international context and wanting to limit the negative impact of oppositional strategies.

    And no, no Trev for Thwailand. Twitland perhaps.